The 50 Best Books About Witches, Wizards and Magicians

Best Books About Witches, Wizards and Magicians

Whether as fearless heroes and heroines or villainous characters – wizards, witches, and magicians of all kinds have always fascinated bookworms large and small. Numerous novels transport enthusiastic readers each year to the fabulous worlds of wizard schools, dragon lands, and covens. The 50 best in this category are presented below:

1. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

The Lord of the Rings. Vol. 1 - The Companions (The Lord of the Rings. Edition in new translation and spelling, Vol. ?): New revision and updating of the translation by Wolfgang Krege
The trilogy of J. R. R. Tolkien revolves around the story of four brave hobbits who try to save the land of Middle Earth from the dark ruler Sauron. The first part of the series, “The Lord of the Rings – The Companions,” tells the journey’s beginning.

The Shire is a peaceful place where time seems to standstill. The wizard Gandalf finds the Ring of Power, which must be destroyed of all areas. The hobbit Frodo sets out to take the ring away, leaving the familiar Shire for the first time in his life. Fortunately, Frodo’s friends Samwise, Merry, and Pippin do not leave his side.

The reader encounters numerous other creatures during the adventure, such as elves and dwarves. Some of them join Frodo and his friends and thus form the Fellowship of the Ring, which has taken it upon itself to make the dangerous journey to Mordor, the Dark Kingdom. Only there can the ring of power be destroyed.

Tolkien describes the world around Middle Earth with so much love and detail that the reader easily gets the feeling of truly embarking on a journey to Middle Earth. Also, the creation of the characters, the change they go through, and the portrayal of versatile personalities succeed the author uniquely well.

2. The “Harry Potter” series

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (Harry Potter 1)
Harry believed that he was a normal boy. On the night of his 11. However, on the occasion of Harry’s 50th birthday, this changes abruptly with the visit of the half-giant Rubeus Hagrid! This reveals to Harry that he is a wizard. Against the will of his aunt Petunia, Harry then accompanies the half-giant to Hogwarts – the school of witchcraft and wizardry!

Strange creatures, eerie teachers, and dark secrets are now part of his everyday life as a wizard. And already in this first part, Harry has to survive some dangers, and Fortunately, many friends, such as Hermione and Ron, stand by his side.

If you can’t get enough of witchcraft and magic, you won’t be able to put the Hogwarts stories down. Especially the first part, “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone,” is thrilling and at the same time simple enough written to devour it in no time at all.

3. The Hobbit

The Hobbit: Or There and Back Again. With illustrations by Alan Lee
This story also comes from J. R. R. Tolkien and revolves around Bilbo Baggins’ hobbit and his first adventure in Middle Earth.

The tranquil Shire life comes to an abrupt end for Bilbo when the wizard Gandalf arrives at his doorstep and enlists him in an adventure mission one day. With him and 13 dwarves, he sets out on a journey to the distant Mount Erebor to rescue a unique treasure. This treasure is besieged by the dragon Smaug. On the trip, however, numerous creatures and humans repeatedly ensure that the lives of Bilbo and the dwarves are at stake.

Numerous details, fantastic creatures, and, of course, Gandalf’s magic enchant every reader here as well.

4. Wicked – The Witches of Oz

Wicked: The Witches of Oz, The True Story of the Witches of Oz
Elphaba is a young and intelligent green-skinned witch with a special love for animals and biology studies. When the Wizard of Oz, the land where Elphaba lives, tries to restrict all the rights of animals, hardly any of the inhabitants of Oz seem to mind except her. Thus Elphaba starts a wave of protest with radical actions to lever the wizard out of his position of power.

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“The Witches of Oz” invites the reader on a journey to the Land of Oz with an intricate and exciting storyline. Gregor Maguire compassionately and authentically describes how the young witch has developed since childhood and follows her ideas of morality.

