Spy Movies on Netflix: The 25 Best Agent Films

We take a look at the 30 best spy and agent movies currently available on Netflix. The following film on the streaming platform is definitely worth watching and provides a lot of suspense and breathtaking action.

1. The Bourne Identity (2002)

The plot
Who is Jason Bourne? Fishermen on the high seas rescue an unknown injured man (Matt Damon). When he comes to, he can’t remember a thing. He cannot even remember his name. The only thing he carries with him is an account number. Step by step, he tries to reconstruct his life. Bourne soon finds out that he is part of a big conspiracy. His life is in danger. On the run from agents and hitmen, he gets help from Marie, played by Franka Potente. The stranger is the only person Jason can trust.

Why it’s worth becoming a fan of the series?
The film is based on a series of novels by Robert Ludlum. The role of Jason Bourne is definitely Matt Damon’s signature role. In the first part, spy movies were reinvented and changed forever. Many tried to copy the unique style. But nothing comes close to the original. Also available on Netflix are the sequels “The Bourne Conspiracy,” “The Bourne Ultimatum,” and the spin-off “The Bourne Legacy.”

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2. Spy – Susan Cooper Undercover (2015)

The plot
Susan Cooper (Melissa McCarthy) is actually an analyst and the woman behind the screen at the C.I.A. She’s the eyes and ears for top agent Bradley Fine (Jude Law). She is secretly in love with the spy and adores him beyond measure. But when the latter is taken out on a mission, and a list of agents’ names also falls into the wrong hands, Susan Cooper herself enters the picture. Despite little experience, she is used as an undercover agent.

Why is agent comedy worthwhile?
Melissa McCarthy is in top form. You don’t know whether to be ashamed of Fremd or to feel sorry for her. The comedy by Paul Feig is wonderfully weird and laugh-out-loud funny. A welcome change of pace in an otherwise serious genre.

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3. The Red Sea Diving Resort (2019)

The plot
The film is based on true events. The operations “Moses” and “Joshua” serve as a template for the spy thriller. During the 80s, there was war in Ethiopia. Jewish Ethiopians are persecuted. Agent Ari Levinson (Chris Evans) searches for a way to smuggle the refugees out of the country unharmed. He opens a mock hotel on the coast with other agents: the Red Sea Diving Resort. Through the operations, he and his colleagues live in constant danger. On top of that, real tourists soon move into the hotel as well.

Why it’s worth it?
Even as a viewer, you are constantly under tension. The film moves skillfully between spy thriller and human drama. Because the longer the conflict goes on, the more difficult it becomes for the agents and friends to work together.

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4. Get Smart (2008)

The plot
CONTROL: This is the top U.S. intelligence agency. CONTROL is in a constant battle against K.A.O.S., a secret criminal enterprise. Maxwell Smart (Steve Carell) is an analyst who sometimes takes things a little too closely. Maxwell is promoted and allowed to go into field service when a drastic attack on the U.S. Secret Service and all CONTROL agents are killed. Together with agent 99 (Anne Hathaway), he gets to the bottom of a powerful conspiracy.

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Why is this action-comedy worth watching?
Steve Carell, best known for movies like “Virgin (40), Male, Seeking,” is hilarious here. The film is based on the ’60s series of the same name. But the cast and the absurdity take it up a notch.

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5. Keeping Up with the Joneses (2016)

The plot
Jeff Gaffney (Zach Galifianakis) and his wife Karen live a perfectly normal life with their two children in a quiet suburban town. That changes when their new neighbors, Tim and Natalie Jones (Jon Hamm and Gal Gadot), move in down the street. Something seems to be wrong with the Joneses. They seem too perfect in every way. When the Gaffneys discover a bug in a gift from the Joneses, they become more than just suspicious. They break into the Jones’ house to get an idea of the situation.

Why is this agent comedy worth watching?
The parody can score points mainly because of the main characters. You can see that the cast had fun making the movie. And that alone makes it worth checking out.

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6. Mission Impossible: Phantom Protocol (2011)

The plot
The world as we know it is on the brink of the abyss. An extremist has made it his mission to start a nuclear war between the U.S. and Russia. With an attack on the Kremlin and the murder of the head of the I.M.F. (Impossible Mission Force), secret agent Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) becomes a suspect and a hunted man himself. Only he and a handful of his closest confidants can stop the disaster now. A chase around half the globe begins.

