The 25 Best Science Fiction Movies

Science fiction, SF for short, who doesn’t think directly of space and spaceships, robots, versions of the future, or end-time scenarios? Sci-Fi invites you, as the name suggests, into worlds between science and fiction. For all Amazon Prime users, we have listed the best 25 genre representatives for you here, which are currently included in your Prime membership:

1. “Chappie” (2015)

The future: humanity suffers from a high crime rate. To stop endangering human police officers with combat, autonomous robots are developed. One of them is “Chappie”, which is damaged during a police operation. In the course of his robot existence, he is kidnapped and reprogrammed and everyone tries to use him for their own purposes. Are criminal humans the real threat as inventors work on ever more powerful machines and weapons systems to dominate the marketplace?

How much consciousness is in a machine? Who is the real villain in a broken social system? If you like dealing with these kinds of issues, check out “Chappie”! Besides, the film beckons with ingenious music by the successful Hans Zimmer and spectacularly places songs by the band “Die Antwoord” – of the mainstream is exactly the right choice here.

2. “Replicas” (2019)

Keanu Reeves plays the scientist William Foster, whose entire family is killed in a car accident. William cannot cope with the loss of his wife and two daughters, so he decides to clone them using his work tools. Unfortunately, he only has two tanks for growing the clones and must inevitably choose which family members he will give new life to.

Keanu Reeves presents the very symbol of brokenness in “Replicas”. The power to decide life and death drives him increasingly insane. To make matters worse, not everything works out as expected when cloning – the women have flashbacks from their old lives and slowly get to the bottom of the lie they are living with. Not just sci-fi, but drama too – “Replicas” is not to be missed!

3. “Outlander” (2008)

Kainan crashes his spaceship over Norway. Earth time 709 AD, he is confronted with a village of Vikings who are suspicious of the newcomer. On his journey, Kainan has inadvertently brought with him an alien life form, the “Moorwen”. The two share a common past and the animal monster seeks revenge, which inevitably leads him to the Viking village. Enemies must band together to fight the new threat.

The clashing cultures in “Outlander” are a true cinematic event. Fans of a mixture of medieval scenery and futuristic action with a portion of aliens on top will get their money’s worth here.

4. “ET The Extra Terrestrial” (1982)

In this classic of film history, you will meet the boy Elliot, who builds an unexpected yet intimate friendship with the extraterrestrial life form “ET,” whose crew accidentally left him behind while exploring Earth. Together, they flee the authorities, get quarantined, and have unexpected adventures.

If you don’t know this masterpiece from director Stephen Spielberg yet, it’s about time! Four Oscars rewarded the film as a revolution of the film genre at the time.

5. “Minority Report” (2002)

In the year 2054, the police system has what is known as “Precrime”, a procedure with which crimes can be foreseen. Criminals are caught before they even think about illegal activities. However, the system has its price: the fortune-telling mediums vegetate in a sterile soup. In addition, the questions still arise: How infallible can a prophecy that arises from human thoughts? And how guilty is a perpetrator, as long as he has not yet committed a crime?

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Once again Stephen Spielberg has done a great job here. With a gripping storyline, an authentic vision of the future, and great actors (u.a. Tom Cruise in the lead role), “Minority Report” is definitely worth seeing!

6. “Oblivion” (2013)

Tom Cruise aka Jack Harper is almost alone in the world with colleague Victoria – anno 2077 they are stationed in a guard post on Earth, most of the population now lives on Titan. Both long to return to their new home planet, because on Earth everything lies fallow and looters rule the streets.

Where there are only two actors in the foreground at the beginning of the film, the introduction may seem a bit plodding. Patience will be rewarded, though: It doesn’t take long for the action to pick up speed and you’ll be hard-pressed to resist unexpected twists and turns. Conspiracy and truth-finding “at its best” you get with “Oblivion!

7. “In Time” (2011)

Money is no longer worth anything in the future – people only pay with their life. Everyone wears a kind of wristwatch that shows their account balance and is also a means of payment. You can’t write red numbers, at zero death inevitably follows. How long can you live on credit? Should you sacrifice your own remaining lifetime to save your loved ones?

