The 100 Best Songs About Jealousy

Songs About Jealousy

What would love be without a doubt? Only half the battle, probably. Like any other great emotion, jealousy has inspired generations of artists and helped them reach the heights of the charts.

The following ranking shows that the “dagger in the heart” can be handled excellently, at least musically.

(You can find a Spotify playlist at the end of the article.)

1. Suspicious Minds – Elvis Presley

The album “From Elvis in Memphis,” released in 1969, has become one show business legend. The single “Suspicious Minds” was originally just a Cover song from B. J. Thomas, but brought the King a million hit. The message is the dilemma of interpersonal relationships in which trust is destroyed (irretrievably).

Elvis did not choose the time to record this song by chance. 1969 was a turning point in the life of King, and professional and musical reorientation had become necessary. However, the success of his show in Las Vegas also marked the end of his marriage to Priscilla, which he contracted in 1967.

When jealousy and distrust are the order of the day, the end of love may not be far away. To land a musical world hit, which outlasts the decades, can be perhaps only a weak consolation; a place for eternity would be won all the same.

2. Jealous Guy – John Lennon

Even the truly great among us succumb to jealousy now and then. Great feelings were certainly at play with John Lennon and his wife Yoko Ono, numerous photo series from their time together still prove it today. As part of the 1971 released cult album “Imagine,” the jealous guy immediately stormed the charts and especially the hearts of his (female) fans.

Imagine” still proves that great feelings can also lead to great successes. It graces place 80 of the 500 greatest albums of all time of the strict Rolling Stone Magazine. What is often not known: Beatles colleague George Harrison gave John Lennon musical support for “Imagine.” On the other hand, he was inspired by the grueling arguments with Paul McCartney, who could not cope with the end of the Beatles.

To put so much jealousy, envy, and hurt feelings on one album shows true (musical) greatness.

3. Jessie’s Girl – Rick Springfield

The song, which should hardly be missing on any 80s pop-rock compilation, describes romantic feelings for the boyfriend’s girlfriend. The situation picture that – as Springfield himself acknowledged in an interview – can happen to most people at least once in their lives – probably became a hit in part because of its recognizability. The song was released in 1981 on the album “Working Class Dog” and made number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100.

For his album “Karma” Rick Springfield recorded an acoustic version of his classic in 1999, which is well worth listening to, not only in case of lovesickness.

4. My Best Friend’s Girl – The Cars

Similar to what happened to Rick Springfield in the 80s, the “Cars” are in love with their best friend’s girlfriend in 1978, but she used to be theirs originally. Also, this one for the late 70s typical pop song must not be missing on any best-of album. In the USA the single was a modest fighter in the charts, but in England, it reached number 3.

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5. Alarm – Anne Marie

All alarm bells should ring at the latest when your guy smells like another woman. Anne Marie concludes “Karma is a bitch” and stays alert in any case. The 2016 techno-pop song captivates with its explicit lyrics as well as the aesthetically very successful official music video.

The English singer was able to catapult her debut album “Speak Your Mind” into the charts and help herself to an international breakthrough. If you see similarities to the 1996 movie “Romeo + Juliet” in the video, you’re right: the movie served as inspiration.

6. Where did you sleep last night? – Nirvana

An American Folk Song of the late 19. The song “Romeo + Juliet” became a Nirvana super hit in 1993 due to its live Performeration on MTV Unplugged.

Based on the 1964 version by bluegrass icon Lead Belly, the grunge version to international fame, not least through its use as an advertising jingle for a galactic chocolate bar. The song appears under various names, such as z. B. “In the Pines” or “My Girl.” The album “MTV Unplugged in New York” was released in 1994 and went platinum.

Kurt Cobain’s cardigan during the now-legendary performance was recently sold for more than 300.000 Euros auctioned. For this, it is worthwhile to spend a night outdoors searching for the renegade lover.

7. Jealousy – Bryan Adams

On the album “You want it you got it” from 1981 “Jealousy” was a little bit lost. After all, already the second studio album of the Canadian rocker, the soft Rock songs at least in Europe not really convincing.

Lucky for him, the album “Reckless” brought the “Summer of ’69” in the music world three years later.

8. I Saw Red – Warrant

Hardly known in Europe anymore, Warrant deserves a place in the hearts of all (soft) hard rock fans of the late 1980s and 90s. The song, which describes the moment of truth when the first-person narrator sees red when he catches the beloved in flagrant with another man, appeared on the second studio album “Cherry Pie” from 1990.

The album was the most successful and best-selling American rockers from California and reached number 7 in the Billboard 200.

9. Revenge – Pink feat. Eminem

Even though no one would seriously doubt that Pink perfectly masters every genre, including rap, she still pleasantly surprises her performance in this song. With the help of Eminem, the grandmaster of hurt feelings and suppressed aggression, Pink details her revenge plan on the unfaithful ex in “Revenge.”