5. The Wizard of Earthsea

Earthsea: The First Trilogy (Earthsea Trilogy 1)
The Magician of Earthsea by Ursula Kroeber Le Guin is the first fantasy adventure of the Earthsea world. The story tells of young Ged, who lives on the island of Gont until his aunt suddenly discovers a strong magical talent in him. He then attends Rok’s magic school, where he learns to use his magic. Driven by a mixture of jealousy and hubris, one day, he makes a connection to the realm of the dead and summons a menacing shadow creature into his world. In doing so, he puts himself and the whole world in great danger.

The author succeeds especially well in describing the fantastic world with its unusual creatures.

6. The witches of Eastwick

The Witches of Eastwick
Eastwick is a small town in Rhode. Here live three women who are as different as possible except for two things in common. However, their two commonalities have something unifying about them: They are all divorced. And they all can do witchcraft.

John Updike tells a fabulous story of three witches who unusually become friends. In the beginning, they used their powers only for puny witchcraft. However, the story takes a drastic turn when a fine art collector from New York comes to the inconspicuous area. Updike’s writing style is direct but compelling, and the author knows how to make the characters understandable and sympathetic.

7. The “Chronicles of Dragonlance” series

Dragon Twilight: The Chronicles of Dragonlance 1
“Dragon Twilight” is the first volume of the Dragonlance Chronicles. The stories take place in the fantastic world of Krynn, which is threatened by the Draconians, the dragon fighters. An epic battle between good and evil is brewing.

Already the first part provides exciting plot lines and a variety of original and strong characters. Author Margaret Weis brings a whole new world that invites further adventure to life.

8. The “Kingslayer Chronicles” series

The Name of the Wind: The Kingslayer Chronicle. Day One
“The Kingslayer Chronicles” is one of the most comprehensive and sweeping trilogies in the fantasy genre. “The Name of the Wind” provides an impressive opening to this story. Even at a young age, Kvothe is exceptionally talented and curious and learns to cast spells one day. But his life is accompanied by the hard blows of fate. And also, the encounter with a mysterious woman gives his life another turn.

Overall, the prelude to the Kingslayer Chronicles offers a particularly authentic and empathetic story. The author Patrick Rothfuss describes the protagonist in such detail and honestly, as you know it only from a few stories. The complexity of his story is also unique.

9. The daughter of the witch

The Witch's Daughter (The Witch of Freiburg, Volume 2)
“The Witch’s Daughter” by Paula Brackston tells the story of young Bess Hawksmith, who lives in 17th century England. The witch’s daughter has to watch her mother being executed as a witch in the middle of the nineteenth century. From then on, the witch hunters are also after her. In desperation, she turns to the black magician Gideon Masters, who has a sinister pact in mind.

Many years later, Bess has made a new life for herself in a small town and, thanks to her healing skills, is even held in high esteem by the other inhabitants. But her peaceful life comes to a swift end when dark forces from the past catch up with her.

A particularly gripping and unique story of a decidedly brave heroine.

10. Souls of the Night

The Souls of the Night: Novel - The book to the series 'A Discovery of Witches' (Diana & Matthew Series, Volume 1)
With “Souls of the Night,” Deborah Harkness begins a wondrous trilogy about magic and vampires. While Diana Bishop has not dedicated her life to witchcraft but is a historian with heart and soul, she soon finds out that she can not escape her nature so quickly. When an old magical manuscript flies into her hands during her studies, she finds herself pursued by demons, vampires, and other witches who want to extract the knowledge from her for dark purposes. However, the vampire Matthew Clairmont seems to have a different interest and stands by her faithfully.

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The author knows how to create authentic characters and includes real historical knowledge.

11. The walking castle

The walking castle: novel. The novel is based on the enchanting movie (The Howl Saga, Volume 1)
“The Walking Castle” by Diana Wynne Jones tells the story of Sophie, a young woman who incurs the wrath of a dark witch and becomes cursed. She sees her only salvation in the walking castle of the mighty wizard Howl. She lives in Howl’s court as a lady of the house from now on. The mighty wizard Howl could free Sophie from her curse if only she could tell him about it, but that is exactly what the curse prevents. Between a cynical fire demon and the quite charming wizard Howl, however, she doesn’t feel so uncomfortable anymore after a while. On her journey between different worlds, she nevertheless tries to solve her problem.