Justin Timberlake can not only sing, but he can also act. The whole film is one countdown – always the ticking clocks remain present and threatening. Is such a social system even worth living in? Find out with “In Time”!

8. “The Rover” (2014)

End time scenario in the Australian outback: Up to now Eric has managed quite well, then his beloved car is stolen from him. He pursues the gang of criminals regardless of the consequences. On the way, he meets Rey, the brother of the gang leader. The bad guys have left him injured and slightly reluctantly he joins forces with Eric.

What the hell is so important about an old car? Do yourself a favor and don’t get spoiled anywhere, because the ending is just as brilliant as the whole movie “The Rover”!

9. “Run Lola Run” (1998)

Three storylines, three potential outcomes, exactly one circumstance: Lola’s friend Manni has screwed up and 20 minutes to sort out the mess. But without Lola’s help, it won’t work. Somehow, in this tight deadline, they have to get to 100.000 marks is enough to keep Manni’s dealer off his back.

Actually classified as simple “action”, the film is much more than that and contains clear SF elements. Short and crisp, “Run Lola Run” presents the initial situation. Then there are three alternative scenarios for Lola to save the day. The concept of cause and effect was fascinatingly realized. Run Lola Run” is a hit not only for fans of German films, Franka Potente and Moritz Bleibreu!

10. “Lucy” (2014)

Lucy is supposed to smuggle drugs across the border in her underbelly. On the journey, chemical substances get into their bloodstream and unleash unexpected, miraculous effects.

At this point, much more could be revealed about the film’s plot. “Lucy”, however, eliminates the need for elaborate explanations – if you fully engage with the plot of what effects it can have when a person suddenly utilizes more than the usual capacity of his brain, you’ll be in for more than one surprise. And maybe even a sense of expansion?

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11. “Bumblebee” (2018)

Paramount Studios produced “Bumblebee,” a spin-off of the successful “Transformers” film series. Bumblebee, an Autobot (auto robot), was sent to Earth to pave the way for his race, which is in incessant war with the Decepticons, another robotized alien race. Not all earthlings are as open-minded about the naively friendly Bumblebee as young Charlie is.

Not only for die-hard “Transformers” fans an absolute must-see! The cute Bumblebee presents himself here in the best way imaginable and becomes a crowd favorite almost automatically.

12. “Pacific Rim: Uprising” (2018)

Earth is threatened by an alien race from another dimension, the “Kaiju”. The only effective defense is formed by gigantic fighting machines, which must be controlled by two pilots simultaneously. Not so easy to find suitable recruits and also the fight itself is anything but harmless.

Goliath vs. Goliath, if you will – the Kaijus engage in epic battles with the human-piloted robots. According to the product information, you don’t have to have seen “Pacific Rim” to understand (and like) the sequel “Uprising!).

13. “Space Prey: The Bounty Hunter” (2011)

An interstellar commando of bounty hunters must make an emergency landing along with their hostage. The crew, burdened by the exceptional situation, disagrees on whether the escaped Jericho should be brought back dead or alive. A breathtaking chase across an alien planet begins.

“Space Prey” is considered an indie film of the SF genre. In fact, a common theme is restaged here in a unique way. Grandiose make-up and outfitting, impressive desert landscapes, and last but not least a thrilling chase await you here!

14. “Power Rangers” (2017)

Long before our time, the power coins were created and sent to Earth to be found one day by the chosen ones. With the coins, humans are able to transform into the fabled “Power Rangers,” worthy warriors in colorful armor and equipped with superpowers. Only with diligent training will the Chosen Ones, who don’t know each other at first, be able to master any threat.

Who doesn’t know them, even if it’s only by name, the “Power Rangers”? There is much more to them than colorful children’s toys, and that is exactly what this film proves!

15. “Jumanji” (1995)

In a mysterious wooden box, a brother and sister find an ancient board game. As soon as they start playing, the game won’t let them go – game pieces turn into real animals, and, by the way, it also spits out an ominous hermit from the jungle who turns out to be a former teammate. It soon becomes clear that the game will go on until they finish it – and cheating is not an option. Jumanji has its own rules, and unfortunately, they’re more real than fear.

