Party Songs 2010s: The 100 Best Music To Party To 2010 – 2019

Party Songs 2010s

The last decade is history, and we’re already looking forward to all the hits the future calendar revolutions will bring us. Nevertheless, we’re taking a few minutes to look back at all the musical works that helped us, as a party-loving crowd, turn a sordid get-together into an unforgettable party. Enjoy with us the best music for partying that saw the light of day during the 2010s.

Have fun!

(You can find a Spotify playlist at the end of the article.)

1st place: Daft Punk feat. Pharrell Williams & Nile Rodgers – Get Lucky (2013)

What is actually the point of a successful party? The goal of any party is clearly to create a state of mind in all those involved good mood to create.

And what song could accompany this positive intention better than “Get Lucky” from 2013? After all, the track title already gives a clear marching order: We’re knocking back the nights to have a good time! The song is accompanied by an easy-going, funky vibe, which doesn’t escalate the party people on the dance floor, but its catchy beats also encourage shy guests to groove shallowly.

The collaboration of the French house formation with Pharrell Williams managed to reach first place in our domestic charts. But the party hit has also enjoyed immense commercial success in the rest of the music markets on the planet. Thanks to more than 8.6 million units sold, “Get Lucky” has been awarded 41 platinum records, among others.

2nd place: Lady Gaga – Born This Way (2011)

It should be clear to every music fan that Lady Gaga has a penchant for extravagance. This is already proven by a short Google image search, which presents us with the U.S. artist’s favorite shrill outfits in all their possible and impossible facets.

However, whoever produces such musical planks as Miss Gaga does with a certain regularity, could, in our opinion, also perform in a sausage costume – but we would still celebrate it.

“Born This Way” captivates, in addition to its upbeat rhythms, especially by the message that is transported in the song. Be proud of what you are, and don’t change for anyone! The pop anthem of celebrated self-acceptance received the “MTV Europe Music Award” in “Best Song” and sold over 8.4 million copies.

3rd place: Rihanna feat. Calvin Harris – We Found Love (2011)

One of the best party songs of the 2010s was presented to us by Rihanna and Calvin Harris in 2011. Celebrations also always allow us to escape from everyday life. Worries, fears, grief – when a party is going right, these unpleasant aspects of life completely fade out.

Only in the rarest of cases are we affected by such hopelessness as the one Rihanna tells us about in “We Found Love.” Nevertheless, the basic idea of the track, the discovery of dazzling happiness amid a deadlocked situation, can also be transported to a successful binge. The song’s lyrical narration rounds out the thundering electro-house beats.

Thus, above all, visual snapshots are conveyed, which always keep us in the here and now and thus directly at the source of good humor.

4th place: Swedish House Mafia feat. John Martin – Don’t You Worry Child (2012)

If the three members of the “Swedish House Mafia” had their roots in the Rhineland, “Don’t You Worry Child” would probably have been christened “Et hätt noch emmer joot jejange” (It’s still a joke). Because that’s exactly the core of the track, which builds up thoughtfully before exploding in its chorus: Do not worry, my child, everything will be fine.

Thus, the song not only conveys a sense of hope and comfort but also manages to make every party-goer sing along to the chorus at the top of their lungs after three beers.

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The buying public inimitably well received the party song. In the Swedish homeland of the artists alone, the work was honored with nine platinum records due to its immense sales figures.

5th place: Major Lazer feat. DJ Snake & MØ – Lean On (2015)

In the middle of the 2010s era, “Lean On” by Major Lazer was launched. Together with D.J. Snake and the Danish artist MØ, a party song was created, which wrapped the age-old human longing for security in a new, electronic garment. The desire for togetherness and a strong shoulder to lean on perfectly fits the prevailing music zeitgeist in its tonality.

Contrary to the quiet, contemplative lyrics of the song, “Lean On” belongs to those party hits that make the dance leg glow.

The clip for the song counts an incredible 2.7 billion clicks on YouTube.

6th place: David Guetta feat. Sia – Titanium (2011)

David Guetta had chosen U.S. icon Alicia Keys to sing the lyrics for the track “Titanium.” As we know today, the Australian singer Sia should finally get the vocal award. A turn of events we are more than happy with in retrospect.

The Australian’s assertive but never overdone vocals fit the song like a glove.

Thematically, “Titanium” is about the invincibility of the protagonist, who overcomes any resistance and setbacks, always gets up again, and continues her chosen life path with her head held high. A party song that conveys power and confidence to its listeners is exactly what we need to force ourselves to prance towards our secret crush finally awkwardly.

