Workout Playlist: The 100 Best Songs For Working Out


Listening to music while working out at the gym is now a given. The right songs can push you to new heights and serve as a good motivation in training.

Even in science, the subject of training with the help of music has been studied. The result: the right songs can have a positive impact on the workout. For many athletes, the right playlist releases new energy and stamina, which inevitably leads to more fun during the workout.

Of course, there is no ultimate list of the best fitness songs. Everyone has their own taste and their own favorite songs that help them stay focused while exercising. However, most athletes prefer fast and hard beats, which can be beneficial during weight training.

Our playlist is specifically designed for athletes who want to push their physical limits and prefer powerful beats. Our tracklist best songs to workout include many hip-hop artists such as Kanye West, Eminem, 50 Cent, Jay-Z, or Drake. Linkin Park, AC/DC, Swedish House Mafia, Europe, Guns N’ Roses, and many other artists provide for the suitable variety.

With our total of 119 workout songs, there should be a song or two for everyone that will make it into your personal workout playlist.

(At the end of the article we have compiled a Spotify playlist for you with all the songs listed here.)

01. Disturbed – Down With The Sickness

A song that probably everyone has already heard, but not everyone knows the song or the band. Disturbed is a US-American Metal Band, which was founded in 1994 and is still stirring up the music industry today.

This song or general band should not be missing in any playlist. The heavy riffs of the guitars and the intense voice of frontman David Draiman really charge the body with energy.

02. Eminem – ‘Till I Collapse

Arguably one of the most famous rappers on the planet, Eminem. The musician from Detroit has more than one top hit, which is why the selection is not easy. In terms of workout, however, the song “‘Till I Collapse” is probably one of the best options.

In this song the rapper describes that he continues to go his own way and that nobody can stop him. He fights until he collapses. The hard beat rounds off the spectacle excellently and provides an essential component for every fitness playlist.

03. Sepultura – Roots Bloody Roots

The metal band from Belo Horizonte (Brazil), founded in 1984, is a veteran of the metal scene. Nevertheless, they are not a bit behind modern musicians.

With fast drums and strong voice “Roots Bloody Roots” is one of the most famous songs of the band and should not be missing in any playlist. “I say We’re growing every day, getting stronger in every way” – a clip from the song, which describes very well why the song is optimal for a workout.

04. NEFFEX – Never Give Up

Every now and then it feels like Neffex is just producing music to help people with their fitness regimen. Formed in 2014, this band is a mix of electronic music, hip hop, and testosterone.

The latter is intensified by the massive beats. The name of the song is also the program here. Never give up!

05. Azealia Banks – 212

The rapper may be as well known for her constant arguments as she is for her music – but no one can deny that her 2011 debut single was one of the best party songs of late has been. You don’t have to be on the dance floor to appreciate Azealia Banks’ hit single: Just when you think you’ve reached your limit, focus on her gritty, relentless flow that helps you harness your inner strength.

06. Technotronic – Pump up the Jam

The international smash hit of the Belgian band Technotronic was awarded with triple platinum. The song is one of the most famous and racy melodies.

With its relentless beat and driving bassline, we guarantee that this song won’t be the only thing that gets turned up.

07. Roy Jones – Can’t Be Touched

Roy Jones has produced with his top hit “Can’t Be Touched” the workout song par excellence. The story behind it is phenomenal as well.

For those who are not familiar with boxing, it is important to know that Roy Jones was actually a professional boxer prior to his career as a musician. A multi-talent which one does not get to see in this form very often. He founded his own record company in 2001 and called it “Body Head Entertainment”.

His music is still celebrated years after he released it and almost everyone counts his songs as a fixed component for every good workout playlist.

“Can’t be touched
Can’t be stopped
Can’t be moved

Can’t be rocked
Can’t be shook”

With these words, Roy Jones says that nothing and no one can stop him and exactly this emotion conveys the song from the first second on.

08. Slipknot – Before I Forget

Slipknot is known for two things. On the one hand for their masks, on the other hand for their aggressive music. This metal band is the status quo of the 21.

century for metal music and they show that with the song “Before I Forget”. The simple but nevertheless hard melody really pulls you along.

09. Rick Ross – Hustlin

Even though Rick Ross himself isn’t much into working out, his music is an excellent choice to sweat for an hour in the weight room. The rapper from Miami not only lands a top hit with his track “Hustlin” but also promotes your workout.

With the verse “Everyday I’m Hustlin” Rick Ross says that he works every day to get where he is today. Success in business and success in training have many parallels, which is why both the beat and the lyrics are very appropriate. Rick Ross moves in a subcategory of rap, the so-called trap.

This music style is known for very intense bass and hard beats, just the right thing for a hard workout.

10. Skillet – Monster

Skillet is an American Christian rock band. Even if the sound from time to time does not suggest you have read correctly. The Christian rock band moves freely between different musical styles.

The ladies and gentlemen of Skillet always manage to produce hits. With one of their most famous songs called “Monster” they still give fuel to the workouts of many athletes today. The lyrics describe the singer feeling like a monster.

