Party Songs 2019: The 70 Best Hits For Celebrating

Party Songs

What is a party without current music? No wonder every year, the market is flooded with new party songs. In addition to challenging and fast beats, music that aims to put you in a good-humored, laid-back state has been on the rise in recent years. Exotic rhythms paired with lyrics about sun, passion, and living life to the fullest.

We’ve crafted you a list of the best party tracks in 2019 that will hit at any celebration!

(At the end of the article you’ll find a Spotify playlist with all the songs listed here.)

Rank 01: “Like I Love You” by Lost Frequencies feat. The NGHBRS

Lost Frequencies’ new single from last fall has already shown how easy it is to chase away gray days with the right music. This Feel-Good-Sound Is created by merging deep house beats paired with pop elements, which not only improves your mood but also to get up and Dancing invites. The song also offers something for romantics in terms of content, as the message “Like I Love You” describes the pleasant feeling of having found a person for whom you would do anything.

You can’t resist this mix!

Place 02: “Burn Out” by Martin Garrix & Justin Mylo

With his hit “Animals” from 2013, he became world-famous, and also the year 2018 held great successes for the Dutch DJ with “Ocean” or “High On Life” in-store. His latest single, “Burn Out,” which he produced with DJ Justin Mylo, also Dutch but not yet well-known, is the perfect hit for 2019 and beyond.

The vocals of US singer Dewain Whitmore match the driving house beats of the two DJs, who, besides danceable rhythms, always grab their fans with melodies that stay in your head all day long.

Place 03: “Side Effects” by The Chainsmokers feat. Emily Warren

With their very own sound and catchy yet interesting lyrics, The Chainsmokers have completely conquered the mainstream radio market in recent years. Hits like “Paris” or “Something Just Like This” could turn the DJ duo into international superstars, which is also confirmed with a place six on the most successful and highest-paid DJs in the world confirms.

The new deep house single “Side Effects” delivers familiar elements again, as you are used to from The Chainsmokers, although this single is not directly produced in its authentic style. The relatively young single still has to prove itself in the charts, but singer Emily Warren also delivers on this song, which already gives a lot of hope. Danceable and catchy, so precisely what every celebration needs.

Rank 04: “Don’t Leave Me Alone” by David Guetta and Anne-Marie

Whether Zara Larsson, Justin Bieber, or Martin Garrix, the list of artists for whom star DJ David Guetta has already produced is long. Not surprisingly, the latest addition also has star potential. Anne-Marie Guetta gets an absolute hit machine on board because the singer not only has over 2 billion streams worldwide but is also currently touring the world with Ed Sheeran.

Their rousing track “Don’t Leave Me Alone” with its beats is the perfect companion for hot summer days, and also musically, David Guetta Anne-Marie in the track leaves a lot of space to unfold her unique bright, and clear voice.

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Rank 05: “In My Mind” by Dynoro and Gigi D’Agostino

A song with an earworm guarantee! “In My Mind,” the remix of Lithuanian DJ and high-flyer Dynoro together with DJ legend Gigi D’Agostino, not only spent 11 weeks in the German singles charts but also earned the duo an award for the most successful song of the year. The 2012 original of the same name by Ivan Gough and Georgie Kay was supplemented with passages from Gigi D’Agostino’s “L’amour Toujours” and thus got its recognition value, earning it 100 million streams a place in the top 10 for several weeks in Germany alone.

Place 06: “Ce Soir” by HUGEL

The remake of a classic from the 70s, which is now experiencing its second springtime on the dancefloors, made it first. HUGEL releases his remix of “Lady Marmalade (Voulez-vous coucher Avec Moi Ce Soir)” under the title “Ce Soir”?”, following up on his 2018 summer hit “Bella Ciao” with this one. The original, written in 1974 by Bob Crewe and Kenny Nolan and produced by Allen Toussaint and Vicki Wickham, first landed through the Girlband “Labelle” at number 1 in the charts. Still, he became world-famous in the latest movie, “Moulin Rouge,” with Christina Aguilera.

Laura White is now to make the song a hit for the third time. The clubs are happy because the fresh house beat has already started listening to earworm characters, radio stations will have a more challenging time including the song in their program. Whether the piece can tie with the success of “Bella Ciao” is questionable.

A party hit it is, however, in any case.

Place 07: “Oh Child” by Robin Schulz feat. Piso 21

Although this song is from 2018 it has not yet reached its full potential. For “Oh Child” the German DJ and producer Robin Schulz have brought top-class guests on board with Piso 21 from Colombia.

The result is a collaboration of the extra class. With soulful vocals over a reggaeton-inspired beat and lyrics about a good life, deep friendships, and passion in everything you do, the track enchants you on all levels. In addition to the original English passages, Piso can also be heard singing in her native language.

The mix of cool beats paired with soulful lyrics immediately puts you in the summer mood and is rightly one of the party songs 2019.