7th place: Skrillex feat. Sirah – Bangarang (2012)

The chapter of the 2010s decade was also the heyday of dubstep. While Skrillex provided the intoxicating, electronic-smashing music on the record, Sirah was responsible for the rare lyrical passages.

However, the latter didn’t matter at all with the track. The diverse and novel sound samples felt like someone had packed wildly flashing laser lightning into cyber sounds.

“Bangarang” is one of those party songs that help guests drop their inhibitions and come out of their shells. While we are shaking off to the bombastic sound impacts, we don’t care how we look at the same time. “Bangarang,” whose naming is a reference to an exclamation in the classic film “Hook” (1991), reached 55th place in the German hit lists. Place.

8th place: Katy Perry feat. Juicy J – Dark Horse (2013)

“Dark Horse” offers us a stage bathed in coolness on which we can unpack our most casual dance moves. The track’s vibe exudes an aura that pairs looseness with a euphoric mood, making it a perfect fit for any party tracklist.

The song is also a single from the fourth studio album of the U.S. artist Katy Perry and saw the light of the music world in December 2013. The work advanced to a box office hit soon after its release. Consequently, nearly 8.4 million units sold meant countless awards with the most diverse records.

9th place: Avicii – Wake Me Up (2013)

As soon as the first guitar riffs of the intro of “Wake Me Up” sounded, every party location of the 2010s was surely haunted by a loud “Wuhu.” After all, the track released in 2013 by Avicii, who died in 2018, should have been familiar to everyone.

The song itself can be divided into two alternating phases. While the individual verses come across as rather thoughtful and reflective, the chorus, underpinned by banging beats, is a rhythmic fireworks display.

In the vita of the Swede, who died much too early, “Wake Me Up” is the most successful single. More than 11 million fans bought a copy of their favorite song and helped Acivii to 13 platinum records in Sweden and other countries.

10th place: Axwell Λ Ingrosso – More Than You Know (2017)

When a sugar-sweet declaration of love is packed into a thunderous acoustic, we get a party anthem that lifts every dusty party to a whole new level. “More Than You Know” is an acoustic invitation to a collective dance, and if you don’t feel a tingle in your limbs when you hear the catchy, infectious melody, you’d better consult a doctor right away.

Axwell Λ Ingrosso grew out of the disbanded Swedish House Mafia in 2014. However, after Axwell and Sebastian Ingrosso reunited with their former companion Steve Angello, the duo project was put on hold for the time being. “More Than You Know” was extremely popular in our latitudes and was able to take the top of the charts by storm. Around one million of the total 2.3 million recorded sales come from Germany.

11th place: Skrillex & Diplo feat. Justin Bieber – Where Are Ü Now (2015)

You may think what you want about Justin Bieber, but there’s one thing you can’t deny about the former babyface: Whatever the Canadian touches, he succeeds. This proves to us also “Where Are Ü Now” from the year 2015.

While the title reads at first glance as if a Saxon is trying to speak English, the dots above the U in the name are probably due to the aesthetic-exotic sensibilities of the producers. Skrillex, who we already introduced to you at number 7, shows again that he is not only available for blaring beats but can also create groovy samples in perfection, which partially invite us to a cuddly dance.

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12th place: The Chainsmokers – Closer (2016)

“Closer” by The Chainsmokers feels like a shallow spring morning. The melodic sunshine takes us on a cloud of light-footedness, driven to the climax by the romantically tinged text passages. A danceable beat and smooth vocals make us tune out our surroundings on the dancefloor to get gloriously lost in the track.

The “Chainsmokers” enjoyed an incredible 20.9 million copies sold. While in Germany the song ranked at least on the second place of the charts, in Great Britain and the USA no one could dispute the pole position of the charts with it.

13th place: Robin Schulz feat. Francesco Yates – Sugar (2015)

It doesn’t always have to be Nena or Rammstein. Robin Schulz showed the music world in 2015 that songs from Germany can fit seamlessly into the internationally sought-after sound without seeming idiosyncratic or extravagant. Admittedly, Robin Schulz did not reinvent the acoustic wheel with “Sugar,” but the track was based on a melodically identical version of Baby Bash.

What the Osnabrück-born DJ can take credit for, however, is the feat of breathing new life into the song while at the same time giving it a personal touch. Thus, the original schmaltz becomes a gentle party hit that tastes like summer through and through.