A little less science, but rich in fiction. “Jumanji” creates a world of its own, full of danger and adventure, and will captivate you, just like all the other players!

16. “Men in Black II” (2002)


Aliens and humans fight for the possession of the precious “Light of Zartha”, which – yes, what is it actually for? No one knows for sure, but one thing is clear: if evil aliens want it, the MIB must get it first! In the full name “Men in Black” the best representatives of all worlds form a squad of agents, who not only always appear stylishly dressed, but are also equipped with state-of-the-art weapons technology.

Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are undeniably a badass duo, fighting their way through enemy ranks with wordplay and their individual charm. Watch out for the crazy Easter Egg with a guest appearance by Michael Jackson! If you like part 2, you can even watch part 3 of the series on Amazon Prime.

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17. “Jurassic World: The Fallen Kingdom” (2018)

The last man-made dinosaurs live on a remote island and are to be left alone because one has learned from previous misfortunes: life finds a way. However, the prehistoric creatures are threatened by a volcanic eruption, so the question arises again – isn’t it worth saving lives that can’t defend themselves independently? However, not all humans have noble goals in their rescue, some just want to get their hands on new DNA samples to create the most dangerous carnivore of all time.

Fans and newcomers beware: On Amazon Prime, you currently have the opportunity to directly watch four parts of the Jurassic universe! You should not miss this under any circumstances! Never before have dino movies been so authentically realized and left such a lasting impact.

18. “Every Day” (2018)

Rhiannon is 16 and in love for the first time. But not only once. And not for long either, it seems. Day by day she finds love anew and in the most different people. Why is she so strongly attracted to an older man? Isn’t she actually too fixated on the visuals to like a fat guy? All of a sudden, gender no longer plays such a decisive role either. It is the soul “A” that makes its journey through new bodies every day and steals Rhiannon’s heart again and again.

Can it be a little quieter and more emotional? Then experiences a new interpretation of the limits of love in this film! The novel that served as a template is recommended for ages 14 to 18. But ask yourselves: Isn’t the search for true love appealing to all ages?

19. “Bullyparade – The Movie” (2017)

The song of David Hasselhoff was horrible for Jens and Jörg. How do you prevent such a musical breakthrough? That’s right, the goal is to prevent the wall from falling itself! With the converted Trabant, the “DDR-Force-One”, they travel into the past. Old Shatterhand and his blood brother Winnetou have to defend the land of the Apaches against the takeover by the wicked General Motors.

We also meet Sissi and her beloved Franz as they search for a new vacation home. Last but not least, the crew of the dreamboat Surprise – Captain Kork, Mr. Smock and Schrotty land on a planet populated exclusively by women. For the homogeneous Spucky truly not an easy matter!

Anyone who knows Michael “Bully” Herbig knows that he and his films don’t take themselves too seriously. And that’s a good thing! With his adaptation of “Bullyparade,” he brings you a hilarious romp with a familiar and new crew and makes you laugh until your bellies hurt!

20. “Tank Girl” (1995)

The end-times scenario in 2033: water supplies on Earth are hotly contested and controlled by a major corporation. The corporation, led by its fanatical chairman, take prisoners to make them slave in their labor camps. Among them is Rebecca, a self-proclaimed freedom fighter and tech-savvy enough to pimp out an old tank and go on a revenge spree.

With “Tank Girl” you can expect a brightly colored spectacle of comic strips, raw gun violence, punk action, and, oh yes, kangaroos! Sounds funny? It is – just has fun and let yourself be carried away!

21. “Star Trek” (2009)

22. “Star Trek Into Darkness” (2013)

23. “Men In Black 3” (2012)

24. “Iron Sky – We Come in Peace” (2012)

25. “Ender’s Game – The Great Game” (2013)

As you can see, science fiction does not equal scientific fiction. By choosing this genre, you can be sure to always experience something new. Go explore intergalactic worlds and see masterful technology.

Ultimately experiences not only the mixture but also the clear connection between man and machine. Be fascinated by extraterrestrial life forms. How much truth and how much fantasy is in all the film ideas? Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide.

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