Place 08: “Higher Love” by KYGO

“Higher Love” is originally a Steve Winwood song, reperformed in 1990 by the exceptional singer Whitney Houston, who died in 2012. Her executors now want to release the first posthumous single after her death and have commissioned the Norwegian KYGO. He has taken the original and, first of all, turned it completely to the left.

The result is an anthem that brings Houston’s powerful voice back to life. Hymn-like and with driving rhythms, the song is currently catapulting itself into all playlists and has already been able to find countless fans in a very short time. A song with history – so perfect for a Summer hit!

Place 09: “No Drama” by James Hype and Craig David

“We don’t need no drama / Don’t need problems in my head.” – this motto can probably sign everyone and would like to banish the whole drama from his life. For this message, DJ and producer James Hype produced the song “No Drama” with 13-time BRIT Award nominee Craig David. The prominent guest voice provides the track with a pleasant smoothness; Rather, it transports you directly to Ibiza, where the music video for the track was shot.

The chill rhythms provide for pure summer feelings and bring one also in dull Germany in vacation tendency.

10th place: “Bella Ciao” by El Profesor (HUGEL Remix)

Made famous by the series “House of Money,” the track has already quickly found its way to the dance floors of the world last year, and people can’t get enough of it. Therefore, even in 2019, you can’t help but party to the remix. The original partisan song from the Second World War has been repeated countless times over the years covered, but it became known worldwide through the HUGEL remix and the processing by El Profesor.

At the latest, during the chorus and the frequent repetition of “Bella Ciao,” you can’t resist the upbeat rhythm.

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11th place: “Jennie” by Felix Jaehn feat. R. City & Bori

His debut album “I” processes DJ and producer Felix Jaehn his experiences in his very own way, without committing stylistically. Jaehn shows that he can produce happy and swinging club songs with some melancholic songs on his album. Quite different from melancholic is his new single “Jennie.”

Through the collaboration with the US-American duo, R.City and the Scandinavian singer Bori have created a dancehall track that puts you in a good mood. Besides loose reggae beats and autotunes vocals, the driving rhythm and catchy melody make the song a hit at any party.

12th place: “Fading” by Alle Farben feat. ILIRA

Just as colorful as the name is his music: Alle Farben. The Berlin star DJ releases his new track “Fading” together with the newcomer ILIRA and tries to follow up his last big successes, “Only Thing We Know” or “Bad Ideas,” for which he has already been nominated three times for the ECHO. ILIRA is rightly considered the biggest discovery in pop right now.

No wonder – with a range of four octaves, she could already prove her talent on some songs and so also on this one. The chorus immediately grabs you with positive vibes, and in the verses, the young singer can shine on all tracks so that you already start humming or singing along after a few seconds.

13th place: “Electricity” by Silk City & Dua Lipa feat. Diplo & Mark Ronson

The producer duo Silk City, consisting of Mark Ronson and Diplo, got prominent support for their latest project. They recorded the single “Electricity,” which went through the roof within the first week already with none other than Dua Lipa.

Dua Lipa’s powerful voice is accompanied by fast house beats, but also melodic piano sounds. The singer once again shows her preference for electric productions, because besides Silk City she has already worked with greats like Calvin Harris.

14th place: “Paradise” by Ofenbach

With their currently unique style, you usually only need to listen to a song of theirs for a few seconds to know that it is Ofenbach. Songs like their mega-success “Be Mine” or but the summer hit of 2018, “Katchi,” have proven to critics that they are wrongly considered to be One-Hit-Wonder were called.

With their distinctive sounds, which can be classified somewhere between 60s old school and modern house sounds, they remain true to their fans with their latest single, “Paradise.” They can further consolidate their entry into the radio landscape.

15th place: “Nevermind” by Dennis Lloyd (Wankelmut Remix)

Dennis Lloyd and his band already experienced worldwide success with their hit “Analyzing” in 2016. If you want to convince yourself of the band’s current skills, you should listen to their new single “Nevermind”; besides vocal talent, Lloyd also proves his abilities on the trumpet.

DJ Wankelmut, made famous by the remix of “One Day”, puts his own style on the track, turning it into a laid-back party hit. Whether it can continue the success of his last remix remains to be seen, but it is clear that he invites perfectly to the relaxed celebration.

16th place: “Blah Blah” by Armin van Buuren

“Blah Blah Blah” – the name says it all, and as you would expect from the title, you don’t have to learn any lyrics to party to this song. Van Buuren’s vocal tool for the music is deliberately designed to have a slightly infantile sound and is more reminiscent of a children’s choir than a party hit. But people love this mix of simple lyrics and hard psytrance basses, as you are used to from Armin, so the song could already make it to the Festivals of the world is catching on and finding its place in the mainstream this summer.

Besides a good mood, the song invites you to dance and fool around.

place 17: “One Kiss” by Calvin Harris feat. Dua Lipa

For Calvin Harris, it hailed due to its stylistic excursion into areas of the funk or jazz for the last time above all criticism. Now, however, the DJ and producer return to his roots, EDM, which has earned him the title of the world’s most successful DJ in addition to several million. With his new single “One Kiss,” the Scottish musician brings another board on the market, and with the British superstar, Dua Lipa is also prominently occupied the singer role.

