The 45 Most Romantic Movies of All Time

Love writes wonderful but also tragic stories. In countless great love movies, we can experience the most beautiful of all feelings in all their facets. Those who want to experience a romantic evening of television as a couple is spoilt for choice: do you want to dance away to love with Johnny and Baby, experience the ups and downs of the passionate relationship between Ally and Jackson, or get involved in the complicated love story of the two women Carol and Therese? Just let our list of the 45 most romantic movies inspire you for your next evening program for two.

1. A Star Is Born (2018)

In 2018, the third remake of “A Star Rises” hit theaters. Country star Jackson, Maine, battles loneliness, alcoholism, and tinnitus. During one of his visits to the bar, he becomes aware of the musically talented Ally. However, due to an external flaw, she does not consider herself suitable for the stage and initially rebuffs all attempts by Jackson. But persistence wins out, and a duet with him makes her a celebrated star overnight. Little by little, a passionate love develops between the two, which is repeatedly put to the test and finally comes to a sad end with Jackson’s suicide.

Still, the movie is a must-see for lovers because of the authentic performances of the two main actors, Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. During their performance at the Academy Awards, they put on such a convincing goosebump duet with their winning song, “Shallow,” that rumors briefly circulated that the two were also a couple in real life.

2. Crazy, Stupid, Love. (2011)

Abandoned by his wife Emily for another man, Cal meets pickup Jacob in a bar, the rather dull family man. This transforms him into a well-toned and styled womanizer who, among other things, even has an affair with his son’s teacher. But the many women’s stories do not help him overcome his love for his wife. When the nanny also falls in love with him and his son, in turn, falls in love with the nanny, the delightful romantic comedy takes its course.

In the end, Emily and Cal face each other with a smile. A scene that allows interpretation for a happy ending. “Crazy, Stupid, Love” captivates with clever and witty dialogues between multi-layered characters.

3. Juno (2007)

An unplanned pregnancy, adoption, and teenage love are the ingredients for this story about 16-year-old high school student Juno. To do her best friend Paulie a favor, she sleeps with him and becomes pregnant unintentionally. At first, she thinks of abortion but then decides to adopt. She gets along famously with potential future parents Mark and Vanessa. During her pregnancy, Juno realizes that she has fallen in love with Paulie and confesses her feelings to him.

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It is a beautiful love movie that shows the serious side of teenage love and wins the viewers’ hearts.

4. Dirty Dancing (1987)

When it comes to romance movies, you can’t miss the cult film starring Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze as Baby and Johnny. A vacation with her family brings 17-year-old Frances Houseman true love. Only called Baby by everyone and still a little naive, she meets the dance instructor Johnny at a party of the hotel employees.

Soon a doctor’s daughter finds herself in the midst of sexy dance rhythms, lies, and moving fates. In the process, she falls in love with Johnny and incurs her father’s wrath. But in the end, it becomes romantic, and with one of the most famous movie quotes, the happy end is introduced: “My baby belongs to me.”

5. Just Like Heaven (2005)

Marc Levy’s novel is the basis for this spiritual love story. On the way to an arranged date, hospital doctor Elizabeth has an accident and falls into a coma. Shortly after, David, a widower, moves into her apartment, and one day she contacts him as a ghost. After initial disputes about who owns the apartment, they fall in love.

The happiness, however, is overshadowed: The life-support equipment is to be displayed. David tries everything to save his beloved. The message of the film: fight for what you love. Romantic and funny at the same time.

6. Carol (2015)

It is complicated enough when a still-married woman falls in love with another woman. If a child is involved, a love story with some hurdles develops. The younger saleswoman Therese advises Carol in a New York department store. A pair of forgotten gloves leads to further contact. Both women are not happy in their relationships with one man. Carol is already divorced. The different women fall in love with each other, but Carol is afraid of the custody, and for the time being, reason prevails.

A love story with a lot of profundities, which does not only grab same-sex couples.

