Movies For Teens on Netflix: The 30 Best Teen Films

If you’re bored, heartbroken, or just want to spend a nice evening with friends, there’s no better alternative than watching a nice movie on Netflix. But so you don’t have to spend hours clicking through all the menus, we’ve picked out the 30 best Netflix movies for teens and listed them here. You will also find a short description of each film, so you can quickly decide if it suits your taste.

1. To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

Lara Jean is actually rather a loner. She hasn’t had a boyfriend yet, but she has had a crush on a boy or two. She has always written a letter to her crush but never sent it. But there, she has calculated without her little sister.

She grabs her old love letters and sends them to all the boys from Lara Jean’s past. And already, the teenager is confronted with problems she’s never had to deal with before.

Why you should have seen this movie:

This film is light fare mixed with a bit of drama and a lot of teenage problems. Perfect for a relaxed girls’ night out with your BFFs.

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2. The Perfect Date

Brooks develops a new business idea with his best friend to earn his college money. His friend, who is a tech genius, creates an app for Brooks that girls can use to rent themselves a date. Brook’s job is just to be the perfect date for these girls.

The app goes better than expected, and the teenager quickly comes to terms with his new job. But not everything is as simple as it seems at first glance.

Why you should have seen this movie:

Who doesn’t sometimes wish for the perfect boyfriend or the perfect date? With cute actor Noah Centineo, there’s plenty of room to dream here.

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3. The Kissing Booth

Elle has been friends with Flynn for what feels like forever. The two are inseparable and hide absolutely nothing from each other. There’s just one problem: Elle secretly has a crush on Flynn’s big brother Noah. If only she hadn’t promised her best friend not to get involved with his brother. And anyway, Noah is family in a way, so that wouldn’t even be clear, would it?

Why you should have seen this movie:
The Kissing Booth is a film about a friendship that faces the challenge of growing up. Here’s where you learn whether or not friendships between boys and girls can last.

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4. Sierra Burgess Is A Loser

Sierra Burgess is smart but unpopular. Her nemesis Veronica never misses an opportunity to mess with Sierra’s head. When sweet Jamie asks Veronica for her cell phone number, she gives him Sierra’s because she has a boyfriend of her own.

This is how Jamie ends up texting Sierra but thinks she’s Veronica. At one point, Sierra even manages to get close to her enemy and learns that Veronica’s life isn’t always as rosy as it sometimes seems.

Why you should have seen this movie:
This Netflix movie tells the story of an outsider who learns to win over with her charm and a privileged girl whose world is not as beautiful as it seems at first glance.

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5. The Babysitter (2017)& The Babysitter: Killer Queen (2020)

A boy’s (Judah Lewis) fantasy about his babysitter (Samara Weaving) turns into a nightmare when it turns out she and her hot girlfriends (including Bella Thorne as a cheerleader, Robbie Amell of Upload as a staid sociopath, and Vine star and actor King Bach) are handling human sacrifices.

Why you should have seen this movie:
Director McG’s self-aware spin on the babysitter slasher is more comedy than horror, delivering bloody fun in a stylish and silly way. Archetypes are turned on their heads, laugh lines punctuate nearly every scene, and reality mostly ceases to exist as our hero tries to get a lesson of sorts.

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It’s a goofy mess in all the right ways and delivers grandly again in the 2020 sequel. When you press play, please don’t ruin a good thing by taking this movie too seriously.

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6. Tall Girl

Jodi is big. But not just a little big, like many girls or peers, but almost huge. She’s taller than almost every boy at her school and has to listen to daily jokes about her size. Only her best friend stands by her side because he’s been in love with Jodi for ages.

So when a very tall exchange student from Sweden suddenly arrives at Jodi’s school, she sees her time has come. But not everything goes as planned because she’s not the only one interested in the new student.

Why you should have seen this movie:

Complexes with appearance have most teenagers in the course of their puberty once. The film shows how you can literally rise above and rise above all the mean talk.

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7. Twilight

Isabella Swan moves from Phoenix, Arizona, to Forks, the small town with the highest rainfall rate in the U.S., to live with her father for a while. The introverted teen is terribly nervous before her first day of school, but then she meets Edward Cullen.

Edward is impossibly handsome, and Bella literally falls madly in love with the teenager. But the young man has something to hide – and then there’s also Jacob, an old friend from Bella’s childhood.

Why you should have seen this movie:
Twilight may have a few years under its belt, but it’s still a classic when it comes to teen movies Go. Best of all, this film also has a fair amount of suspense. Definitely watch!

