The 35 best time travel movies of all time

Time travel has been on people’s minds for centuries. The question of answers and glimpses of the future triggers a great longing and fascination. It takes a lot of courage and strength to grow beyond his limits and discover new ages. Likewise, new opportunities and ways to change your own future also lie in the past. This list shows the 35 best time travel movies of all time.

1. Back to the future

1985 director Robert Zemeckis inspires with a very special time travel film. Marty McFly is 17 years old and struggles with the everyday problems of a teenager. School sucks, his father is considered a loser, and to make matters worse, his band loses an important competition. The boy finds support in his good friend, the chaotic scientist Doc Brown. This one built a time machine out of a car. A journey into the past and a great adventure await Marty.

The film is considered a classic and is one of the best films of all time. It’s mostly due to the terrific performances of Michael J. Thanks to Fox and Christopher Lloyd; the time travel movie is so exciting. In addition, the legendary soundtrack by Alan Silvestri provides goosebumps and the best entertainment.

2. Donnie Darko

Donnie Darko is a teenager who seems to be completely normal. But Donnie has psychological problems and is the only one who sees a strange rabbit. Frank is tall, looks threatening, and talks to Donnie about the world’s end. His family is at a loss and sends the introverted boy to a psychologist. Even his girlfriend Gretchen does not understand Donnie. Only a book about Time travel gives Donnie hope to understand the strange events around him.

In 2001, “Donnie Darko” was released, an unusual time travel film that captivates its viewers and leaves them with many unanswered questions. The many riddles and possible interpretations make the film so special. Does Frank the rabbit exist, or is it just part of Donnie’s imagination? It’s exciting to follow Donnie as he searches for answers and unravels the mysteries of time travel.

3. Interstellar

Things are not good for humanity. Climate catastrophes have made the earth uninhabitable. But there is hope. A mysterious wormhole could mean the salvation of mankind. Cooper, a former NASA pilot, ventures into the unknown with a team to find a new home for humans.

In 2014, cult director Christopher Nolan again succeeded with a box-office hit. The film belongs among the best science fiction films of all time. The journey into space becomes a milestone in film history with breathtaking scenes and a dramatic rescue mission. The film touches and captivates from the first to the last minute. The emotional soundtrack also provides the right atmosphere.

4. Terminator

In 1984, James Cameron caused a sensation with “Terminator.” A time portal sends a dangerous terminator from the future into the past. He has the mission to kill Sarah Connor. The young woman plays an important role in the future and is the only hope for mankind. Unexpectedly, the fighter Kyle Reese comes to her aid in the fight against the Terminator. Together they begin a journey of life and death.

The film is a feast for all lovers of action scenes. With lots of explosions and impressive car chases, “Terminator” provides the best entertainment. Arnold Schwarzenegger is fantastic in the role of the cool and silent Terminator, who knows no mercy.

5. Groundhog Day

In keeping with Groundhog Day, weatherman Phil Connors reports from a small town in Pennsylvania, as he does every year. But this time, everything is different. Trapped in a time loop, the annoyed weatherman has to relive the same day over and over again. Over Time, Phil uncovers some secrets and manages to change certain daily routines. Colleague Rita plays a central role in the journey out of the time hole.

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The time travel movie amuses with delicious humor. Bill Murray, in the role of the grumpy Phil, provides again and again laughs. The special atmosphere and the heartwarming story make the film a small masterpiece that everyone should see.

6. Planet of the Apes

In 1968, “Planet of the Apes” was released, one of the best time travel films of all time. In the distant future, astronauts discover a planet where intelligent apes rule. Mankind was enslaved and suffered under the harsh regime of the apes. Astronaut Taylor wants to free the people and instigates an uprising. Only psychologist Dr. Zira stands by him and wants to prove that humans are not dangerous.

The film is considered a classic and is still timeless today. Charlton Heston made film history in the role of astronaut Taylor. The elaborate costumes of the apes and the old-fashioned shooting style make this Time travel movie one of the best of its genre.

