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Table of Contents Playlist: 58 songs about the policePolizei Spotify-Playlist: Sharing You are looking for songs that are about the police? We have the right playlist for you! Many pops, rock, and hip-hop songs dealt …

Songs About The Police

You are looking for songs that are about the police? We have the right playlist for you! Many pops, rock, and hip-hop songs dealt with the police.

Not all of the following performers had a negative encounter with the police, but that didn’t stop them from singing about it.

Police officers are there to protect citizens; they are there to protect society. However, musicians and rappers often feel that they have not been treated fairly and sing or rap about their feelings, fears, and encounters. Many of the following 58 songs are about injustice and abuse of power from police officers.

However, there are also some songs in which the police are portrayed as a positive entity. No matter how you feel about the police, you’re bound to find a performer who feels the same way you do and has written a song about it.

Songs like “Sound of Da Police” by rapper KRS-One or “Caught By the Fuzz” by the British Rock band Supergrass are among the most famous and popular songs thematically about police.

While “Fuck Tha Police” by NWA has nothing but disdain for law enforcement, Lil Wayne shows off in the song “Mrs. Officer” fond of the police, at least of sexy policewomen.

Sometimes the police can also be used to symbolize persecution, as in Radiohead’s “Karma Police” and Cheap Trick’s “Dream Police.” Both songs talk about the police as a mysterious, sinister force that inspires fear.

In Germany, of course, songs are also written about the police. The rap song “Ich hab Polizei” by POL1Z1STENS0HN a.k.a. Jan Böhmermann is one of the most popular police songs of the last years.

Also, the party song “One Two Police” by Mo-Do or the 80s hit “Der Kommissar” by Falco goes down well with the public.

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Playlist: 58 songs about the police

Each song links to the accompanying music video via the title.

№: Listen: Performer:
1. Police Story Anti‐Flag
2. Watching the Detectives Elvis Costello
3. Ich hab Polizei POL1Z1STENS0HN a.k.a. Jan Böhmermann
4. Mrs. Officer Lil Wayne, Bobby V
5. The Laughing Policeman Charles Pe
6. I Shot the Sheriff Eric Clapton, Flashback!
7. Police State in the USA Anti‐Flag
8. They Don’t Care About Us Michael Jackson
9. I Fought the Law Dead Kennedys
10. Hands Up Ottawan
11. 99 Problems Jay-Z
12. A.C.A.B. Slime
13. Cop Shoot Cop… Spiritualized
14. Sound of Da Police KRS-One
15. Policeman Against All Authority
16. The Long Arm Of The Law Kenny Rogers
17. Eins Zwei Polizei Mo-Do
18. I Fought the Law The Clash
19. Police Me Tori Amos
20. The Dream Police David Byrne
21. Karma Police Radiohead
22. Polizeistaat Toxoplasma
23. Call the Police Thin Lizzy
24. Cop ‘n’ Blow Rick James
25. Police Truck Dead Kennedys
26. I Fought the Law Hank Williams, Jr.
27. Millions of Dead Cops MDC
28. Police & Thieves Junior Murvin
29. Polizisten Extrabreit
30. Highway Patrolman Bruce Springsteen
31. L.A.P.D. The Offspring
32. Razzia M
33. Love Police Phil Collins
34. Please The Hippos
35. The Night Chicago Died Paper Lace
36. Der Kommissar Falco
37. Know Your Rights The Clash
38. Police in Helicopter John Holt
39. Hol doch die Polizei Sido
40. Fuck Tha Police N.W.A.
41. I’m a Police Car Larry Wallis
42. Killing in the Name Rage Against the Machine
43. …and the Mouse Police Never Sleeps Jethro Tull
44. Police & Thieves The Clash
45. Police Shit The Exploited
46. Jazz Police Leonard Cohen
47. Riot Van Arctic Monkeys
48. For What It’s Worth Buffalo Springfield
49. Police Oppression Angelic Upstarts
50. Don’t Die Killer Mike
51. State Trooper Bruce Springsteen
52. Last Call Dave Bray
53. Police Story Black Flag
54. Police Helicopter Red Hot Chili Peppers
55. Dream Police Cheap Trick
56. Caught by the Fuzz Supergrass
57. Police on My Back The Clash
58. Fuck Police Brutality Anti‐Flag

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