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8. A Cinderella Story

Young Sam suffers at the hands of her evil stepmother and two stepsisters. Instead of being able to finance her studies at Princeton University with her late father’s inheritance, she has to scrub floors and take on the unpleasant chores of her family members. While on the job, she meets the wealthy Austin, but he initially only gets to know her in her costume. Does this love affair even have a future?

Why you should have seen this movie:

This modern interpretation of the classic fairy tale will make teenage hearts skip a beat. With a little bit of kitsch and charm, this movie will surely win you over. Worth seeing for all fairy tale fans and those who want to become one.

9. Night Teeth

College student Benny wants to make some extra money, so he works as a chauffeur. But when he picks up two mysterious women for a late-night bar visit, he is drawn into a secret world of vampires and vampire hunters.

While the plot is predictable, the cast is talented. If you are looking for a fun Halloween movie, you might have worse cards to play.

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10.The Notebook

In “Like a Single Day,” an old man tells the story of how he met the love of his life. Working-class Noah meets middle-class daughter Allie one summer. The two quickly fall in love, but Allie must leave town after the summer. Years later, they meet again. Allie is actually engaged now, and Noah is renovating the house he always wanted to buy.

Why you should have seen this movie:
“Like a Single Day” is one of the most beautiful love movies of our time. It tells of true love over a lifetime and provides a lot of heartbreak. Perfect for a romantic evening for two.

11. Charlie St. Cloud

Charlie loses his little brother Sam in an accident. He misses the little guy terribly and can barely break away from him. He also goes to play baseball regularly and imagines his little brother is present. Guilt plagues him as he finally meets a girl who draws his full attention away from Sam. Will the two of them be able to come to terms with the death of their little brother together?

Why you should have seen this movie:

Besides all the love, this is about one thing: the endlessly strong bond between two siblings and what it means to lose your better half. Watch it; tissues at the ready!

12. Fear Street Trilogy

Netflix’s ambitious series of three interconnected films based on the classic books by R.L. Stine based is scary fun. In the first part, 1994, the audience gets to know the cursed town of Shadyside and the teenagers affected by it.

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The second film jumps back in time to 1978, where a killer haunts a camp, and the third installment, set in 1666, explains how it all began. In the vein of horror classics like Scream, the Fear Street films mix gruesome kills with tongue-in-cheek laughs for a refreshingly quirky take.

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13. American Pie

American Pie is about a group of boys who face various growing-up problems. The first sex, the successful relationship, how to become a softie, and how to avoid embarrassing conversations with my parents. Jim, Kevin, Paul, and Chris have to find an answer to all these questions. And then they also make a bet.

Why you should have seen this movie:

A classic among youth films is American Pie. For once, it’s not about love but about a lot of flat humor, which should be especially appealing to boys in puberty. So chill on the couch with your buddies, and off the movie goes.

14. Let It Snow

“Days Like These,” tells the stories of several teenagers whose lives are suddenly thrown into disarray by a snowstorm. So a girl reunites with a secret love, a star gets stranded on mass transit, and two best friends get into a fight. Of course, this film also has a lot of problems in its baggage.

Why you should have seen this movie:

Days Like These has not one but several storylines. You will almost certainly be able to identify with one of the main characters. In addition, this film does not get boring so quickly—a nice idea for cold days and cozy hours in front of the fireplace.

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15. The Last Summer

Griffin, Phoebe, Alec, and Erin spend one last summer together after graduating from high school. The friends worry about their future and their friendships. How it will continue, no one knows yet exactly. The four have a wonderful time, but then the two of them fall in love with each other. But how should it all continue?

Why you should see this movie:
Almost everyone knows these problems: what will happen after I graduate, will I still have contact with my best friends, what will become of my great teenage love? Griffin, Phoebe, Alec, and Erin also have to face these worries, so the film is ideal for those still unsure of what to do next.

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16. SPF-18

18-year-old Penny is incredibly in love with her crush Johnny. But they have yet to get closer. Sadly, the death of her father changes this fact. However, another boy now enters Penny’s life as well. With the help of her video camera, she tries to sort out her feelings and figure out her needs. Her mother and her cousin are supposed to support her.

Why you should have seen this movie:

The film shows a heavy blow of fate and the tug-of-war of an adolescent who tries to control her problems and feelings with all her might. Definitely worth seeing on a movie night with your besties.

17. Dirty Dancing

Frances, whose nickname is “Baby,” comes from a wealthy family. She spends her summer at a resort in the Catskill Mountains. It’s where she meets Johnny, a dancer from a lower-class background. The two spend an illicit amount of time together, much to the displeasure of Baby’s parents. Does this love have a chance?

Why you should see this movie:

Dirty Dancing is an absolute classic among love movies. You simply must have seen this movie! And even though dancing may not be the most fashionable pastime today, this movie will make even the biggest dance buff want to shake their hips.