7. Letters To Juliet (2010)

Sophie and her fiancé Victor spend a vacation in Verona. While she indulges in the city’s romance, chef Victor is only interested in the culinary delights. On the famous balcony of Shakespeare’s Juliet, she is fascinated by the many women who leave letters and hope for love advice from the novel’s heroine.

Sophie meets the “secretaries of Julia,” who lovingly answer the letters in handwriting. A 50-year-old letter, great love from days gone by, and Sophie’s mission to reunite these two people also bring her the man for life in the end. Great love story against a fitting backdrop.

8. Dear John (2010)

During her semester break, young Savannah falls in love with soldier John. But already, after two weeks, the separation stands. College is waiting for her, the base in Germany for John. The two stay in touch via letters and a year later they are supposed to be happy together.

But John commits himself for another two years. Savannah breaks up by letter. Only by the death of John’s father do both see each other again. In the meantime, however, Savannah is married to Tim, who has cancer. When he dies, there is a new chance for love between her and John.

Nicholas Sparks is a master of romance. It’s no wonder his bestseller is also thrilling in the film version.

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9. Maid in Manhattan (2002)

Jennifer Lopez charms politician Christopher Marshall (Ralph Fiennes) in the role of single nanny Marisa. However, the latter first mistakes her for the wealthy Caroline Lane. The blame for this lies in Marisa’s unauthorized fitting of a noble wardrobe in Carolines’ suite. The maid has given in to the urge of a colleague to put on a noble robe for once during cleaning.

The love story is correspondingly turbulent. The fact that Marisa has applied for a hotel management job and Christopher wants to be elected senator also causes all kinds of excitement. A film with a modern fairy tale character.

10. The Wedding Planner (2001)

Also, in this film, Jennifer Lopez, in her leading role, is entangled in a complicated love story. When the wedding planner falls in love with the groom, turbulence is bound to ensue: Mary works as a wedding planner. However, she always falls for the wrong men in her own love life. One day she is rescued from a delicate situation by a stranger, spends a romantic evening with him, and falls in love. Too bad he turns out to be the groom of her next client.

A love story with good jokes and the necessary romance.

11. Titanic (1997)

“Titanic” is the best proof that you can make one of the most beautiful love movies even from a disaster without a happy ending. The penniless Jack Dawson wins his tickets for the Titanic in a poker game. On board, he saves the life of 17-year-old Rose when she tries to throw herself into the sea. The daughter of a good family is to marry her fiancé Cal, whom, however, she does not love.

The two fall in love and want to disembark together in New York in the end. But as we know, the ship never arrives there. Jack freezes to death in the icy water. For Rose, he remains the great love she remembers even in her old age. The flashback narration makes the viewer even more aware of the scope of this extraordinary love affair. If you love big emotions, you can’t miss “Titanic.”

12. Just Go with It (2011)

The romantic comedy with all kinds of entanglements combines charm, wit, and romance. A doctor, Danny, learns shortly before his wedding that his future wife was only interested in his career opportunities and cheated on him several times. When he realizes that the forgotten wedding ring on his finger quickly wins women’s trust, he quickly makes a scam out of it.

From now on, there are only noncommittal nights. Until he falls in love with Palmer, but the morning after, she finds the wedding ring that he had taken off this time of all times. In desperation, he asks the doctor’s assistant Katherine to play his wife. Huge chaos arises when Katherine tries to impress a competitor with a lie.

13. Pretty Woman (1990)

Julia Roberts and Richard Gere bring the modern fairy tale to movie screens in the 90s. Businessman Edward Lewis only wants to ask prostitute Vivian for directions to the hotel. But the encounter has far-reaching consequences. First, he books Vivian as an escort for business appointments. But behind the perky girl in the miniskirt and patent leather boots lies an attractive woman who soon wins his heart.

With a lot of wit and charm, the mismatched couple paves their way to happiness together.

14. Music and Lyrics (2007)

For a long time, the fame of Alex Fletcher has faded away. The former pop star now only performs on third-rate stages. An offer from the now successful pop singer Cora Corman for a duet could be a new chance. However, there is a catch. He is supposed to write the lyrics but is rather a mediocre lyricist.