Why is the cult series always worth watching?
The franchise managed a new beginning with the fourth part of the series because this film is also the first of the current trilogy around the I.M.F. The fifth part: Rogue Nation, is also available on Netflix. Tom Cruise is in top form, especially when you realize that the movie star performs all the stunts himself.

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7. Kingsman – The Secret Service (2015)

The plot
Kingsman: It’s a secret independent organization whose mission is to protect England and the world. The agents of Kingsman have the names of the Knights of the Round Table as aliases. Eggsy (Taron Egerton), whose father was already an agent, is now being recruited. And just at the right time. Billionaire entrepreneur Valentine (Samuel L. Jackson) hatches a diabolical plan. Under the pretext of giving everyone a free sim card, he wants to wipe out most of the world’s population.

Why is Kingsman worth watching?
The agent comedy has everything a good Bond film has and much more. An awesome villain with plenty of gadgets and cool agents. In addition, there are wonderfully choreographed fights and a completely absurd plot.

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8. The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (2015)

The plot
The year is 1963. The cold war is at its peak and about to escalate. Napoleon Solo (Henry Cavill), a former thief and now trained agent, is sent to East Berlin. There he meets the beautiful Gaby Teller (Alicia Vikander), who tells him about a novel process that makes it easier to create nuclear weapons. C.I.A. and K.G.B. reluctantly cooperate and decide that agents Illya Kuryakin (Armie Hammer) and Napoleon Solo do things together.

Code Name U.N.C.L.E. is definitely worth it!
Guy Ritchie (Snatch) directs a spy movie of the extra class here. Not only are the main characters in top form and extremely cool, but the Europe of the ’60s is brought to life beautifully here. The spectacular action makes the film a perfect overall package.

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9. Salt (2010)

The plot
Special agent Evelyn Salt (Angelina Jolie) is on the run. She has fallen into a conspiracy and is now mistaken for a Russian spy. She is now being hunted from her own ranks. She has only escaped to find out the truth and restore her name.

Why is it worth watching the movie?
The breathtaking action and Angelina Jolie as a special agent speak for themselves. Originally written for Tom Cruise, Jolie can make the film hers and is convincing in every way. The parallels to Bourne are clear, but Salt is by no means a copy.

10. Johnny English Reborn (2011)

The plot
Johnny English (Rowan Atkinson) lives in seclusion in Tibet. In a monastery, he learns high martial arts and meditation. But the past catches up with him. British intelligence agency MI7 brings former agents back into Her Majesty’s service. Johnny English is supposed to protect the Chinese prime minister. Namely, the secret criminal organization Vortex is planning to assassinate politicians. The agent once again seems to be the last hope.

Why is the agent parody worthwhile?
Rowan Atkinson (best known as Mr. Bean) gives the action-comedy the license to laugh to death. Everything you usually know from Bond movies is taken for a ride here, making the film a pure gag fireworks display.

11. R.E.D. (2010)

The plot
Frank Moses (Bruce Willis), a special agent of the C.I.A., is in retirement and wants to focus on his love life. Over the phone, he meets case officer Sarah (Mary-Louise Parker). However, when the two go on a date, the romantic meeting is disrupted by an attempt on Frank’s life. Frank then brings Sarah to safety and wants to find out who commissioned the attempt on his life.

Why is the action-comedy worth watching?
The star-studded cast with Morgan Freeman, Helen Mirren, and Bruce Willis offers great entertainment. The sequel R.E.D. 2 can also be found on Netflix.

12. The American (2010)

The plot
The American Jack (George Clooney) is a weapon maker and a contract killer. When a tragedy occurs during an assignment, he decides to quit. But he still has one last job to do. To prepare himself, he goes to Italy. In a town in the mountains, he initially believes himself safe. But mysterious figures appear. Jack has to watch out, or he will pay with his life.

Why is The American special?
George Clooney is convincing in the role of the taciturn killer. The ambiance and loneliness of the protagonist are captured through fascinating images. Things are not as bombastic as they usually are in big Hollywood flicks. But the film promises subtle suspense and an intense portrait of a killer.

13. Killer Elite (2011)

The plot
Bryce (Jason Statham) is sent a photo that features his mentor Hunter (Robert DeNiro). Hunter has been kidnapped. The sheik responsible for the kidnapping wants Bryce to kill three agents. In return, Hunter is to be set free. The problem: make the attacks look like accidents and don’t connect them to the Sheikh. Reluctantly, Bryce accepts the assignment. Not so simple. After all, the targets are trained killers.