14th place: Clean Bandit feat. Jess Glynne – Rather Be (2014)

Indeed you’ve been to a party, and your only thought was, “How I wish I were home right now.” However, the track “Rather Be,” released in 2014, clarifies that it doesn’t matter where you are, but rather whose side you are on. The lyrics and the whole atmosphere of the song make us understand that every place is just right as long as a beloved person accompanies us. Thus, the single advances to an ode to friendship and love, reminding us what matters at a party and in life in general: the company of people we care about.

We are completely satisfied if you can dance to these poetic-philosophical thoughts like an enraptured flower girl.

By the way, with this, we seamlessly joined the huge fan community of the track, which with more than 8.2 million sold records, made sure that “Rather Be” was honored with 34 platinum records.

15th place: The Chainsmokers feat. Coldplay – Something Just Like This (2017)

We would not seldom accomplish the most hare-brained things to impress our secret crush. The protagonist of the song “Something Just Like This” also tries everything to bring himself to superhero level and thus conquer the heart of his fair maiden.

The latter, however, makes it clear to her Romeo that he can save himself the utopian contortions since she wants nothing more than utterly earthly love.

Once again, we get two critical messages with “Something Just Like This.” First: Don’t compare yourself with others and especially not with superheroes because you are good the way you are. Second, don’t change yourself to impress another person.

We thank The Chainsmokers and Coldplay for the music lessons in character development and get into the groove of the pushing chorus!

16th place: Rihanna – Only Girl (In the World) (2010)

If you went to a club or a neat house party during the 2010s, you couldn’t get past “Only Girl” by Rihanna. The Barbadian icon not only gave men useful flirting tips but also created a celebratory anthem that can still be seen or heard today, some ten years after its release.

The pushing beat drives its listeners towards the dance floor with somnambulistic certainty, while Rihanna’s powerful vocals paraphrase the longings of many women: to be treated as unique as if you were the only girl on our blue planet.

The song was rightly awarded a “Grammy” in 2011 and managed to climb to the top of the charts in many countries, including the U.S. and the U.K.

17th place: DJ Snake feat Lil Jon – Turn Down for What (2013)

Out of the way, it’s the boss time! As soon as “Turn Down for What” is played at a party, the moment of posing and flexing has arrived. The tonality of the track can definitely be described as aggressive.

Badass beats and screamed vocals make us feel like the most awesome pike in the pond. And this feeling of self-confidence and the complete conviction of one’s person should, in our opinion, find its way into every party.

The collaboration between D.J. Snake and Lil Jon achieved great success, especially in the U.S. music market. The track reached fourth place of the “Billboard Hot 100” and managed to get six platinum records.

#18: Afrojack feat Eva Simons – Take Over Control (2010)

“Take Over Control” is considered a pioneer among electro tracks that made the former niche music palatable to a wide audience. On 12. August, the song by Dutch D.J. Afrojack and his companion Eva Simons will celebrate its 10th anniversary.

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Even if the song should miss the very high chart positions, the funky and shrill beats will always keep an extraordinary place in our hearts.

#19: Duck Sauce – Barbra Streisand (2010)

When the New York DJ duo Duck Sauce released their hit “Barbra Streisand” in 2010, the artists had the intention to give the world a memorial. What the musicians were less aware of, however, was the fact that the track itself became a milestone and would subsequently become less associated with the world-famous U.S. singer who gave it its name.

Today, the number has a trashy cult character and should not be missing on any well-sorted 2010 party tracklist for reasons of nostalgia alone. European audiences, in particular, proved receptive to the Duck Sauce-produced track. While the number went to number three in Germany, our neighbors from Austria and Switzerland even bought the single to the top of their national charts.

Number 20: Lana Del Rey – Summertime Sadness (2012)

Just like our Top-20, every party, no matter how steep, has to come to an end at some point. And hardly any track from the 2010s would be more suitable than “Summertime Sadness” by Lana Del Rey.

The sensual, slow melody allows us to review the beautiful moments of the past hours before we finally stagger towards the cab with wobbly legs.