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Sophie Fisher is actually responsible for his plants but turns out to be a talented lyricist. Until the deal is signed and sealed and the two have also found love together, some shadows of the past have to be chased away. In the end, a song of Sophie’s own seals their love.

15. The Big Sick (2017)

Based on a true story, this film touches the hearts of romantics especially. Kumail, a young Pakistani immigrant, wants to make it as a comedian in Chicago, but his traditionalist parents don’t like it. Moreover, they do not know that their son wants to oppose an arranged marriage. That’s why he hides his love for the American Emily from them. The relationship with Emily’s parents is also difficult at first. But a serious illness brings the three closer together. Together they look after Emily’s well-being.

16. The Bodyguard (1992)

The wonderful voice of Whitney Houston is already reason enough to watch this love movie. But also, the story couldn’t be more romantic: security expert Frank Farmer (Kevin Costner) is supposed to protect pop singer Rachel Marron (Whitney Houston), who is receiving threats. In the beginning, there are frequent clashes between the two, as Rachel feels restricted by Frank’s security thinking.

Little by little, she realizes the necessity, which also benefits her son Fletcher. Eventually, the two become closer. But happiness is overshadowed when the situation comes to a head, and Rachel’s sister is murdered. In the end, Frank risks his life for hers. His job? Yes, but the viewer senses that it is much more for him at that moment.

17. You’ve Got Mail (1998)

Kathleen lives in New York and runs a small bookstore. But the opening of a bookstore forces them to close it down. Kathleen expresses her anger about the bankruptcy and the owner’s son to her internet acquaintance. She has no idea that this son is behind the user NY 152. So she has intense mail exchanges with Joe Fox and develops feelings. Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks make a great couple in the remake of Rendezvous After Closing Time.

18. P.S. I Love You (2007)

When the great love dies, it’s hard for the bereaved to return to life. This is what Holly experiences. Her husband Gerry dies of a brain tumor. To help Holly get over the loss, he has left her 12 letters, which are delivered to her one by one in different ways. The letters contain tasks she must master. Among other things, a trip to Ireland is on the agenda. There Holly meets William. He was Gerry’s best friend. Gradually he makes her laugh again, and she succumbs to his charm.

19. The Break-Up (2006)

Gary and Brooke meet at a baseball game. A guide with Polish roots and an art gallery employee fall in love. You enter into a relationship. However, dinner with the families of the two reveals the great differences. The argument over a trivial matter brings to light deeper issues. Brooke hopes to open Gary’s eyes by breaking up on her part. What is meant to be an opportunity initially ends in hardened fronts. But in the end, there is hope again for the couple.

A film that shows something that seems final doesn’t have to be final.

20. Romeo + Juliet (1996)

To finish the top 20 classic love stories. In 1996, Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes portrayed the famous lovers, bringing William Shakespeare’s historical novel to younger viewers as well. The tragic love story of two people whose families are enemies. They overcome any obstacles but, in the end, can only be united in death.

21. To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before (2018)

22. The Notebook (2004)

23. Me Before You (2016)

24. Save the Last Dance (2001)

25. The Wedding Date (2005)

26. Elizabethtown (2005)

27. Valentine’s Day (2010)

28. Sweet Home Alabama (2002)

29. The Time Traveler’s Wife (2009)

30. Moonstruck (1987)

31. Sleepless in Seattle (1993)

32. True Romance (1993)

33. My Best Friend’s Wedding (1997)

34. Brokeback Mountain (2005)

35. One Day (2011)

36. Notting Hill (1999)

37. Crazy/Beautiful (2001)

38. Blue Valentine (2010)

39. Love, Rosie (2014)

40. Ghost (1990)

41. Amélie (2001)

42. Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961)

43. The Kissing Booth (2018)

44. Like Crazy (2011)

45. Casablanca (1942)

Our list shows that love movies don’t have to be sentimental to warm lovers’ hearts. Also, stories linked with some action, wit, or profundity can become great cinema successes in their genre.

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