Maybe not the best mental situation for everyday life, but perfect for an intense workout.

11. Eminem – Go To Sleep

In fact, Eminem is not only once on this list, but twice. The rapper from Detroit is just too good to be ignored.

With the song “Go To Sleep” which also includes some features, Eminem is hard to beat for aggressive beats. This specific song was made especially famous by the movie “Born 2 Die”, which featured actors like Jet Li and DMX. The soundtrack was definitely good enough for an action-packed movie, then the song should be good enough for an action-packed workout too.

12. Bullet for my Valentine – Waking the Demon

Bullet for my Valentine, a band that was founded in 1998 in England and is still active today, brings the next hit on the list. In “Waking the Demon”, frontman Matt Tuck talks about giving in to his rage. “There’s no escape from this rage that I feel!”.

With this quote, the next workout can not go wrong at all. With a clear conscience we can also recommend almost all other songs of Bullet for my Valentine, but “Waking the demon” definitely has to be on top of the list.

13. Tech N9ne – Speedom

Do you want to know what lyrical speed is? Tech N9ne fulfills you exactly this wish with the song “Speedom.

From the first second on this track is given 110 % and you can feel that too. The rapper and producer from America are very well known for his lyrical skills and quick tongue. Tech N9ne is one of the fastest rappers ever. In Speedom he once again lives up to his myth and shows what he can do.

A little warning on the side: It is hardly possible to listen to this song and sit still at the same time, so use it at your own risk.

14. A Day To Remember – Paranoia

Formed in 2003 in Florida, the post-hardcore band is still active today. A Day To Remember gets the blood moving with many songs. Especially with Paranoia, they succeeded particularly well.

Intense vocals and shrill guitars are just what you need when you want to absolutely destroy your workout.

15. DMX – X Gon’ Give It to Ya

Many years have passed, but apparently, DMX has not lost its luster. Well, at least his music does not.

The New York-born rapper and actor made his breakthrough in the music industry with his most famous record “X Gon’ Give It to Ya”. With his rough voice, hard beats and even harder lyrics DMX manages to reach millions of people. That includes athletes.

Especially this category loves his music to back up a strenuous workout.

16. Parkway Drive – Dedicated

If the title of the song doesn’t say it all, the song itself will. Parkway Drive, an Australian metalcore band founded in 2003 convinced with incredible riffs and a very powerful voice of the frontman Winston McCall. The song “Dedicated” describes the twelve years, which the band needed to have success.

Never give up and always keep at it was the motto every day anew. It was obviously worth it! Everyone should go into their workout with the same mentality.

17. 50 Cent – Patiently Waiting

50 Cent has always been known for its gangster image and sound. However, he didn’t want to start his career with his real name Curtis James Jackson.

This is how Curtis operated under the stage name 50 Cent. It was very hard to choose one of the songs because many of his tracks are very suitable for a fitness session. “Patiently Waiting” however stands out very much with its special style and infectious beat. 50 Cent also has the visual appearance to act as positive motivation.

Curtis is still working out hard, even though he is currently approaching his fiftieth year of life.

18. Korn – Liar

If you don’t know Korn, you probably don’t listen to rock and metal. The band from America, formed in 1993, is still active today and hasn’t worsened a bit in sound.

As with many artists, it’s not easy to decide on one single track. If you listen to an album by Korn, you will rarely find even one bad song. But we have chosen the song “Liar” because it starts with hard riffs from the first second on.

19. Rob Bailey & The Hustle Standard – Beast

Rob Bailey is probably the epitome of a good workout playlist. Himself a passionate bodybuilder, he uses his talent to produce good songs.

One of the most famous is probably the song “Beast.

“When the sun rises,
I wake up and chase my dreams.
I won’t regret it when the sun sets,
Cuz I live my life like I’m a Beast.”

With this introduction basically, everything is said. Rob Bailey produces music by bodybuilders for bodybuilders. What else can go wrong?

20. Trapt – Headstrong

Since 1997 the alternative rock band makes our world unsafe and that is very successful. Like many artists, Trapt has a lot of good songs, but here the selection was an easy one. “Headstrong” is by far one of the most motivating songs produced by Trapt. “Back off I’ll take you on. Headstrong to take on anyone.” – with these lyrics the singer Chris Brown gives practically a declaration of war to the whole world.

This is a level of self-confidence that you need to achieve new records in training. In our opinion, this song should not be missing from any playlist!

21. Five Finger Death Punch – Lift Me Up

No playlist would be complete without Five Finger Death Punch. The metal band from Sacramento with Ivan Moody convinces for decades with hard bass and drums and lyrics about war.

Five Finger Death Punch is testosterone as an MP3 file. Especially the hit “Lift me up” has done it to us.

“I won’t be broken
I won’t be tortured
I won’t be beaten down

I have the answer
I can take the pressure
I will turn it all around

With these lyrics, the next workout can’t go wrong at all.

Places 22-119 of the best fitness songs to work out to:

Each song is linked to the corresponding music video via the title.

