The 173 Best Heavy Metal Songs Of All Time

Heavy Metal Songs

Heavy metal, or simply metal, originated in Great Britain in the early 1970s. Over the decades, some sub-genres developed, such as black metal, death metal, and power metal.

There are moments in life when a single Rock song is not enough and your ears are thirsting for something stronger and more aggressive. The drums and guitar riffs aren’t enough to calm the beast you’re carrying; you’re just one step away from exploding in rage, so you need the perfect playlist.

Metal offers the listener an enormous spectrum of musical techniques, from extremely slow to rapidly fast rhythms. Heavy metal is one of the most popular genres worldwide, and its dark ideologies continue to play a fundamental role. Metal also offers songs that criticize society or deal with religions. Fantasy, orgies of hate, melancholy and romantic themes are also heavy metal.

In the end, the music and inspiration can come from any direction and source.

In our playlist, you will find the best and most famous heavy metal songs of all time. The following pieces were selected for their influence and popularity in the world of heavy metal.

The playlist is here to inspire you and introduce you to some great metal songs, riffs, solos, and bands you may have never heard of or to refresh your memory.

(You can find a Spotify playlist at the end of the article.)

The most popular metal songs of all time:

Each song is linked to its music video via its title.

3.Hallowed Be Thy NameIron Maiden
4.Queen of the ReichQueensryche
6.Hangar 18Megadeth
7.Over the WallTestament
8.Master of PuppetsMetallica
9.Mr. Crowley Ozzy Osbourne
10.Tornado of SoulsMegadeth
11.2 Minutes to MidnightIron Maiden
13.War PigsBlack Sabbath
14.Doomsday For The DeceiverFlotsam and Jetsam
15.Demanufacture Fear Factory
16.The Endless KnotEluveitie
17.Freezing MoonMayhem
18.EvilMercyful Fate
19.Got the LifeKorn
20.War EnsembleSlayer
22.Ace of SpadesMotorhead
23.NightfallBlind Guardian
24.Wheels of ConfusionBlack Sabbath
25.Metropolis Part IDream Theater
26.Chop Suey!System Of A Down
27.ParanoidBlack Sabbath
28.Them BonesAlice In Chains
29.Black DragonLuca Turilli
30.Caught in a Mosh Anthrax
31.ExciterJudas Priest
32.Neon Knights Black Sabbath
33.Into the VoidBlack Sabbath
34.Holy Wars… The Punishment DueMegadeth
35.Return to SerenityTestament
36.Chapel of GhoulsMorbid Angel
37.Mirror MirrorBlind Guardian
38.Angel of DeathSlayer
39.My GenerationLimp Bizkit
40.Embrace of the Endless OceanAmon Amarth
41.Pull The PlugDeath
42.Divine Wings of TragedySymphony X
43.Fast As A SharkAccept
44.At the Heart of WinterImmortal
45.The TrooperIron Maiden
47.Emerald SwordRhapsody of Fire
48.Symphony Of DestructionMegadeth
49.Black Sabbath Black Sabbath
51.Blinded By FearAt the Gates
52.Aces HighIron Maiden
53.Kings of the Carnival CreationDimmu Borgir
54.Balls To The WallAccept
55.What Kind of LoveAvantasia
56.Crazy TrainOzzy Osbourne
58.You’ve Got Another Thing ComingJudas Priest
59.Blackwater ParkOpeth
60.Victim of ChangesJudas Priest
61.Fairies Wear BootsBlack Sabbath
63.Season in the Abyss Slayer
64.ScumNapalm Death
65.Rainbow in the DarkDio
66.The Beautiful PeopleMarilyn Manson
67.Symptom of the UniverseBlack Sabbath
68.Always Will BeHammerfall
69.Seasons in the Abyss Slayer
70.Demon of the FallOpeth
71.Iron ManBlack Sabbath
73.Kings Of MetalManowar
74.Breaking the LawJudas Priest
75.The Count Of TuscanyDream Theater
76.The Four HorsemenMetallica
77.Heaven and HellBlack Sabbath
78.Wasted YearsIron Maiden
79.This World Can’t Tear Us ApartTrivium
80.Rime of the Ancient MarinerIron Maiden
81.The PhilosopherDeath
82.Eagle Fly FreeHelloween
83.ImperiumMachine Head
84.The Number of the BeastIron Maiden
85.Eternal WaitEnisferum
86.Black MetalVenom
88.Dead Embryonic CellsSepultura
89.Raining BloodSlayer
90.Voice of the SoulDeath
91.Fear Of The DarkIron Maiden
92. PunishmentBiohazard
93.Mother RussiaIron Maiden
94.The OathMercyful Fate
95.Insanity’s CrescendoDark Tranquility
96.Crystal MountainDeath
97.ShockFear Factory
98.The Pharaoh Sails to OrionNightwish
99.Run to the Hills Iron Maiden
100.Pull Me UnderDream Theater
101.Kill The KingRainbow
102.Ghost Love ScoreNightwish
103.Phantom of the OperaIron Maiden
104.Du hastRammstein
105.Cowboys from HellPantera
107.HaloMachine Head
108.I am the Black WizardsEmperor
109.Sins of AllegianceDragonlord
111.Bonded by BloodExodus
112.The ExorcistPossessed
113.Crawl Through KnivesIn Flames
114.PainkillerJudas Priest
115.Substitutional WorldFalconer
116.NemesisArch Enemy
117.For Whom the Bell TollsMetallica
118.PaleWithin Temptation
119.Hammer Smashed FaceCannibal Corpse
120.GuardianFates Warning
121.Beyond the Realms of DeathJudas Priest
122.Small Town BoyParadise Lost
123.Material World ParanoiaKreator
124.Battle HymnManowar
125.Holy DiverDio
126.The Power of OneSonata Arctica
127.Children Of The GraveBlack Sabbath
128.Forever Walking AloneDragonland
129.Screaming For VengeanceJudas Priest
130.Seek and DestroyMetallica
131.Fool’s ParadeNocturnal Rites
132.Over The MountainOzzy Osbourne
133.A Hamlet for a Slothful VassalTheatre of Tragedy
134.Witching HourVenom
135.Razorblade SalvationSinergy
136.Enter SandmanMetallica
138.Sabbath, Bloody SabbathBlack Sabbath
139.Black Winter DayAmorphis
140.PowerslaveIron Maiden
141.Cthulhu DawnCradle Of Filth
142.Keeper of the Seven KeysHelloween
143.Cemetery GatesPantera
144.KillersIron Maiden
145.Hellion/Electric EyeJudas Priest
146.The Flames of the EndAt The Gates
147.Overt the MountainOzzy Osbourne
148.Am I Evil?Diamond Head
150.A Fine Day to DieBathory
151.Peace SellsMegadeth
152.Eyes of a StrangerQueensrÿche
153.Sabbath Bloody SabbathBlack Sabbath
155.Valley of the DamnedDragonForce
156.Chopped In HalfObituary
158.N.I.B.Black Sabbath
159.Sweet LeafBlack Sabbath
160.Seek & DestroyMetallica
161.Dawn of FlamesGates of Ishtar
162.The Last In LineDio
163.AfterlifeAvenged Sevenfold
165.The Sixth ExtinctionAyreon
166.South Of HeavenSlayer
167.Needled 24/7Children of Bodom
168.Creeping DeathMetallica
170.Bleeding HeartAngra
171.Transilvanian HungerDarkthrone
172.Walk With Me In HellLamb of God
173.Fade to BlackMetallica
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