18. Naomi And Eli No Kiss List

Naomi and Eli have been best friends since early childhood. Nothing can separate them – or so they thought until now. But then the two fall in love with the same boy and face a problem that no friendship can simply ignore. So what will happen next?

Why you should have seen this film:
This film is about a deep friendship that threatens to break apart due to complications. Naomi& shows how a friendship can survive any crisis, Eli. Perfect if you, too, are facing conflict with your best friend.

19. Dumplin’

Willowdean’s mother organizes beauty pageants. An event Willowdean normally would never have attended if she didn’t want to start a protest action. The teenager, who is actually overweight, becomes the symbol of a revolution by her classmates. Together with a few helpers, she learns to build her confidence.

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Why you should have seen this movie:
The film shows in a humorous way: Everyone is beautiful, and there should be no ideal of beauty. Dumplin’ is a decent push for your confidence and shows: you can do it too!

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20. To The Bone

This movie clearly comes with a trigger warning. Still, “To The Bone” powerfully depicts Ellen’s difficult journey as she fights her way out of anorexia and the toll it takes on her parents because of her illness. The highs and lows are rehashed in this film.

Why you should have seen this movie:
This is a movie you should watch with your parents. Nevertheless, it shows in a special way how serious the disease anorexia is and what consequences it can have for young girls.

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21. Moxie

Based on a novel by Jennifer Mathieu, Moxie is about Vivian (Hadley Robinson), a quiet teenager who, noticing the gender inequities at her school, decides to start a magazine after learning about her mother’s (Amy Poehler, who also directed) riot grrrl past.

After secretly placing her magazine in the girls’ bathroom, she started a movement aimed at stopping rampant harassment on campus, led by a football star (Patrick Schwarzenegger).

Moxie is definitely flawed with its superficial allusions to intersectionality – you can’t ignore that, especially given the underwhelming supporting cast. But hey, it’s an admirable, engaging film with a great Bikini Kill-inspired soundtrack – so if it gets a generation of casual Netflix viewers excited about Riot Grrrl, that’s a positive outcome.

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22. The Half of It

The film follows Ellie, the only person of Chinese descent in a tiny town called Squahamish, who writes her high school classmates’ essays for money. One of those offers comes from a boy named Paul Munsky (Daniel Diemer), who needs her help writing a love letter for a girl named Aster Flores (Alexxis Lemire).

The conflicted Ellie, who also has a crush on Aster, initially refuses but eventually settles on it to help her family make ends meet with her part-time job.

Why you should have seen this movie:
“This is not a love story,” says heroine Ellie Chu (Leah Lewis) at the beginning of Only Half the Story, Alice Wu’s coming-of-age film. It’s one of those funny lines that the main characters in teen movies tend to say, but this Netflix original is much smarter than that opening line – and all the more endearing for it.

It sounds like a classic romantic comedy, but “Only Half the Story” isn’t a love story, making it one of Netflix’s more mature teen movies.

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23. Alex Strangelove

Alex Strangelove has something really lovable about him. This story is incredibly awkward when it comes to sex, as you might expect from all virginity-obsessed kids in the last days of high school.

Why you should have seen this film:
And that’s basically the story of this movie, but with a charming twist: Class president Alex Truelove (the lovable Daniel Doheny, who is somehow not related to Jay Baruchel) has arranged to lose his virginity to his girlfriend Claire (Madeline Weinstein, who brings wonderful, almost tragic, traits to a weak role).

But things go awry when Alex meets a gay high school senior named Elliot – and then can’t stop thinking about him. Things fall into place a little too perfectly at the climax, but in these times we live in, a movie about accepting the things that make you different deserves nothing less than a happy ending.

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24. JJ+E

Based on one of the most famous books by award-winning Swedish author Mats Wahl, JJ+E is a modern-day story about two young people who fall in love despite the cultural and class barriers between them. Elisabeth and John-John couldn’t be more different financially and socially, but when they get into the same class at school, they become friends and fall for each other.

The Swedish setting and actors help give a new spin to an old love story.

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25. Enola Holmes

When 16-year-old Enola’s older brothers refuse to help her find her recently missing mother, she sets off on her own to London to solve the mystery.

This spirited adventure will appeal to fans of both Sherlock Holmes and Millie Bobby Brown (from Stranger Things).

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26. Clueless

27. Dude

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28. Handsome Devil

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29.Candy Jar

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30. #RealityHigh

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Our Bottom Line:

Whether it’s for a cozy evening with your best friend, comforting a heartbreak, or just daydreaming, there’s something for everyone in our selection of movies. So all you have to do now is warm up the popcorn, put your feet up, and turn on Netflix!

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