Song: Performer: Listen:
22. Numb/Encore [Explicit] Jay-Z/ Linkin Park
23. Push It Salt-N-Pepa
24. Fast Lane Bad Meets Evil
25. Stronger Kanye West
26. Panda Desiigner
27. Yeah! Usher
28. Drop The World [feat. Eminem] Lil Wayne
29. All Me [feat. Big Sean] [Explicit] Drake
30. Eye of the Tiger Survivor
31. Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now) C+C Music Factory feat. Freedom Williams
32. We Own It (Fast & Furious) 2 Chainz and Wiz Khalifa
33. Put On [feat. Kanye West] Young Jeezy
34. Heart of a Champion Nelly
35. We Will Rock You Queen
36. Enter Sandman Metallica
37. I Want You to Know Zedd & Selena Gomez
38. Ready For The Weekend Icona Pop
39. Bring Em Out T.I.
40. Bad Girls M.I.A.
41. The Final Countdown Europe
42. Bulletproof La Roux
43. Power Kanye West
44. Remember the Name Fort Minor
45. Lose Yourself Eminem
46. Bleed it Out Linkin Park
47. Seven Nation Army The White Stripes
48. You Shook Me All Night Long AC/DC
49. The Middle Jimmy Eat World
50. Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough Michael Jackson
51. I Got You (I Feel Good) James Brown
52. Live Your Life T.I.
53. Times Like These Foo Fighters
54. I Gotta Feeling Black Eyed Peas
55. Livin’ on a Prayer Bon Jovi
56. Undisputed Ludacris
57. GDFR Flo Rida
58. All I Do is Win DJ Khalid
59. Thunderstruck AC/DC
60. Talk Dirty Jason Derulo
61. Jungle [feat. Jamie N Commons] X Ambassadors
62. OK, You’re Right 50 Cent
63. Faint Linkin Park
64. Harder Better Faster Stronger Daft Punk
65. Headsprung LL Cool J
66. Welcome To The Jungle Guns N’ Roses
67. Get Up 50 Cent
68. Here I Come The Roots
69. Killing In The Name Rage Against The Machine
70. 99 Problems Jay-Z
71. Miami 2 Ibiza Swedish House Mafia vs. Tinie Tempah
72. Let’s Go (feat. Big D & Twista) Trick Daddy
73. Like A G6 [feat. The Cataracs] Far East Movement
74. Phantom Pt. II Justice
75. Sandstorm Darude
76. Ante Up M.O.P.
77. The Show Goes On Lupe Fiasco
78. Pursuit Of Happiness (Extended Steve Aoki Remix (Explicit)) [feat. Ratatat] Kid Cudi
79. Fight Music D12
80. Last Resort Papa Roach
81. Right Here, Right Now Fatboy Slim
82. 1st Day Out Tha Feds Gucci Mane
83. All The Above [Feat. T-Pain] Maino
84. Niggas in Paris Jay-Z
85. In Da Club 50 Cent
86. Bugatti [feat. Future] Ace Hood
87. Ride Out Tyga, Wale, YG, Rich Homie Quan Kid Ink
88. Pipe It Up Migos
89. Shell Shocked (feat. Kill The Noise & Madsonik) Wiz Khalifa & Ty Dolla $ign Juicy J
90. Bad Ass Kid Ink feat. Meek Mill & Wale
91. Red Nation The Game
92. We Still in This Bitch (feat. T.I. & Juicy J) B.o.B
93. Dirt Off Your Shoulder Jay-Z
94. Forever Drake and Eminem and Kanye West and Lil Wayne
95. Pass Out Tinie Tempah
96. Bangarang (Feat. Sirah) Skrillex
97. Never Enough [feat. 50 Cent] Eminem
98. Ass Drop Wiz Khalifa
99. Addicted To My Ex M-City J.R.
100. Rack City Tyga
101. Get Down Low (feat. Ohana Bam) Snow Tha Product
102. Goodies Ciara Feat. Petey Pablo
103. Still Here Drake
104. OMG Usher feat. Will.I.Am
105. My Boo (Running Man Challenge) Netta Brielle
106. Get Low Ying Yang Twins & Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz
107. Working For It (Bonus Track) ZHU x Skrillex x THEY.
108. Smokin & Drinkin Danny Brown
109. Right Above It [feat. Drake] Lil Wayne
110. Shoes For Running Big Boi
111. Nobody Speak (feat. Run the Jewels) DJ Shadow & Run The Jewels
112. Phantom (Redux) Shirt
113. Pop The Trunk Yelawolf
114. Attak (feat. Danny Brown) Rustie
115. Hit’Em Up 2Pac
116. Above The Law Bad Meets Evil
117. Block Lockdown Ludacris
118. Jump Van Halen
119. In The End Linkin Park

Workout Spotify-Playlist:

We hope that we could bring you closer to one or the other artist with this hit list. From rock to metal to hip hop, there’s something for every taste. In this sense, we wish you happy sweating and rocking to this playlist!

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