35 Movies for Heartbreak – With These Films You Get Over Your Breakup

Sooner or later, it happens to everyone: you break up or get dumped, and for a while, time stands still, the world has fallen apart, and nothing seems to matter anymore. What helps then are conversations with good friends, comfort food, and lots of great movies that distract you from reality for a few hours and whisk you away to another world. The nice thing about the film is that you’re not just moping around on the couch; you’re doing something. Not active, but passive – and that at least makes you think about something else.

Of course, a movie marathon works best when the movies are chosen according to one’s feelings. The first impulse of a broken heart might be to avoid the subject of love altogether. But distracting yourself with action movies will not help you deal with the breakup.

If you watch films in which people feel the same way you do, you can take something away from the stories. You can learn how to deal with your pain, go through the grief stages, and what mistakes to avoid. It’s also good to see that you’re not alone in your experience and that everyone has survived it well and been happy again.

1. Romeo + Juliet

The immortal classic tells the story of the young lovers, Romeo and Juliet, in a newer time and, therefore, slightly changed. But the story remains the same: the two teenagers belong to opposing families and are therefore not allowed to be together. Secretly, they decide to get married and run away with each other. But their plan goes wrong and ends dramatically. Starring Leonardo Di Caprio as Romeo and Claire Danes as Juliet, this film is sure to melt everyone’s hearts.

You should watch this movie if you want to see that other couples have a fate even worse than yours. Romeo and Juliet’s feuding families can certainly top it, no matter how dramatic your breakup was.

2. Titanic

As a 3-hour epic, here you follow the tragic sinking of the supposedly unsinkable ocean liner Titanic. It centers on the beautiful love story of a rich daughter from a good home and a poor artist from the lowest social class. During a chance meeting, they fall in love and defy all the constraints and rules of their society. As the Titanic begins to sink, they struggle together to survive and build a future together.

Even though you’ve probably already seen Titanic, your heartbreak is the right opportunity to watch the movie again. You can forget everything around you with him. After the drama of Jack and Rose, your own heartbreak must seem half as bad as it did before.

3. Don’t forget mine

Joel wants to forget about his ex-girlfriend Clementine after the breakup. To stop facing the pain, he has all his memories of their time together erased. But his subconscious mind does not allow this and creates another reality with her in his life.

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A beautiful, poetic film that shows you that forgetting is not a solution. The pain of separation cannot be erased, and love always finds its way back to a person. You can learn from this film that repression only leads to more problems and how to better cope with your breakup.

4. True Romance

From Quentin Tarantino’s first screenplay, this great movie was created. On a crazy and dangerous mission, we accompany a young wild couple. They have captured a suitcase full of cocaine and want to sell it to make a good life for themselves. In the process, they are exposed to many dangers and repeatedly put themselves in mortal danger. Their passionate love, which survives everything, makes the film very special.

The movie works against heartbreak because it shows you that true love can exist. You will believe again that you can find a partner with whom you can survive any adventure and who will always stay by your side.

5. Moonrise Kingdom

The two 12-year-old Sam and Suzy fall in love with each other in the 60s and run away together. Everyone is looking for them and wants to separate them again. An impending storm makes the situation even more dangerous. But Sam and Suzy put everything on the line because they are convinced that they belong together.

This sweet film will make you believe in love again. Watching this young couple make sacrifices for each other and stick together is guaranteed to warm your heart. The film is also beautifully shot and artistically realized.

6. (500) Days of Summer

Tom and Summer couldn’t be more different: He’s a hopeless romantic, and she’s an independent free spirit. After 500 days of ups and downs, she leaves him, and he falls into a crisis. Many mistakes and a lot of alcohol accompany Tom through all the stages of grief until he finally finds a way out of the pain of separation and back into his own life.

You will be able to identify and sympathize with the main character of this film. He goes through all the feelings you are going through, and if you watch the movie, he might be able to take a lot of mistakes off your hands and do them in your place.

7. Forgetting Sarah Marshall

After 6 years of relationship, Peter is left out of the blue by his girlfriend, Sarah. We accompany him on a trip to Hawaii, where he wants to gain distance. But there, to his surprise, his ex and her new boyfriend await him, who happens to be staying at the same hotel. Little by little, it turns out that the relationship was not as rosy as he thought and that he also made mistakes. And also he gets to know another woman who shows him new sides of life.

This film shows you that not every breakup is a bad development and that both sides are always involved. And it is a great example of how life can take completely new and positive directions after coming to terms with a breakup.

8. The Last of the Mohicans

A visually stunning adventure film in 18. Century, which shows the undying power of true love. The adopted son of an Indian chief rescues an English officer’s daughter from an enemy tribe. He accompanies her to the fort and falls in love with her. But the chief of the enemy tribe wants revenge.
Drama, adventure, and great love simultaneously: the film offers everything to distract you from your worries for 2 hours. Besides, after watching this movie, you will believe in love again, even if you have just lost it.

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9. Ghost

Lovers Sam and Molly are forcibly separated when Sam is shot dead. His ghost finds no peace and always wants to be near Molly and protect her from danger. He tries to find his killer and bring Molly to safety through a medium. Only then will he find peace.

When you watch Ghost, your own sorrow will suddenly not seem so big anymore. After all, coming to terms with a breakup should be easier than coming to terms with your lover’s death. After the film, a reality already looks lighter.