Why is Killer Elite worth it?
The top-notch cast delivers superlative action fireworks. The film is based on the biographical novel “The Feather Men” by Ranulph Fiennes, a former soldier and agent.

14. 2 Guns (2013)

The plot
U.S.-Naval Intelligence Officer Michael “Stig” Stigman (Mark Wahlberg) and D.E.A. agent Robert “Bobby” Trench (Denzel Washington) are both sent after a drug lord. At first, they do not trust each other’s way. This mistrust makes the situation more complicated than it needs to be. Secrets and surprising twists lead the two agents astray. Only together can they get out of this mess.

Why 2 Guns worth it?
Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg together in one film? What more could you want? Funny dialogue, twists, and hefty action make for good entertainment.

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15. Miss Undercover (2000)

The plot
A bomber prepares to attack a beauty pageant. Agent Gracie Hart (Sandra Bullock) wants to stop it and goes undercover. The man-woman undergoes a thorough makeover to fit into the world of beauty queens.

Why is the comedy worth watching?
Sandra Bullock plays the tough-as-nails agent with gusto, and you can tell she had fun with the role. Despite being 20 years old, the film feels as fresh as ever. This comedy has become a cult favorite.

16. Olympus Has Fallen – The World in Peril (2013)

The plot
Mike Banning was an agent for the Secret Service. After an accident, the U.S. president loses his wife, and Mike is transferred because he feels responsible. Eighteen months later, Washington D.C. was Attacked. In a surprise terrorist attack, the White House falls under the control of terrorists. Mike Banning seems to be the only one who can help the president now.

Why is this action thriller worth watching?
Drastic action and a straightforward story keep the viewer glued to the screen. The plot is far from complicated. And it doesn’t have to be. The characters grow on you, and the stunts and explosions provide great entertainment.

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17. Haywire (2011)

The plot
Spy Mallory Kane gets caught in the middle of an intrigue. On a mission in Dublin, she is double-crossed and suddenly on her own. From now on, she can trust no one and must find out who is behind the betrayal. Only by bringing the truth to light can Mallory survive.

Why is Haywire worth watching?
Gina Carano, in the role of Mallory Kane, is a knockout. The mixed martial arts fighter knows how to strike. Because, unlike some other actors, you definitely take away that she can beat the crap out of her opponents.

18. Spy Game – The Final Countdown (2001)

The plot
Agent Tom Bishop (Brad Pitt) was arrested for espionage in China and is now sentenced to death. His protégé Nathan D. Muir (Robert Redford) tries everything in his power to save his protégé. Flashbacks show how the two met. Muir recruited and trained Bishop for the C.I.A. Various missions welded the two agents together. Little by little, it is revealed how the current situation could have come about.

Why is this thriller worth watching?
Robert Redford and Brad Pitt give strong performances as usual. Realistically, the film eschews designer suits and alcoholic cocktails. The world of spies is shown as it is.

19. True Memoirs of an International Assassin (2016)

The plot
Unsuccessful writer Sam Larson (Kevin James) picks up a supposed true story of a legendary killer in the bar. Then when his book was published, the world believed he was a legendary killer and published his memoir. Without meaning to, Sam gets pulled into a rather dangerous mission.

Why is the comedy worth watching?
Kevin James, known to all from King of Queens, provides one laugh after another here. And despite his lack of killer qualities, he always cuts a fine figure.

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20. American Ultra (2015)

The plot
Together with his girlfriend Phoebe, Mike lives in a town in the countryside. During the day, he works at a supermarket cash register. He spends his free time smoking pot. Add to that his neurotic tics and regular panic attacks. All this does not exactly make for a harmonious relationship.

Then it turns out that Mike was part of a C.I.A. experiment. When he is reactivated, he is completely overwhelmed with his new abilities. Soon killers are on the hunt for him. Mike is to be eliminated to cover all traces of the experiment. But no one expected his lethal abilities.

Why is this action-comedy worth watching?
While most parodies are relatively harmless, there’s no shortage of violence and brutality here. Jesse Eisenberg is perfectly cast as the neurotic, pot-smoking Mike.

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21. The Lives of Others (2006)

22. Bridge of Spies (2015)

23. Spy Game – The Final Countdown (2001)

24. Allied (2016)

25. Point Break (2015)

Hopefully, you were able to get a good overview now. These were the 30 best agent movies on Netflix and their various sequels. Your mission, should you choose to accept it: Find the above film on Netflix, put them on your watchlist, and watch them at your leisure.

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