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He succeeds in creating another masterpiece; the chords-heavy track harmonizes perfectly with Dua Lipa’s unique voice and the groovy dance elements, making it one of the party songs of the year.

18th place: “High Hopes” by Panic! At The Disco

With their current song “High Hopes,” Panic could! At The Disco finally make their breakthrough. Just as turbulent as the band’s history was the youth of lead singer Brendon Urie, who, as the last founding member of the band, processes in this song his experiences of often having to fail at too high goals to grow from them.

And the idea strikes a chord with listeners, who celebrate the profound lyrics and the anthemic party beats, which is currently making the song a huge success both in Germany and worldwide.

19th place: “Speechless” by Robin Schulz (feat. Erika Sirola)

In the past, German DJ and producer Robin Schulz have made a name for himself in the international EDM scene. Hits like “Unforgettable” or “Oh Child” could stay in the German single charts for more than one year, and as a crowning achievement, he won an Oscar in the category “Dance National.”

For his new single “Speechless” he used the soulful voice of the now unknown Finnish singer Erika Sirola together with his catchy rhythms to create an emotional Love ballad which should not only convey speechlessness to the listener but also leave him speechless musically.

20th place: “Solo” (feat. Demi Lovato) by Clean Bandit

When Clean Bandit releases a new single, success is inevitable. They have proven this in the past with a total of six platinum singles and even managed two number one hits in Germany with their hits “Rather Be” and “Rockabye.” For their latest track, “Solo,” the British electropop band brought the world-renowned star, DJ Demi Lovato, onboard, and what already promises success, in theory, has also far exceeded expectations in practice.

The track’s content reflects the situations after a breakup and encourages the listener that you have to do it yourself if no one is there for you anymore. With brilliant vocals and melodic instrumentals, the quartet convinces in the Clean Bandit manner.

The places 21-70 of the best party hits 2019

Each song is linked to its music video via its title.

21.Señorita – Shawn Mendes
22.Pure Water – Mustard, Migos
23.ME! (feat. Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco) – Taylor Swift
24.I Don’t Care – Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber
25.Con Calma – Daddy Yankee
26.No Guidance – Chris Brown, Drake
27.Girls Have Fun – Tyga, Rich the Kid and G-Eazy
28.Press – Cardi B
29.Be Like Me – Lil Pump
30.Sucker – Jonas Brothers
31.Short Kings Anthem – Blackbear und TMG
32.Mixed Personalities – YNW Melly, Kanye West
33.Go Loko [Explicit] [feat. Tyga & Jon Z] – YG
34.Don’t Call Me Up – Mabel
35.Light It Up – Marshmello, Tyga, Chris Brown
36.Here With Me (Marshmello Feat. Chvrches Cover Mix) – Anne-Caroline Joy
37.Heaven Help Me – Lizzo
38.Giant – Calvin Harris, Rag’n’Bone Man
39.Party Bus – Rich the Kid, Famous Dex and Jay Critch
40.So Am I – Ava Max
41.Panini – Lil Nas X
42.QUE PRETENDES – J. Balvin & Bad Bunny
43.REMEDY – Alesso
44.Nothing Breaks Like a Heart – Miley Cyrus
45.Celebrate – DJ Khaled, Travis Scott and Post Malone
46.Costa Rica – Dreamville, Vas
47.Run it Up – Marshmello
48.Tempo – Lizzo, Missy Elliott
49.Arms Around You – XXXTENTACION & Lil Pump ft. Maluma & Swae Lee
50.Proud of Me – Lil Keed and Young Thug
51.DropDead – Josh Dean
52.Bella Donna – Pietro Lombardi
53.Roll the Dice – Marshmello, SOB X RBE
54.When We Were Young – Still Young, Kosling, OMZ
55.Last Hurrah – Bebe Rexha
56.Bouncin – Kiana Lede und Offset
57.See Me Shining – Bekim!, RJay
58.Tough Love [feat. Agnes & Vargas & Lagola] – Avicii
59.Talk – Khalid
60.Taki Taki [Explicit] [feat. Selena Gomez & Ozuna & Cardi B] – DJ Snake
61.Ecstasy – Dreezy, Jeremih
62.Position To Win – Migos
63.Getcha Roll On – T-Pain, Tory Lanez
64.Sweet but Psycho – Ava Max
65.R.I.P. (feat. Rita Ora & Anitta) [Explicit] – Sofia Reyes
66.Say My Name – David Guetta, Bebe Rexha & J Balvin
67.Racks on Racks – Lil Pump
68.Happier – Marshmello ft. Bastille
69.Bad Liar – Imagine Dragons
70.SOS [feat. Aloe Blacc] – Avicii

Party 2019 Spotify Playlist:

These are the current best party songs from 2019. With these songs, you should be able to get any party going. With this selection, you are never wrong.

Pick out songs you like best and create your party playlist for 2019.

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