Hip-Hop: The 50 Best German Rap Songs 2017

German Rap Songs

German rap has spread massively in recent years. In the meantime, countless rappers in Germany have a large community behind them, and this is also noticeable in the charts.

There were more rap songs on the singles charts in 2017 than before.

Despite the diversity of rap artists that 2017 brought forth, old familiar rappers dominated the official singles charts again this year. Kollegah released his best-of album, “Legacy,” in the middle of the year, which saw songs like “Gamechanger,” “Sturmmaske Auf,” or “Zieh’ den Rucksack aus” wash back into the charts.

Rapper “Kontra K” released his sixth solo album, “Gute Nacht” at the beginning of 2017, which included the hit single “Diamanten.” The rap song managed to stay in the German singles charts for ten weeks.

Gangster rapper “Bushido,” who released his first album in Germany 14 years ago, also showed with his latest rap album “Black Friday” that he did not lose relevance in 2017. It was streamed over 14.6 million times after the first week, a record at the beginning of 2017. Songs like “Sodom & Gomorrha” or “Papa” held their own for 6.

Seven weeks in the singles charts.

However, the most successful rap album in 2017 came from the German hip-hop group “187 Street Gang”. Their album “Sampler 4” was on Spotify for over 22 and streamed 9 million times. This means that “187 Strassenbande” has set a new record in Germany, displacing British artists Ed Sheeran and Bushido in second and third places.

In addition to the already mentioned rap artists, Kay One, Nimo, Zuna, Ufo361, and many others also released German-speaking rappers’ new songs, which were heard by the audience. Listen to our playlist of the “50 best Deutschrap songs of 2017” and write us your top songs of this year in the comments.

The 50 most popular German rap songs of 2017:

Zieh’ den Rucksack aus [Explicit]Kollegah & Farid Bang
DiamantenKontra K
Louis LouisKay One
Heute mit mirNimo
Nummer 1Zuna feat. Azet & Noizy
Millionär187 Strassenbande
Mister DardyDardan
Sturmmaske AufKollegah & Farid Bang
Soldaten 2.0Kontra K
Nice Girl 2.0Ufo361
Silberner FerrariMajoe ft. Kurdo & Farid Bang
Was Du Liebe nennstBausa
Primo [Explicit]RAF Camora
Bis hier und noch weiterAdel Tawil feat. KC Rebell & Summer Cem
Kleiner Cabrón [Explicit]Veysel
Der PateUfo361
CazalZuna feat. Miami Yacine
Sie will [Explicit]PA Sports feat. Raf Camora & Bonez MC
DaytonaMiami Yacine feat. Para Mocro
Sodom & GomorrhaBushido
MurcielagoKC Rebell x Summer Cem
Alles auf RotCapo
Für die GangUfo361 feat. Gzuz
Rhythm n’ FlouzCelo & Abdi feat. Olexesh & Nimo
Bon VoyageMiami Yacine
Nicht jetztKC Rebell x Summer Cem
Stress mit mir feat. RAF CamoraMaxwell
AjajaMert ft. Soolking
10 JahreLX & Maxwell & Gzuz & Bonez MC
Telefon (feat. Nimo)Dardan
Komm ins Café18 Karat feat. Farid Bang
Nice Girl 2.0Ufo361
Ya SalamKurdo
Gangsta Gangsta18 Karat
Andere Liga [Explicit]RAF Camora
Hütte im WaldKianush feat. PA Sports
Nur noch GucciCapital Bra
Started from the BottomSpongeBOZZ
SenoritaKay One feat. Pietro Lombardi
Mit den Jungz187 Strassenbande
Check ich nichtMosh36 feat. Moe Phoenix
KontrollierenRaf Camora feat. Maxwell, Gzuz & Bonez MC
Mehr als ein JobKontra K
Desert EagleKurdo & Majoe
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