The ranks 21-100 of the best party songs of the 2010s:

21.The Middle – Zedd, Maren Morris & Grey2018
22.Levels – Avicii2011
23.On the Floor – Jennifer Lopez (feat. Pitbull)2011
24.This Is What It Feels Like – Armin van Buuren (feat. Trevor Guthrie)2013
25.Seeya – Deadmau5 (feat. Colleen D’Agostino)2014
26.Spectrum – Zedd (feat. Matthew Koma)2012
27.Inspector Norse – Todd Terje2012
28.Don’t Let Me Down – The Chainsmokers (feat. Daya)2016
29.Higher Ground – TNGHT2012
30.Best Friend – Sofi Tukker (feat. Nervo, The Knocks and Alisa Ueno)2017
31.Internet Friends – Knife Party2011
32.Clarity – Zedd (feat. Foxes)2012
33.Give Me All Your Luvin’ – Madonna (feat. Nicki Minaj, M.I.A.)2012
34.Midnight City – M832011
35.The Veldt – Deadmau5 (feat. Chris James)2012
36.The Other Boys – Nervo (feat. Kylie Minogue, Jake Shears & Nile Rodgers)2015
37.The Edge of Glory – Lady Gaga2011
38.Complicated – Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike (with David Guetta feat. Kiiara)2017
39.Wolves – Marshmello (with Selena Gomez)2017
40.Runaway (U & I) – Galantis2014
41.Run This Town – Niiko x SWAE (feat. Celine Farach)2017
42.Roses – The Chainsmokers (feat. Rozes)2016
43.Collide – Leona Lewis and Avicii2011
44.One (Your Name) – Swedish House Mafia (feat. Pharrell)2010
45.The Veldt – Deadmau5 (feat. Chris James)2012
46.We Run the Night – Havana Brown (feat. Pitbull)2011
47.S&M – Rihanna2011
48.Living for Love – Madonna2014
49.Woman’s World – Cher2013
50.Magenta Riddim – DJ Snake2018
51.Animals – Martin Garrix2013
52.Feels – Calvin Harris (feat. Pharrell Williams, Katy Perry and Big Sean)2017
53.One Kiss – Calvin Harris (with Dua Lipa)2018
54.Calling (Lose My Mind) – Sebastian Ingrosso (with Alesso featuring Ryan Tedder)2012
55.Live It Up – Jennifer Lopez (feat. Pitbull)2013
56.Part of Me – Katy Perry2012
57.Dance Again – Jennifer Lopez (feat. Pitbull)2012
58.Never Be like You – Flume (feat. Kai)2016
59.Happier – Marshmello and Bastille2018
60.Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites – Skrillex2010
61.Miami 2 Ibiza – Swedish House Mafia vs. Tinie Tempah2010
62.Rocket – Goldfrapp2010
63.Symphony – Clean Bandit (feat. Zara Larsson)2017
64.Give Me All Your Luvin’ – Madonna (feat. Nicki Minaj, M.I.A.)2012
65.Omen – Disclosure (feat. Sam Smith)2015
66.Heroes (We Could Be) – Alesso (featuring Tove Lo)2014
67.Timebomb – Kylie Minogue2012
68.Just Hold On – Steve Aoki (with Louis Tomlinson)2016
69.Red Lights – Tiësto2013
70My Way – Calvin Harris2016
71..Let Me Go – Alesso with Hailee Steinfeld (feat. Florida Georgia Line, Watt)2017
72.Disarm You – Kaskade (feat. Ilsey)2015
73.It Ain’t Me – Kygo and Selena Gomez2017
74.Electricity- Silk City (with Dua Lipa)2018
75.Let Me Love You – DJ Snake (feat. Justin Bieber)2016
76.Turn Me On – David Guetta (feat. Nicki Minaj)2011
77.Another You – Armin van Buuren (feat. Mr Probz)2015
78.Rockabye – Clean Bandit (feat. Sean Paul and Anne-Marie)2016
79.Girl Gone Wild – Madonna2012
80.Dancing – Kylie Minogue2018
81.Sun Is Shining – Axwell and Ingrosso2015
82.Latch – Disclosure (feat. Sam Smith)2012
83.The Time (Dirty Bit) – The Black Eyed Peas2010
84.Harlem Shake – Baauer2012
85.Cool for the Summer – Demi Lovato2015
86.How We Do (Party) – Rita Ora2012
87One Love – David Guetta (feat. Estelle)2010
88..I Got U – Duke Dumont (feat. Jax Jones)2014
89.Dirty Sexy Money – Afrojack with David Guetta (feat. Charli XCX & French Montana)2017
90.Summer – Calvin Harris2014
91.Acapella – Kelis2010
92.Silence – Marshmello (feat. Khalid)2017
93.I Can’t Stop – Flux Pavilion2010
94.Feel So Close – Calvin Harris2011
95.Remind Me to Forget – Kygo (feat. Miguel]2018
96.Throw – LCD Soundsystem2010
97.Tonite – LCD Soundsystem2017
98.Sunshine – David Guetta & Avicii2011
99.Dancing on My Own – Robyn2010
100.Believe – Crystal Waters, Sted-E & Hybrid Heights2016

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