This story is also characterized by fantastic scenes and strong and charming characters. An enchanting adventure.

12. The Amulet

The Heir of the Demon King - The Amulet
The Amulet is the first volume of the series “The Legacy of the Demon King” by Cinda Williams Chima. Han Alister, only 15 years old, one day comes across a strange amulet – the only heirloom of a legendary demon king. Whose black magic was supposedly responsible for ending the former rule of the Mages Guild and spreading terror in the kingdom. When Han learns that he is the only descendant of this demon king, he suddenly finds himself in mortal danger – because, of course, the descendant of the demon king is a thorn in the side of numerous magicians.

With “The Amulet” begins a particularly exciting and captivating adventure story, full of dark magic and magical twists and turns.

13. The “Discworld” series

The Colors of Magic (Terry Pratchett's Discworld): A Novel from the Bizarre Discworld
Terry Pratchett’s first novel in the Discworld series, “The Colors of Magic,” is a whimsical story of a particular kind. The novel revolves around the mage Rincewind, who finds himself as a guide for the first tourist to the Discworld due to a series of unfortunate events. An exciting journey begins, on which Rincewind has to fight again with many smaller and larger turns and misfortunes.

The stories from the Discworld are funny, charming and fantastic. A magic experience away from the norm.

14. The “Black Magician’s Guild” series

The Rebel: The Black Magician's Guild 1
The series of novels “The Black Mages Guild” begins with the book “The Rebel” and thus delivers the epic story of Sonea from the city of Imardin. One day, one of the mages, who is considered invulnerable, runs afoul of her and is injured by her strange powers – which, of course, does not go unnoticed by the rest of the Black Mages Guild. From then on, they do everything they can to find the young girl with her unique magical talent and bring her magic under control. Sonea’s power could pose a danger to the guild and herself and the entire country.

Trudi Canavan’s story is thrillingly written and full of twists and turns. Especially the portrayal of the rebellious protagonist is well done.

15. The Song of Fire and Ice series

The Song of Ice and Fire 01: The Lords of Winterfell
The prelude George R. R. Martin’s fantasy series delivers the book “The Lords of Winterfell,” about Eddard Stark, also known as the Lord of Winterfell. He is summoned to the king’s court to serve as his advisor. But numerous enemies also try to influence the king. At the same time, he must fear his son, who faces an entirely different dark power. The lords of Winterfell must do everything to keep the sinister enemies at bay; otherwise, the entire kingdom will be in grave danger.

The story is excitingly told and contains various interesting and versatile characters. Twists and turns make for a gripping tale that you can hardly wait to see how it ends.

16. The “Wheel of Time” series

The search for the eye of the world. The Wheel of Time 1. the original
The novel “The Quest for the Eye of the World” begins the exciting story of “The Wheel of Time” series by Robert Jordan. The story starts in the small village of Emondsfelde, where the young farmer’s son Rand al’Thor also lives. The quiet village life is harshly interrupted when bloodthirsty creatures infest the town and burn down houses one day. With the help of the mage Moiraine, Rand manages to escape at the last second. As he flees, he suddenly learns that there is more to his life than he ever imagined: his destiny to come to the aid of the world as a reborn dragon catches up with him unexpectedly, and a magical journey begins for him.

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With this first novel begins a wondrous journey into a new and original world, where magic, dragons and strong, brave characters accompany the reader.

17. The “Mistborn” series

Children of the Mist (The Mistborn 1): The Mistborn 1
The first novel, “Children of the Mist,” provides the prelude to the “Mistborn” series by Brandon Sanderson and invites you into a new fantasy world. The world has been covered in ash for over a thousand years, and the dark ruler Lord Ruler has enslaved the Skaa people. However, one day, a young man of this people discovers that he has powerful magical abilities. In an instant, he gathers around him a group of brave rebels who plan to confront and defeat the dark ruler. But first, he must ensure that the insurgents also learn the magical powers.