The pleasing chorus makes the song absolutely danceable, the crossover of two styles works perfectly here. The musical revenge fantasy was released in 2017 on the seventh studio album “Beautiful Trauma”.

10. My Name is not Susan – Whitney Houston

Luck with men had century voice Whitney Houston neither in real life nor in her music. The latter, after all, provided some top ten hits. “My Name is not Susan” is considered the anthem of all cuckolded women whose men embarrassingly betray themselves by mixing up the ladies’ first names. The single was the fourth release from Whitney’s third album, 1990’s “I’m Your Baby Tonight.”

The protagonist has reason to be jealous here because of her husband’s apparent inability to get over his ex Susan. She gives him an ultimatum: Show some respect! A piece of advice that Whitney should have taken to heart in real life.

11. Girl with one Eye – Florence + The Machine

Especially women don’t shy away from a fight for their own man. Florence Welsh would gouge out her opponent’s eye without hesitation if she didn’t keep her dirty fingers off her cake. The charismatic Englishwoman with flaming red hair is indeed not afraid of clichés.

And why in the 21. Are Only women fobbed off with the cupcake comparison? The song is nevertheless absolutely worth listening to and brings the voice of the frontwoman to the fore like hardly any other. However, imitation of the described activity is not recommended! “Girl with One Eye” appeared on the debut album “Lungs” in 2009, which reached number one on the UK Albums Chart and number 14 on the US Billboard 200.

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Lungs” was also very successful commercially, earning Florence Welsh flattering comparisons with Fiona Apple and Kate Bush, which is a real accolade in the field of sophisticated Brit-pop.

12. Bring me some Water – Melissa Etheridge

A little bit more than a sip of water a woman can take if she comes to her / her sweetheart on two tracks on it. This is what happened in 1988 with Melissa Etheridge, who in “Bring me some Water” equates the feeling of jealousy with that of being burned alive.

The song became a hit worldwide; the single stormed the Top 20 u. a. in the USA, Australia, and New Zealand.

13. Jealous – Labyrinth

R&B, at its best, was delivered by the British electro-pop performance “Labyrinth” with the album of the same name released in 2014. The song’s title says it all, along with all the unpleasant overtones that jealousy can bring to a relationship.

Even the first-person narrator envies even the rain, who is allowed to touch his beloved’s skin. The melancholy ballad is not for the faint of heart (=broken). However, if you’re not afraid of big feelings, you’ll be exceptionally well served here.

14. Jealous Bone – Patty Loveless

The topic of jealous love does not leave representatives of the country scene – like Patty Loveless – untouched. “Jealous Bone” portrays the archetype of the jealous guy who questions everything that the head cinema makes him suspicious of. The song appeared on the 1992 album “Up Against My Heart” and stayed on the Billboard Hot Country Singles for 20 weeks.

15. Every Breath You Take – The Police

The Police” is on the borderline of stalking with this super hit from 1983, released on the album “Synchronicity.” Composed by frontman and mastermind Sting, the mind-loop of a jealous lover who watches and follows his beloved at every turn became a super hit: eight weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart and four weeks in the Top 10 of the UK singles chart were the reward for the sinister effort.

16. Ring the Alarm – Beyoncé

No facet of interpersonal love successfully set to music without Beyoncé. Doubt and jealousy also feed the queen of R&B, which she cleverly packages in a mix of rap and dancefloor. The single was released in 2006 on her second studio album “B’Day” and reached number 1 on Billboard’s Dance Club charts.

A piquant detail on the side: The woman who wants to steal the man away from the beautiful Beyoncé in this song is said to have striking similarities with Rihanna. This one reportedly got a little too close to Jay-Z – Beyoncé’s husband and sparring partner in real life. Conclusion: The best hits are still written by life itself.

17. Mr. Brightside – The Killers

“It started out with a kiss – how did it end up like this?” “The Killers” ask themselves repeatedly in this song from 2004. The story is about the silent suffering of a man who is secretly in love with someone else’s wife. Every look hurts, the thoughts are racing in his head, but he doesn’t let anything show because he is “Mr. Brightside.”

If you like to hear men suffer on a high level, if you want guitar pop at its best and not opposed to a solidly rhymed yet poetic text, you will be very well served by this musical confusion of emotions. The official music video also satisfies even discerning minds in visuals and aesthetics. But even measured in numbers, the ear candy can be quite respectable: “Mr. Brightside” is still considered the single that lasted the longest in the UK singles chart, 242 weeks.

Not a bad start for a debut album with the title “Hot Fuss”.