7. Arrival

One day, twelve unknown flying objects land unexpectedly on earth. Linguist Louise Banks and physicist Ian are to make contact with the alien creatures. In search of answers, the team goes into one of the spaceships. Quickly there are first communications with the alien beings. The question about the future of mankind becomes a race against time.

“Arrival” is a time travel film that impresses above all with its quiet and silent moments. Without much action, the film manages to fascinate and requires constant thinking to follow the entangled sequences of events. With a lot of sensitivity and emotional actors, the film is an absolute insider tip and costs some tears.

8. The Time Traveler’s Wife

Henry DeTamble is a time traveler. As a boy, he suffers from an unusual genetic defect that enables him to travel through time. On his travels, he meets Claire, a young woman he has known since childhood, in the past and future. But the time travels brings Henry more and more often in danger, and fate takes its course unstoppable. Only his love for Claire remains his only hope.

This Time travel movie has everything that makes an entertaining TV evening. A beautiful love story is told, which provides for many tears. The main actor, Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams, give you goosebumps with their grandiose and emotional performances.

9. 12 Monkeys

1995 director Terry Gilliam creates a cult film. In the distant future, almost all humans have died from an epidemic. The last survivors are forced to live underground. Inmate James Cole is set to prevent disaster in the past. Back in 1990, he meets the crazy Jeffrey Goines and his army, the 12 Monkeys. The key to his mission is very close, and thanks to a psychiatrist Cole soon finds the origin behind the mysterious virus.

The film is loud, full of action and crazy scenes. Brad Pitt alone in the role of the crazy Jeffrey Goines is absolutely worth seeing. As always, the actor shows his incredible talent. “Twelve Monkeys” is a wild journey through time into the darkest abysses of mankind and a film that thrills from the first minute and provides the best entertainment.

10. Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure

Bill and Ted are best friends. Together they play in a talentless band and pass their time with some nonsense. Things are not going well at school for the duo, as their graduation is on the line. There is only one day left to prepare a history paper. Quite unexpectedly, the buddies get help from the future. An exciting time journey begins, which leads Bill and Ted through the most different epochs.

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The film is considered a cult to this day. With absurd dialogues and hilarious moments, the film always provides good laughs. It’s just fun to follow Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter on their crazy journey through time.

11. Butterfly Effect

Evan Treborn studies psychology and can hardly remember his childhood. The young man finds his old diary, which allows him to travel back in time. Evan wants to take advantage of the moment and correct old mistakes, but the consequences for the present are more dramatic than he dared to dream so far. A race against time begins.

It is mainly thanks to the strong performance of Ashton Kutcher that the film is so exciting and dramatic. Kutcher manages with small gestures and a lot of sensitivity to tell the story of a desperate man who is trapped in time and is looking for a way out.

12. Edge of Tomorrow

Major Bill Cage is inexperienced but must prove himself in the fight against aliens. These are technologically far superior to humans. Just before he is killed in battle, the Major comes into contact with an alien and enters a time portal. From then on, Bill relives the day of his death over and over again. As time goes on, he gets more experience and slowly finds a way out and possibly salvation for all mankind.

In 2014, the film became a box office hit. It is, above all, the magnificent animations that make the film so extraordinary. The fast-paced action scenes are a visual feast. Leading actor Tom Cruise proves once again that he is one of them belongs to the best actors in Hollywood.

13. Frequency

John Sullivan is a police officer in New York and works to exhaustion. One day he receives the old radio from his father. A stranger makes contact with him. John must realize that his deceased father is talking to him. This died over 30 years ago. John wants to save his father and prevent his death, but the repercussions for the present are fatal.

This film is incredibly exciting and captivating from the very first minute. The emotional conversations between father and son, separated by two-time levels, give the film a very special atmosphere. James Caviezel and Dennis Quaid show strong character roles that stay in the memory for a long time.

14. The Lake House

Architect Alex Burnham is frustrated with his life until he moves into a stunning house on a lake. He receives letters from the lonely Kate, who used to live in the house. From then on, a close pen friendship develops, revealing more and more feelings. But both have to realize that they live in different time planes.

Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock are an absolute dream team on the big screen. The romantic film goes to the heart and demands many tears. In addition, there is the beautiful soundtrack by Rachel Portman, which appropriately underlines the mystical atmosphere of the film. If you like dreamy, emotional, and exciting movies, you will love this film.

15. Looper

Joe, a contract killer, tells the story. In the future, the Mafia uses a time portal to travel into the past. Joe works as an assassin for the Mafia and single-mindedly completes his missions. Quite unexpectedly, he meets his older self from the future, who wants to stop him. A struggle begins that pushes both men to their limits. The question of morality and forgiveness looms ever larger, and Joe must make an important decision.

“Looper” is a thrilling time travel movie that tells an intelligent story in addition to many action scenes. At the center is young and old Joe, played magnificently by Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis. The film offers many interesting thought patterns and invites us to puzzle along until the last minute.

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16. 13 Going on 30

Jenna is 13 years old and dreams of being popular. When her birthday party turns out to be a big flop, the girl wishes she could finally grow up. Thanks to a washing powder, her dream comes true. Jenna woke up the other morning as a 30-year-old woman. Suddenly she is successful and popular. But Jenna soon discovers that even in the adult world, not everything is as she had hoped.

A time travel full of surprises and adventures begins. The film is a charming comedy that amuses and provides good humor. Jennifer Garner is hilarious in the role of the adult Jenna and gives the film that certain something. If you love good entertainment, you should not miss this movie.

17. Source Code

The film tells the story of Colter Stevens. The soldier can slip into the bodies of strangers through an experiment. He has the mission to stop terrorist attacks. This Time Colter is conflicted as he has to find a bomb but also wants to save people’s lives. Time is running out, and the soldier has to make a momentous decision. A life and death-journey begin.

Jake Gyllenhaal leads through the film as soldier Colter and manages to present a strong character role with small gestures. The tension builds until the last minute, delivering an unexpected ending as only Hollywood can orchestrate. The film is absolutely recommendable and guarantees an entertaining TV evening.

18. Passengers

A spaceship drifts into the depths of space. On board, thousands of people are in a deep sleep—120 years last the journey to a distant planet. A technical problem unexpectedly wakes the mechanic, Jim, who later brings the journalist Aurora out of deep sleep. But the journey continues for another 90 years. From now on, the duo must learn to live with the new situation. When danger threatens, Aurora and Jim are the only hope for the sleeping passengers.

“Passengers” is a film that fascinates and builds suspense from the very first minute. With sympathetic characters and an engaging plot, the film is one of the best time travel movies of all time. Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt have an amusing battle of words and are a strong duo.

19. About time

Tells the story of Tim Lake. The young man learns from his father that he can travel through time. Tim travels to his past to correct a mistake. He wants nothing more than to win back his ex-girlfriend. But the effects of Time travel take an unexpected turn, and emotions can not be controlled. Tim experiences many surprises and has to make a difficult decision.

The film is convincing with its romantic plot. It is the journey of a young man who wants to win back the love of his life by any means but realizes that even time has no magic power. The film’s charm is enhanced by the wonderful characters, all of whom are greatly likable.

20. The Time Machine

2002 sees the release of a new film version of the classic by H.G. Wells. Alexander is a scientist and inventor. He wants nothing more than to prove that Time travel is possible. When his love unexpectedly dies, he plans to travel back in time to save her from the disaster. A mistake accidentally takes him to the distant future. The dangerous Morloks threaten the peaceful Eloi people. Alexander becomes part of the revolt and finds his true destiny in the process.

It’s mainly the great costumes and periods that make the movie so fascinating. The far future seems primeval and quite different from most sci-fi movies. Alexander is a sympathetic character and is embodied grandly by Guy Pearce. The sensitive soundtrack by Klaus Badelt perfectly reflects the tragedy behind the story.

21. Doctor Strange

22. Idiocracy

23. Journey of Love

24. Predestination

25. Midnight In Paris

26. Terminator 2: Judgment Day

27. Star Trek

28. Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

29. Minority Report

30. Deja Vu

31. X-Men: Days of Future Past

32. Project Almanac

33. Timeline

34. 17 Again

35. Avengers: Endgame

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