Sanderson describes a distinctly authentic fantasy world in which courageous characters appear. The story is characterized above all by the strong drive of the protagonists and by a tension-generating narrative style.

18. The Miracle of Narnia

The Wonder of Narnia: The Chronicles of Narnia vol. 1
“The Miracle of Narnia” is the first part of the adventure series “The Chronicles of Narnia.” C.S. In this volume, Lewis tells how the story about the fantastic land of Narnia begins. Polly and Digory lie between worlds through shady experiments of a dark magician in a forest. There they meet the lion Aslan, who creates the land of Narnia with a magical song and sets his sights on taking on the White Witch Jadis, who is trying to strike fear into the ground.

The Journey to Narnia takes the reader into a world of magical creatures, magic, talking animals, and epic battles. For fantasy lovers, an inspiring story.

19. The “Codex Alera” series

Codex Alera 1: The Elementals of Calderon
With “Codex Alera,” the author Jim Butcher delivers a fantasy series in which everything revolves around magic. The first volume, “The Elementals of Calderon,” successfully introduces this world.

In the world of Alera, everyone knows magic – except young Tavi. But when Alera is threatened one day by dark forces, Tavi suddenly finds himself carrying one of the essential heroic roles. As evil forces threaten the country from without and shady traitors from within, Tavi cannot lose his courage. For a while, the inhabitants of Alera also connect to the elements on their side.

With Butcher, things are rarely what they seem at first glance, which makes the stories from Alera particularly exciting and compelling.

20. I am Circe

I am Circe: Novel
Circe is best known as the woman who turned Odysseus’ men into pigs in The Odyssey. In the book Circe, Madeline Miller gives voice to this misunderstood and fascinating figure from literature. Finally, Circe tells her own story. We see her grow from a gentle nymph overshadowed by more beautiful peers to a woman banished to Aiaia. In Aiaia, free from the constraints of patriarchy (which, of course, exists on Olympus), she can practice witchcraft – and come into her own.

Places 21-60 of the best magical novels of all time:

Place:Novel:Author:Link to book:
21.KrabatOtfried Preußler
22.The Sword of Truth – The First Law of MagicTerry Goodkind
23.Golden flamesLeigh Bardugo
24.The presenteeKristin Cashore
25.MacBestTerry Pratchett
26.The Wizard of OzLyman Frank Baum
27.MagykAngie Sage
28.The way of kingsBrandon Sanderson
29.A good omenNeil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett
30.City of BonesCassandra Clare
31.Blood trailKim Harrison
32.The dark heart of the forestNaomi Novik
33.Witches witchRoald Dahl
34.The Red WarriorChristian Cameron
35.Vardo – After the stormKiran Millwood Hargrave
36.Geralt Saga 1: The Last WishAndrzej Sapkowski
37.Fillory – The WizardsLev Grossman
38.The last unicornPeter S. Beagle
39.Spider’s KissJennifer Estep
40.Shadow of the Wolf: Alpha & Omega 1Patricia Briggs
41.Call of the moonPatricia Briggs
42.The last dragon slayerJasper Fforde
43.The Mystery of the Great Swords: The Dragon Bone ThroneTad Williams
44.A lousy witchJill Murphy
45.Vampire Academy: Blood SistersRichelle Mead
46.The Little WitchOtfried Preußler
47.The heritage of the elves. The Witcher Saga 01Andrei Sapovsky
48.The black sorceressLaurie Forest
49.Fillory – The WizardsLev Grossman
50.Totally bewitchedTerry Pratchett

The world of witches, magicians, and wizards offers all kinds of exciting stories for which one never gets too old. With these 50 works, every reading lover will find the proper introduction to the fantasy genre.

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