10. The Notebook

Allie and Noah spend a single, passionate summer together as a young couple in their 20s. World War II tears them apart, but they never forget each other, finding each other again decades later and trying to make up for a lost time. But fate has other plans.

After watching this beautiful love story, you will believe in fate and that the story of two people does not have to be over just because it was interrupted. This may also help you believe in your own happy ending in the future.

11. La La Land

When pianist Sebastian and actress Mia fall in love, they both dream of a big career in Hollywood. For a while, they help each other realize their dreams and seem to be perfect for each other. But soon, they realize that you often have to choose in life and that love and life plans can’t always be united.

A magical Musical film full of stirring music and choreography that will put a smile on your face again. But it also shows you that separation is often better for both parties and that your own life wants to be lived.

12. Bonnie and Clyde

The classic film from the 60s revolves around a famous criminal couple. Together the lovers rob banks and raise money for their dreams. But as good as they are together, at some point, something goes wrong, and they are on the run and in danger of their lives. Not every love can have a happy ending, especially when you break important rules on the way to happiness.

Once again, a movie shows you that couples that fit together can still fail. You will see from Bonnie and Clyde that lovers are not invulnerable and that even without a future together, the time spent together is precious.

13. Pretty Woman

The story of prostitute Vivian and businessman Edward is a classic. He books her for a week as an escort, and she turns into a lady for him. During their time together, a deep relationship and love develop, but her true identity gets in the way of his feelings for her.

You will get everything with this movie, heartache, romance, and a clear message for people with heartbreak: feelings don’t care if something is logical or appropriate. They’re just there, and all you can do is try to make the best of them.

14. Mouline Rouge

Satine, a dancer in the legendary nightclub Mouline Rouge in 19. The twentieth-century playwright is supposed to seduce Duke, who is financing a play. However, she mistakes him for poor writer Christian. By the time she realizes her mistake, she has already fallen in love with him and must choose: For his love or for her job and the fate of Mouline Rouge.

A colorful, wild, and passionate musical film that will take your breath away. During this movie, you will forget about your own sorrow and only suffer with dreamy lovers. They show you that love can be beautiful but also challenging and tragic.

15. Beauty and the Beast

A beautiful, older Disney classic that brings back memories of childhood. Beautiful Belle wants to rescue her father from the grip of a monster in a castle and offers herself as a prisoner in exchange. But the monster is an enchanted prince who can only be saved by true love. Belle falls in love with the Beast during her stay, and when the villagers want to kill it, only her sincere love seems to be its salvation.

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Nowhere do stories enchant us as colorfully and as sweetly as in a Disney movie. You can feel like a child again, with all the faith and trust in fate and the power of love.

16. Four Weddings and a Funeral

At a wedding of friends, Charles meets the beautiful Carrie. After one night, they go their separate ways again but keep meeting at weddings and are attracted to each other. After some tangles, it’s finally Charles’ own wedding, where Carrie reappears and confronts him with a big decision.

This classic will make you realize that in life and in love, not everything follows an orderly path. There are a lot of detours and wrong decisions, but in the end, somehow, everything will be alright. This is what you will believe after watching the movie.

17. My best friend’s wedding

When her childhood best friend tells Julianne he’s getting married; she’s completely shocked. Only now does she realize that she actually loves him. She now does everything she can to prevent his wedding and comes up with a lot of nasty things in the process. A very funny but still extremely romantic movie with great actors and a really good ending.

Through your own grief, you’re sure to empathize well with Julianne and root for her to get a happy ending. Let yourself be surprised and open to love to find the right way.

18. Love Story

This well-known classic from the 70s has already broken the hearts of many movie fans. The students Oliver and Jennifer fall in love with each other over obstacles and for a long time. They make marriage plans, face off against Oliver’s father and financial difficulties, and are a real dream team. When they try to have a child, they receive dramatic news.

A true masterpiece about love and how life is not fair. This movie has made many people with breakup pain cry their hearts out and grieve with the young tragic couple.

19. Dirty Dancing

17-year-old Frances, nicknamed “Baby,” is staying at a resort with her family. There she meets and falls in love with the dance teacher Johnny. They train together to compete in an important competition. The two find each other through dance and don’t let Baby’s father, who tries everything to drive Johnny out of their lives, separate them.

This movie offers great dancing, fantastic music, and pure romance. Perfect for taking your mind off things and really letting another couple enjoy their love! And maybe afterward you’ll feel like going to a dance class where you can meet new people.

20. Shape of Water

During the cold war, mute Luisa works as a cleaning lady in a lab where mysterious experiments take place. She discovers a strange water creature that is held captive there. Slowly a relationship develops between Luisa and the fish man, who understand each other as no one else does. She decides to free him and even risks her life in the process.

A very special, artistic, and profound film about an extraordinary love affair. It shows that true love has nothing to do with outward appearances and inspires one to do everything for the other person. The film takes you into a completely different world, where you will completely forget yourself and your sorrows.

21. The Break-Up

22. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

23. How to Be Single

24. Bridesmaids

25. The Holiday

26. Call Me By Your Name

27. Legally Blonde

28. Bridget Jones Diary

29. Eighth Grade

30. Blue Valentine

31. Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

32. Silver Linings Playbook

33. Girls Trip

34. Magic Mike

35. Crazy, Stupid, Love

With these 35 movies, you now have a great choice to start your own anti-belonging marathon. You can lock yourself up with the film at home and let them captivate and teach you until you feel better. Or until you want to see real people again.

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