18. Where do you think you’re going? – Dire Straits

Frontman Mark Knopfler suffers particularly impressively in this quiet, very soulful song by Dire Straits, which appeared on the second studio album “Communiqué” in 1979. The album received, on average, very restrained reviews, as compared to the debut “Dire Straits” could not spontaneously guarantee chart successes. The narrator wants to stop the woman from leaving him with all kinds of (flimsy) arguments.

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The irrational thoughts and mistrust on both sides are accompanied by atmospheric guitar riffs, the typical Mark Knopfler sound. Towards the end, the quiet ballad turns into a good rock song, an outro in typical Dire Straits style that impressively shows all the skills of the master of guitar solos.

19. That’s him over there – Nina Simone

Even icons of soul and blues like Nina Simone are not immune to disappointment on the love front. The gentle ballad tells of a spontaneous meeting of the artist with the man of her heart, together with a new woman at his side.

The song was released in 1959 on her second studio album, “The Amazing Nina Simone.”

20. The Jealous Kind – Joe Cocker

The groovy ballad from a mixture of reggae and blues dated back to 1976 and was released on the album “Stingray.” It conveys the entire spectrum of feelings of doubt, fear, and inferiority that jealousy can plant in an artist’s soul.

The song was composed by none other than Bobby Charles, who, among other things, was responsible for the hit of the century “See you later Alligator.”

The places 21-100 songs about jealousy:

21.Baby, I’m JealousBebe Rexha
22.Tell Me You Love MeDemi Lovato
23.Treat You BetterShawn Mendes
24.AaliyahKaty B
25.You Belong With MeTaylor Swift
26.OdioRomeo Santos
27.Bad At LoveHalsey
28.Green is the ColourPink Floyd
29.All In WhiteThe Vaccines
30.I (Who Have Nothing)Ben E. King
31.In Your ShoesBeverley Knight
32.Your New BoyfriendWilbur Soot
33.BernadetteThe Four Tops
34.Our Lips Are SealedThe Go-Go’s
36.You Belong To MeThe Doobie Brothers
37.Anyone But HimMr. Hudson
38.Shock The MonkeyPeter Gabriel
40.Tell Her NoThe Zombies
41.Bird DogThe Everly Brothers
42.Old SkoolMetronomy
43.JealousNick Jonas
44.True ColorsWiz Khalifa
45.Anyone ElseBlake Shelton
46.The Asphalt WorldSuede
47.Jealous (I Ain’t With It)Chromeo
48.New Magic WandTyler, the Creator
49.David WattsThe Jam
50.Send Them Off!Bastille
51.Possession ObsessionHall & Oates
52.Green ChristmasBarenaked Ladies
53.Jealous LoveNoah Gundersen
54.BladeThird Eye Blind
55.HurtOliver Tree
56.LoveHate ThingWale
58.PaybackRascal Flatts
59.Really Don’t Like UTove Lo
60.Don’t ChaThe Pussycat Dolls
61.Rise AboveWiz Khalifa
62.Hold On50 Cent
63.Jealous LoverRainbow
64.Cheated On MeGavin DeGraw
65.Lazy SusanLaura Nyro
66.Gold RushTaylor Swift
67.Perfect Love…Gone WrongSting
69.If I Lost YouGarbage
70.I WishOne Direction
71.S.O.S. (Let the Music Play)Jordin Sparks
72.Don’t Talk To StrangersRick Springfield
73.KateBen Folds Five
74.Green Is The ColourThe Coral
75.JealousyPet Shop Boys
76.I KnowShovels & Rope
77.Jealous of Your CigaretteHawksley Workman
78.The Number SixLamb Of God
79.Everybody Knows About My Good ThingLittle Johnny Taylor
80.Who’s DavidBusted
81.HeadphonesWalk the Moon
82.{\a6}We’re Not Gonna Take ItThe Who
83.Genghis KhanMiike Snow
85.I’d Be Jealous TooDustin Lynch
86.No One ElseWeezer
87.JealousyJennifer Nettles
88.Girl CrushLittle Big Town
89.Satellite Of LoveLou Reed
90.JealousyBest Coast
91.Hey JealousyGin Blossoms
92.HeatherConan Gray
93.When It Was MePaula DeAnda
94.Who Is He (And What Is He To You)Bill Withers
95.You Can’t Do ThatThe Beatles
96.I’ll Be Your GirlCarly Rae Jepsen
97.When I Was Your ManBruno Mars
98.JealousyTom Odell
99.Jealous AgainThe Black Crows
100.She’s Got YouPatsy Cline

Jealousy Spotify Playlist:

Jealousy as a source of inspiration

Jealousy is an excellent way to initiate and ultimately accomplish great deeds like all great emotions. Also, the injuries, which can inflict heart and soul, can be processed artistically excellent. Most of the time, things end well for all involved sometimes, it even ends with a hit of the century.

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