90s Earworms: 20 Songs You Can’T Get Rid Of Anymore

90s Catchy Tunes

The nineties were characterized musically by numerous 90s one-hit wonders depicted. Hardly anyone knows the performers today, but their melodies are real 90s earworms. We present you with 20 of the most famous songs and wish you a lot of fun while remembering the beautiful moments you spent with these songs.

Of course, the list also includes many performers who have made a resounding name for themselves over the years. But see for yourself who made it into this list of the Top 20 90s earworms has managed:

“Mambo № 5” by Lou Bega

Monica, Erica, Rita, and Tina are not the last lovers of Harvey Weinstein, but the ladies who made Lou Bega famous with his world-famous song. “Mambo № 5*” is one of the 90s catchy tunes par excellence and simply invites you to bob along and Sing along a. No wonder the song climbed to the top of the single charts in Germany.

In the summer of 1999, people around the globe danced to the million-seller. Also “Mambo № 5*” is a Cover version, because the original version by Pérez Prado appeared already in 1949.

“It’s My Life” by Dr. Alban

Another 90s one-hit-wonder from the Eurodance genre is “It’s My Life*” by Dr. Alban. The 1992 track was written by a Swedish-Nigerian musician whose real name is Alban Uzoma Nwapa, but who writes his songs under the pseudonym Dr.

Alban released. In sensational style, the title stormed to the top of the German, Austrian and Swedish charts and only narrowly missed the top position in Switzerland and the United Kingdom with number 2. In Germany, sales even reached platinum status.

In Germany today, the song is probably best known as Title melody be known from the soap series “Köln 50667.

“Blue” by Eiffel 65

Eiffel 65, consisting of Jeffrey Jey and Maurizio Lobina, made the term “da ba dee da ba daa” suitable for the masses. The song “Blue,” which is felt to consist only of this passage of text, is one of the most famous songs of the Europop genre.

The song became number 1 in the singles charts in numerous countries, including Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. The music video for the song, which features aliens in a striking blue color, also became very popular.

It was also not far for Eiffel 65 to the Grammy Award. In the end, however, it was only enough for a nomination in the category “Best Dance Recording”.

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“Alane” by Wes

Wes, consisting of two musicians Michel Sanchez from France and Wes Madiko from Cameroon, is a classic One-Hit-Wonder. Her 1997 song “Alane*”is a real 90s catchy tune, which made it to number 2 in the singles charts in Germany, while in Austria and France, it even reached number 1 for the duo.

The song remained in the German singles charts for 41 weeks. The song was especially successful because of the lyrics in Duala, which hardly anyone in Germany understood, but everyone could sing along.

“I Like to Move It” by Reel 2 Real

If there is talk of a 90s catchy tune, Reel 2 Real with their song “I Like to Move It*” is not to be neglected. The Eurodance song from 1993 climbed to number 3 in the German charts, was awarded a gold record, and reached number 1 in many other countries such as Canada, Belgium, and France. The lyric “I Like to Move It, Move It, I Like to Move It, Move It” gained world fame and is still recited today in movies such as “Madagascar” or series like “American Dad” for example.

“Teenage Dirtbag” by Wheatus

The 90s were also an age of rebellious music. Europop and grunge conquered the music scene and punk rock like Wheatus’ had great popularity. “Teenage Dirtbag” thematizes a childhood experience of the front singer Brendan B. Brown.

Especially in Austria, Australia, and Belgium, where the song made it to number 1 in the singles charts, but also in Germany, where it reached number 2, fans of the band still enjoy “Teenage Dirtbag” today. The song also appeared on the album “Wheatus*” of this very band.

“Bailando” by Paradisio

“Amigos, adios” is one of the most famous song passages of the mega-hit by Paradisio. In 1996, the song stormed the global charts when the summery dance hit reached the top position in Sweden, Norway, Italy, Finland, and Denmark and entered the top 100 of the singles charts in many other countries. Paradisio also released the song on their album, called “Bailando,” and thus, just like the band.

“How You Remind Me” by Nickelback

Nickelback is still touring the world today and thrilling the masses with its rock music. The beginnings of the band go back to the 90s.

“How You Remind Me” succeeded the Canadian band around their striking front singer Chad Kroeger a 90s earworm of the extra class. The song is about a broken relationship, which analyzes one of the two ex-partners. The song reached number 3 in the singles charts; in other countries such as Canada or the United States, the Canadian band even advanced to the top position.

“Gangsta’s Paradise” by Coolio

One of the 90s catchy tunes par excellence comes from the US rapper Coolio, who raps the verses of “Gangsta’s Paradise”, whereas the chorus is sung by L. V. comes. In 1996, the song won the award for best solo rap performance at the Grammy Awards.

In the German-speaking countries and the United Kingdom and the USA, it reached number 1 in the single charts. The song is part of the movie “Dangerous Minds.” The song contains some passages from the Stevie Wonder song “Pastime Paradise” and was sold almost six million times worldwide.

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“Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana

Kurt Cobain has long been more than a person. The lead singer of the band Nirvana is an icon of the grunge genre, which with “Smells Like Teen Spirit*” has received its anthem.

