The 114 Best Punk Songs Of All Time

Best Punk Songs Of All Time

Big changes were coming in the 1970s. Rock and roll were looking for new inspirations and Rock music moved away from her roots. A genre that could inspire its fans in a rebellious way was punk.

The punk rock movement followed the call for change, which roared out of various garages in the mid-70s.

Punk music first developed in the UK and quickly made its way across the pond to America. Punk bands like The Ramones, The Clash, and The Sex Pistols gave the many rebellious youths a chance to let loose and experience rock music the way it was initially meant to be shared.

Punk changed the entire musical landscape. The fact is that there is hardly any genre of music that was not changed by punk. Metal, grunge, grindcore or electronica, and big bands like Slayer, Guns N’ Roses, Metallica, Mötley Crüe, or Machine Head were inspired by punk music.

Our playlist of the best punk songs of all time includes over 100 pieces. These songs were chosen for their initial and continuing popularity and their influence and impact on the development of punk.

(You can find a Spotify playlist at the end of the article.)

The most successful punk songs of all time:

Each song is linked to its music video via the title.

№: Listen: Performer:
1. London Calling The Clash
2. Favorite Thing The Replacements
3. Blitzkrieg Bop Ramones
4. Rocket Reducer MC5
5. Search and Destroy The Stooges
6. Complete Control The Clash
7. Suggestion Fugazi
8. I Wanna Be Your Dog The Stooges
9. Angels With Dirty Faces Sham 69
10. God Save the Queen Sex Pistols
11. Jocko Homo Devo
12. Anarchy in the UK Sex Pistols
13. On the Run Eddie and the Hot Rods
14. Color Me Impressed The Replacements
15. Where Eagles Dare Misfits
16. If The Kids Are United Sham 69
17. Free Money Patti Smith
18. Death or Glory The Clash
19. Kick Out the Jams MC5
20. Personality Crisis New York Dolls
21. Welcome to Paradise Green Day
22. I Wanna Be Sedated Ramones
23. Suspect Device Stiff Little Fingers
24. Oh Bondage, Up Yours! X-Ray Spex
25. Staring At The Rude Boys The Ruts
26. Holiday in Cambodia Dead Kennedys
27. Unity Operation Ivy
28. Blank Generation Richard Hell and the Voidoids
29. Knowledge Operation Ivy
30. In the City The Jam
31. Doesn’t Make it Alright Stiff Little Fingers
32. Pink Turns to Blue Hüsker Dü
33. In My Eyes Minor Threat
34. Waiting Room Fugazi
35. I Against I Bad Brains
36. X Offender Blondie
37. Realities of War Discharge
38. Weekend The Dictators
39. Straight Edge Minor Threat
40. Wardance Killing Joke
41. Pay To Cum Bad Brains
42. Chemical Warefare Dead Kennedys
43. White Riot The Clash
44. Mighty & Superior Conflict
45. Nazi Punks Fuck Off Dead Kennedys
46. No More Heroes The Stranglers
47. Kill The Poor Dead Kennedys
48. Johnny Hit and Run Pauline X
49. American Jesus Bad Religion
50. West Germany Minutemen
51. Smash it Up The Damned
52. Warhead U.K. Subs
53. Big A Little A Crass
54. Motor City is Burning MC5
55. Generals Gbh
56. Your Generation Generation X
57. Celebrated Summer Hüsker Dü
58. In Your Eyes Circle Jerks
59. You Bad Religion
60. Fuck The System The Exploited
61. Hybrid Moments Misfits
62. Nervous Breakdown Black Flag
63. Story of My Life Social Distortion
64. White Man (at Hammersmith Palais) The Clash
65. Rock ‘n’ Roll High School Ramones
66. Give Me The Cure Fugazi
67. Last Caress Misfits
68. Safe European Home The Clash
69. Banned in D.C. Bad Brains
70. Basket Case Green Day
71. California Über Alles Dead Kennedys
72. Repeater Fugazi
73. The Kids Aren’t Alright The Offspring
74. Orgasm Addict Buzzcocks
75. Lexicon Devil Germs
76. This Aint No Picnic The Minutemen
77. Clampdown The Clash
78. See No Evil Television
79. American Idiot Green Day
80. Unsatisfied The Replacements
81. Roadrunner The Modern Lovers
82. Los Angeles X
83. Longview Green Day
84. Bastards of Young The Replacements
85. Holiday In The Sun The Sex Pistols
86. Land Patti Smith Group
87. Pablo Picasso The Modern Lovers
88. Mommy’s Little Monster Social Distortion
89. Gloria Patti Smith
90. Live Fast Die Young Circle Jerks
91. What Do I Get? Buzzcocks
92. Radio Radio Elvis Costello
93. I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend Ramones
94. Pull My Strings Dead Kennedys
95. Viet Nam Minutemen
96. So What Anti-Nowhere League
97. Police Truck Dead Kennedys
98. Neat Neat Neat The Damned
99. Ever Fallen in Love Buzzcocks
100. TV Party Black Flag
101. Corona Minutemen
102. Institutionalized Suicidal Tendencies
103. Sonic Reducer Dead Boys
104. Teenage Kicks The Undertones
105. Chinese Rocks Heartbreakers
106. Judy Is a Punk The Ramones
107. New Rose The Damned
108. Rise Above Black Flag
109. Fuck Armageddon… This Is Hell Bad Religion
110. Final Solution Pere Ubu
111. Brain Stew Green Day
112. Psycho killer Talking Heads
113. Forming Germs
114. Alternative Ulster Stiff Little Fingers
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