Songs About Racism: The 80 Best Songs Against Xenophobia


Table of Contents The 80 best songs against xenophobiaRacism Spotify Playlist: Sharing Racism and anti-Semitism are still topics confronted almost daily, even in the supposedly enlightened 21st century. In the 21st century, people are discriminated …

Songs Against Racism

Racism and anti-Semitism are still topics confronted almost daily, even in the supposedly enlightened 21st century. In the 21st century, people are discriminated against because of their origin.

Not a day goes by that the news does not report about xenophobia. On Facebook, Twitter, and Co, there is always someone who posts an offensive comment. These times are stressful, but it always helps to have a few good songs against racism on hand to get you through the frustrating day.

Songs against xenophobia have been around for many decades. Racism has been a recurring theme since the blues came into being. As a means of expression for their anguish and argument with racists, musicians use their craft to protest and educate musically.

You can find Play songs at a protest or just let them inspire you. The songs stand for justice and fight for values like acceptance, tolerance, and respect.

More and more famous artists have also spoken out against racism in recent years, putting their thoughts and experiences into their songs. A new generation of artists addresses racism, violence, and disillusionment in a way that inspires hope!

Singer Beyoncés with “Freedom” or rapper Macklemore and Ryan Lewis with “White Privilege II” show what they think about xenophobia. D’Angelo and Kendrick Lamar even produced whole albums on this theme. Icons like Prince, Jay-Z, Stevie Wonder, and Michael Jackson released songs in response to various instances of police brutality.

Even typically apolitical stars like Kelly Clarkson, Ariana Grande, and Usher have spoken out against xenophobia.

(You can find a Spotify playlist at the end of the article.)

The 80 best songs against xenophobia

Each song is linked to the corresponding music video via the title.

№: Listen: Artist:
1. The Times They Are A-Changin’ Bob Dylan
2. Black or White Michael Jackson
3. The Story of O.J. Jay-Z
4. Edge of a Revolution Nickelback
5. Freedom Beyonce feat. Kendrick Lamar
6. People Are People Depeche Mode
7. If I Was President Wyclef Jean
8. Mr. Nigga Mos Def
9. Complexion (A Zulu Love) Kendrick Lamar
10. We’re a Winner The Impressions
11. Where Is Home? Bloc Party
12. Get Up, Stand Up Bob Marley
13. Schrei Nach Liebe Die Ärzte
14. Living for the City Stevie Wonder
15. Changes 2pac
16. War Edwin Starr
17. Give Peace a Chance Plastic Ono Band
18. Runnin’ Pharrell Williams
19. Out in the Fields Gary Moore and Phil Lynott
20. Your Racist Friend They Might Be Giants
21. Chains Usher feat. Nas and Bibi Bourelly
22. Strange Fruit Billie Holiday
23. Arbeit Macht Frei The Libertines
24. Glory Common feat. John Legend
25. Is It Because I’m Black Syl Johnson
26. Sunday Bloody Sunday U2
27. Boom Boom Boom K.I.Z.
28. Beds are Burning Midnight Oil
29. Where Is The Love? Black Eyed Peas
30. Buffalo Soldier Bob Marley
31. A Change Is Gonna Come Sam Cooke
32. New Slaves Kanye West
33. Fight The Power Public Enemy
34. Killing In The Name Rage Against The Machine
35. War Bob Marley
36. Southern Man Neil Young
37. Links 2 3 4 Rammstein
38. Ganz klar gegen Nazis Wizo
39. Your Racist Friend They Might Be Giants
40. Black Boys on Mopeds Sinead O’Connor
41. Black Pearl Sonny Charles and The Checkmates, Ltd.
42. The Power Of Equality Red Hot Chili Peppers
43. Wenn so viele schweigen ZSK
44. F*ck You Lily Allen
45. Beds Are Burning Midnight Oil
46. New National Anthem T.I.
47. Willkommen in Deutschland Fahnenflucht
48. Say It Loud — I’m Black and I’m Proud James Brown
49. Hands Up Daye Jack feat. Killer Mike
50. Prayer of the Refugee Rise Against
51. Imagine Jack Johnson
52. Biko Peter Gabriel
53. Schrei nach Liebe Callejon
54. What If I Was White (Album Version) Sticky Fingaz
55. Message From a Black Man The Temptations
56. Blackbird The Beatles
57. Same As It Ever Was (Start Today) Michael Franti
58. International Sportfreunde Stiller
59. Cry Freedom Dave Matthews Band
60. Free Your Mind En Vogue
61. Diallo Wyclef Jean
62. Be Free (feat. J Cole) [Be Free] AcetheSpade
63. Wir Sind Das Volk Chima Ede
64. Chocolate City Parliament
65. Alright Kendrick Lamar
66. Proud to Be Black Run DMC
67. Hey Mr. Nazi Blumio
68. White Privilege II Macklemore and Ryan Lewis feat. Jamila Woods
69. About Tok Tok Tok
70. Mississippi Goddam Nina Simone
71. Don’t Think They Know Chris Brown
72. Dreamworld Robin Thicke
73. Alabama Neil Young
74. Black Rage Lauryn Hill
75. Sad News Swizz Beatz feat. Scarface
76. 2015 Neon Black
77. Sandra’s Smile Blood Orange
78. Embarrassment Madness
79. The Charade D’Angelo
80. Untouchable Eminem
81. I Had a Dream Kelly Clarkson

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