The snotty song was style-defining for the 90s and is undoubtedly one of the most enduring of the 90s earworms in this list. “Teen Spirit” refers to a deodorant that Kurt Cobain’s girlfriend had put on and caused another of Kurt Cobain’s girlfriends, Kathleen Hanna, to tease Kurt Cobain about it. Song still sells well today, although it never made it to #1 on the singles chart as a single release in any primary CD sales market.

“Dancing in the Moonlight” by Toploader

The striking chorus with its background vocals has made the band Toploader a real one-hit-wonder. The song was first released in 1972.

Originally sung by King Harvest’s French-American rock band, Toploader later reissued the song. The Cover version made it to number 15 in the single charts in Germany. For example, in other countries, in the United Kingdom or Belgium, the song made it to even higher chart positions. “Dancing in the Moonlight” appeared on the studio album “Onka’s Big Moka*.”

“I’m Too Sexy” by Right Said Fred

In 1991 Right Said Fred catapulted “I’m Too Sexy*” into the worldwide single charts. The first song of the British band, which was to be followed by other Straßenfeger songs, deals with the narcissism of society. When the Fairbrass brothers entered a gym, the idea for the song was born.

If you feel too sexy for your shirt, take it off, that’s the idea of the song. By the way, the song contains a riff from the Jimi Hendrix song “Third Stone from the Sun.”

“Die da!?!” by the Fantastic Four

It is probably the most famous german song from the 90s of the 20. Century is “Die da!?!” by the Fantastic Four.

The song appeared on the album “4 Gewinnt” and samples “Right Down Here*” by Asha Puthil. In 1992, the song made it to number 1 in the Austrian and Swiss singles charts, and in Germany, Fanta 4 reached number 2.

The song by the Stuttgart band sparked a hip-hop euphoria in Germany that reached its peak at the turn of the millennium and continues to this day.

“Rhythm of the Night” by Corona

In 1994 Italy was upside down when “The Rhythm of the Night*” catapulted to the top of the singles charts. The song also entered the top 10 singles charts in other European countries, including Germany. The Eurodance band with Brazilian model Olga de Souza as its face became especially famous because of Giovanna Bersola’s striking vocals.

The song remained the only notable international success of the group, so Corona, with its 90s earworm, is considered a one-hit-wonder in this list.

“Barbie Girl” by Aqua

Eurodance enjoyed enormous popularity in the 90s. The band Aqua, which consists partly of Norwegian and Danish members, made its breakthrough in 1997. “Barbie Girl*” climbed to the top of the singles charts in more than 35 countries, which is certainly due to the numerous sexually-oriented statements in the song.

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The song became so popular that the toy manufacturer Mattel saw the success of its eponymous doll in danger. This might also be why the song became so successful, because the dialogue between Ken and Barbie, which is the subject of the song, is almost legendary. A pearl of music history and rightly part of the overview of 90s earworms.

“… Baby One More Time” by Britney Spears

Longing for the ex-lover, that’s the theme of one of the most played songs of all time worldwide. Britney Spears created with “… Baby One More Time*” her big breakthrough on the international stage and a real pop classic.

The song deals with the thoughts of a woman who longs for her ex-lover and desperately wants him back. Multiple number 1 placements, as well as a Grammy Award nomination, crowned Britney Spears’ performance.

“Back for Good” by Take That

Robbie Williams, Gary Barlow, Howard Donald, and Mark Owen: were the teen heartthrobs of many young girls in the 90s. The British Boy band achieved with “Back for Good*” had one of their biggest hits, which helped their international breakthrough.

The 90s love song, whose video is in simple black and white, deals with a man’s love for his lover, whom he wishes to get back. A dreamy 90s earworm to snuggle up to on the couch.

“Rhythm is a Dancer” by Snap!

In 1992, Snap!, with the song “Rhythm is a Dancer,” reached number 1 in the singles charts in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and the United Kingdom. So he too was part of the Eurodance wave that swept across Europe in the ’90s. Thea Austin sings the song.

Curiously, chart placements for the song could also be proven in 2008, presumably due to the song’s appearance in a British television commercial.

“Wind of Change” by the Scorpions

Hardly any song is as associated with the collapse of the Berlin Wall as “Wind of Change” by the Scorpions. Therefore, the song is also considered the “anthem of the turn.”

The title is not only a 90s catchy tune but also the most successful German single ever. Thematically, the song revolves around the cooling of Cold War tensions. Thus, written in 1989 and not released as a single until 1991, it anticipated the collapse of the GDR.

“Macarena” by Los Del Rio

In 1993, “Macarena” saw the light of day – a song whose later released disco-ready version is still played in clubs all over the world today. First, the song became a big success in Spain and later worldwide.

For example, the song made it to the top of the singles charts in the United States, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. The fashion dance Macarena, which can be seen in the music video, is still influential in style today. The hand movements at the hips and shoulders and the knee bend moved even Madeleine Albright, later Secretary of State of the United States, to dance on the public stage.

Was your favorite 90s catchy song in the list above? All of those mentioned above 90s catchy tunes are still played at events today and usually create a great atmosphere as soon as they start playing.

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