Songs About Drugs: The 100+ Best Drug Songs Of All Time


Table of Contents The best drug songs of all time:1. New Order – “True Faith”2. Falco – “Mother The Man With The Coke Is There”3. Aerosmith – “Combination4. Metallica – “Master Of Puppets”5. Rolling Stones …

Songs About Drugs

In the history of music, every topic is discussed extensively. So it is not uncommon for musicians to broach the subject of drugs. Music history is deeply rooted in narcotics of all kinds: marijuana, cocaine, LSD, and a whole host of other drugs are often the focus of a song.

Of course, drug references in music are nothing new, but it was only discussed behind closed doors in the past. Rock songs like Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit” and Pink Floyd’s “Comfortably Numb” made drug songs famous in the mainstream. Just the most successful rock singer of all time, more or less everyone was on drugs and loved all kinds of mind-expanding substances.

In addition to classic rock songs on the subject of “drugs,” our playlist includes current pop songs such as “We Can’t Stop” by Miley Cyrus, “Diamonds” by Rihanna, or “Addiction” by “Kanye West.”

For all German-speaking fans, we have, of course, also compiled a playlist. The best German drug songs include “Ganz Wien” by Falco, “Tag Am Meer Die” by the Fantastischen Vier and “Mehr Davon” by the Toten Hosen. You can listen to a total of 28 drug songs in German in our second playlist below.

(At the end of the article, we have created a Spotify playlist for you with all the songs listed here.)

The best drug songs of all time:

1. New Order – “True Faith”

The British new wave and the post-punk band released “True Faith”, a song that was controversially debated. Fans and music lovers rate the lyrics differently.

Satisfying an addiction through consumption is considered the most likely Performeration of the lyrics. Although “True Faith” didn’t match the success of “Blue Monday,” “True Faith” reached a Top 10 ranking in the U.K. and Germany.

2. Falco – “Mother The Man With The Coke Is There”

Eccentric Austrian Falco, who died in a car accident in the Caribbean in 1998, landed a surprise hit with “Mother The Man With The Coke Is There.” Stylistically Falco went new ways with this song and oriented to Dancefloor.

Falco plays almost subtly with coke as a synonym for cocaine and coal. The song is based on popular music in Berlin at the end of the 19th century. Century. “Mutter Der Mann Mit Dem Koks Ist Da” is understood by fans as a kind of life confession since Falco himself suffered from addiction disease.

Commercially Falco could not follow up on early successes. The song reached number 11 in the German charts.

3. Aerosmith – “Combination

With over 150 million records, Aerosmith is one of the most successful rock bands of all time. The song “Combination,” composed by Joe Perry in 1976, appeared on the album “Rocks” and is one of the most famous songs associated with addiction. A release as a single did not take place. “Combination” and the album “Rocks” are musical to be assigned to the heavy metal area.

Blues rock elements of past songs are not to be found.

4. Metallica – “Master Of Puppets”

The album of the same name was recorded at Sweet Silence Studios in Copenhagen in 1985. The band succeeded with “Master Of Puppets” to draw a bow between the master of puppets and the subject of drug addiction.

Drugged out of control, life changes dramatically. Nothing is as it was. Produced by Flemming Rasmussen, “Master Of Puppets” comes to a total length of 08:38 minutes.

With rank 31 in the German charts, the band could lay a milestone for later successes. In 1986, guitarist Cliff Burton died in a traffic accident while promoting the “Master Of Puppets.”

5. Rolling Stones – “Sister Morphine”

Marianne Faithfull, a Singer of the 1960s and friend of Mick Jagger, is considered the song’s namesake released in 1971. Faithfull, herself heavily addicted to drugs, was passed around among the band members of the Rolling Stones. She was the girlfriend of Mick Jagger and the mistress of Brian Jones and Keith Richards.

The track “Sister Morphine” reflects the “normal” handling of hard drugs for that time. “Sister Morphine” is included on the ninth studio album “Sticky Fingers.”

6. John Lennon – “Cold Turkey”

The band, The Beatles, suffered from heroin addiction from the late 1960s to the early 1970s. Together with his wife Yoko Ono, he underwent a cold turkey withdrawal. Lennon processed the drastic experiences of his addiction and withdrawal and released the song in October 1969 for his Plastic Ono Band.

In the legendary Abbey Road Studios, Lennon first recorded a version with Eric Clapton and Ringo Starr. However, the final recording took place at Trident Studios. “Cold Turkey” reached its highest position in the British charts with number 14.

7. Juliane Werding – “The Day Conny Kramer Died.”

It is the most famous German song about drugs. “On the day Conny Kramer died” is the German cover version of the US song “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down”. In 1972, only 15-year-old Juliane Werding published the German version. Lyricist Hans-Ulrich Weigel took the addiction and actual drug death of a friend of Juliane Werding as a basis.

The song hit the nerve of the audience and reached number 1 in the German charts.

8. Matika – “Toy Soldiers”

Born in 1969 under her civil name Marta Marrero, the singer had her first and only hit with “Toy Soldiers” in 1989. The theme was the cocaine addiction of a friend of Michael Jay, who wrote the song together with Martika. The physical and mental decay is in the foreground of the title.

The USA “Toy Soldiers” made it to the top of the charts. In August 1989, the track reached #5 in the German charts three months later.

9. Cat – “The money, the fame and the girls”

The indie-pop band, founded in 1999 in Cologne by Klaus Cornfield, originally composed the song “Das Geld, der Ruhm und die Mädchen” in English under the name “The Girl, the Fame and the Money.” The song was popularized by the hit movie Feuchtgebiete (Wetlands), in which the title can be heard. She takes ecstasy and cocaine.

With these words begins the appealing number, which appeared in 2005 on the album “Von Hinten” but remained largely unnoticed.

10. Herbert Grönemeyer – “Alcohol.”

With “Alcohol” in 1984, Herbert Grönemeyer succeeded in creating a title that goes far beyond the subject of alcohol. While various groups consume cocaine, Valium, speed, and marijuana during the day, they turn to alcohol in the evening.

The popular song is firmly part of the Göttingen-born artist’s repertoire. “Alcohol” was released as a single from the successful album “4630 Bochum” and reached number 33 in the German charts.

The places 11-108 songs about drugs

Each song is linked to its music video via the title.

Place: Listen: Performer:
11. Can I Get a Hit Cypress Hill
12. Drugs or Me Jimmy Eat World
13. Comfortably Numb Pink Floyd
14. Diamonds Rihanna
15. Hotel California Eagles
16. Can’t Feel My Face The Weeknd
17. My Girlfriend’s on Drugs Big D and the Kids Table
18. Mr. Brownstone Guns N’ Roses
19. We Are All on Drugs Weezer
20. Casey Jones Grateful Dead
21. 3 Tage Wach Luetzenkirchen
22. Gold Dust Woman Fleetwood Mac
23. Mehr Davon Die Toten Hosen
24. Captain Jack Billy Joel
25. Ganz Wien Falco
26. Purple Haze Jimi Hendrix
27. I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night The Electric Prunes
28. Rehab Amy Winehouse
29. Smuggler’s Blues Glenn Frey
30. The Needle and the Damage Done Neil Young
31. All Summer Long Kid Rock
32. Cocaine J.J. Cale or Eric Clapton
33. Hits From the Bong Cypress Hill
34. Semi Charmed Life Third Eye Blind
35. Die Welt Steht Still Sam Ragga Band & Jan Delay
36. Lithium Nirvana
37. Summer of Drugs Victoria Williams
38. For Your Life Led Zeppelin
39. Pass That Dutch Missy Elliott
40. I Got 5 On It Luniz
41. The Drugs Don’t Work The Verve
42. White Rabbit Jefferson Airplane (LSD)
43. No No Song Ringo Starr
44. The Crystal Ship The Doors
45. Sweet Leaf Black Sabbath
46. Mary Jane’s Last Dance Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
47. Hurt Nine Inch Nails
48. 10 Crack Commandments Notorious B.I.G.
49. Die Like a Rockstar Danny Brown
50. Pusherman Curtis Mayfield
51. Handshake Drugs Wilco
52. Champagne Supernova Oasis
53. Mother’s Little Helper The Rolling Stones
54. Dr. Feelgood Motley Crue
55. Gin and Juice Snoop Dogg
56. Heroin The Velvet Underground
57. Eight Miles High The Byrds
58. Itchycoo Park The Small Faces
59. Snowblind Styx
60. One Toke Over the Line Brewer and Shipley
61. We Be Burnin’ Sean Paul
62. Doobie Ashtray Devin the Dude
63. Tubthumping Chumbawamba
64. Night of the Living Baseheads Public Enemy
65. Insane In The Brain Cypress Hill
66. That Smell Lynyrd Skynyrd
67. I Want A New Drug Huey Lewis and the News
68. Brown Sugar D’Angelo
69. We Can’t Stop Miley Cyrus
70. Cocaine Blues Johnny Cash
71. Johnny W. Westernhagen (WEA)
72. Ecstasy Bone Thugs N Harmony
73. How High Redman and Method Man
74. Where Is My Mind Pixies
75. Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 Bob Dylan
76. The “A” Team Ed Sheeran
77. Police In Helicopter John Holt
78. I Get A Kick Out Of You Cole Porter
79. Kaya Bob Marley
80. Semi-Charmed Life Third Eye Blind
81. White Lines (Don’t Do It) Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five
82. Your Love Is My Drug Kesha
83. Drugs Talking Heads
84. Painkillers Cannibal Ox
85. Because I Got High Afroman
86. Hoverin’ The Amps
87. Have a Drink on Me AC/DC
88. Drug Ballad Eminem
89. Needle in the Hay Elliott Smith
90. Lost Frank Ocean
91. Mary Jane Rick James
92. Starry Eyed Surprise Paul Oakenfold
93. Tag Am Meer Die Fantastischen Vier
94. Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds The Beatles
95. White Horse Laid Back
96. Under the Bridge The Red Hot Chili Peppers
97. Cocaine Blues Johnny Cash
98. There She Goes The La’s
99. Happiness Is A Warm Gun The Beatles
100. Fire And Rain James Taylor
101. I Wanna Be Sedated The Ramones
102. Kid Charlemagne Steely Dan
103. Legalize It Peter Tosh
104. Love Is The Drug Roxy Music
105. Addiction Kanye West
106. Puff The Magic Dragon Peter, Pail and Mary
107. King Heroin James Brown
108. Cocaine Hannes Wader

Drugs Spotify Playlist

We probably don’t need to tell you that using drugs is a bad idea. Countless musicians died as a result of drug abuse! Also, read our post on this topic: “Drug deaths: these 15 pop stars died from overdoses” by.

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