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German Rap

Deutschrap is still relatively young in the history of German-language music. In the 1990s, the hip-hop band “Die Fantastischen Vier” brought the first commercially successful rap songs into the charts. The songs consisted largely of “fun rap.”

In the following years, German-language rap succeeded in reaching the mainstream.

From 2001 onwards, battle and gangsta rap became extremely popular, especially among young people. In its wake, rappers Kool Savas, Sido, Bushido, Azad, Samy Deluxe, and Fler became the biggest rappers in Germany ascend.

In the meantime, German rap offers the public battle, gangsta rap, fun rap, and conscious rap (politically or socially motivated) or pop-rap. Marteria, Cro, Prinz Pi, and Casper, for example, have found their place outside the gangsta rap scene and regularly appear in the singles charts.

Our playlist of the best German rap songs of all time contains a well-balanced mixture, which summarizes the best themes from the most different subgenres. I look forward to the best German rap songs from Kollegah, Alligatoah, Genetikk, K.I.Z., and more rap stars.

(At the end of the article we have created a Spotify playlist for you with all the songs listed here.)

1. “Die da?!” by the Fantastischen 4 (1992)

What would the rap scene be without Fantas? With their first hit “Die da?!” everything took its course in the rap and hip-hop scene in the early 90s.

They were not the first to do rap and hip hop, but they were the first to achieve chart success in the genre, which had been an outsider until then. Suddenly there was German rap!

The Fantas landed as newcomers with their novel song at number 2 in the German singles charts.

Snappy sayings wrapped in lively verses, two rappers who take turns rhyming off their potential dream girl, and a surprising punchline in the last verse – that was the recipe for success of “Die da?!”. Colorful, funny, and different than anything the music market had to offer until then. People loved it, and the single was awarded gold.

Since then, it went steeply uphill for the four boys from Stuttgart. And there’s no end in sight; the Fantas don’t get tired and also celebrated huge successes with songs like “MfG” and “Sie ist weg” and set their musical monument for the 25th anniversary with “25″.

2. “Was du Liebe nennst” by Bausa (2017)

The rapper Bausa broke various records and trumps with multiple platinum awards and over a million units sold at the top of the most successful German rap songs of all time. From #51, it shot to #1 in just one week and managed to stay there for nine weeks.

No other German rap or hip-hop song has managed this so far. In other German-speaking countries, too, it rained multiple platinum records from the rap sky—gigantic, what Bausa has achieved here.

Quite rightly.

The song hits right at the heart of broken souls. With his hidden sounds and Les Affaires voice, Bausa tells of fake love for sale, of solid drinks and other substances, and a great need to numb everything painful for the moment because it’s so intoxicating. Because it is so self-destructive.

And just because! That’s brave in the brutal rap business, and for once, it’s not about hookers, coke, and fast cars.

No clumsy dissing, no hard word fights. Instead, shallow tones with chill beats. Hip-Hop disguised as Schlager-Pop. Or vice versa.

However, in any case, a musical jewel with the predicate diamond. No gangster rapper, no matter how bad, can match it.

3. “Ohne Mein Team” by Bonez MC & RAF Camora feat. MAXWELL (2016)

After several gangster rappers who pretended to be gangsters but never were, the rappers from the now infamous Hamburg hip hop formation are a soothing answer to the question of whether gangster rap was ever authentic at all. Bonez MC and Co. prove to the displeasure of many state officials that rappers are not just slogans and storm the German charts with one hit after the next.

Bonez MC and Austrian RAF Camora managed to be awarded a diamond record with this track. With over a million sold sound carriers, the song is thus one of the best-selling singles in Germany. The commercial success with “Palmen Aus Plastik” (Plastic Palms) was surpassed.

And what is the song actually about? As always, nothing but cocaine, marijuana, sex, Mercedes, and the typical praise of Hamburg and Vienna. Life is one big party in a frenzy.

Prollig, decadent and violent. Illegal? Never mind.

Eloquence is out of place, but no one cares either. Because the smoky-dull voice of Bonez MC is still superior to even the most senseless verse. In the meantime, he is one of the most successful German rap artists.

And you take it from him, the number with the street and the gangster.

4. “Ich find‘ dich scheiße” by Tic Tac Toe (1995)

Loud, cheeky, emancipated. Germany’s most famous girl band rapped himself with cynical fecal language at number 3 in the German singles charts. A real sensation because that woman dared to do such a thing was new and unusual.

They went platinum for 500.000 sold sound carriers of the hit for this. Scandalous mud fights followed, and several corpses dug out of dark cellars. With follow-up hits like “Warum?”They were convinced with more serious lyrics, but it was already the end for the girl formation after two successful albums. Legendary remains their last live performance, in which they staged their surprising breakup to the horror of their fans.

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Or not. PR strategy or not, Tic Tac Toe remains an unforgettable part of German rap music history.

The song that made them famous overnight is a flippant reckoning with self-absorbed guys, superficial machos, and simple-minded chicks. The simple language immediately reached the enthusiastic audience. The message was unmistakable. Loose mouth and sexy moves met and resulted in Girl power without compromise.

Never before have women yelled so openly into the mic when they think someone sucks.

5. “Du bist Boss” by Kollegah (2014)

King, boss, or record-breaker. Kollegah stands for unparalleled success and has long been a brand in German rap. His song “Du bist Boss” is emblematic of everything he has created: His label “Alpha Music Empire,” his clothing brand “DEUS Maximus,” and numerous prizes and awards.

He was closely followed by a reputation that is second to none. Almost unrivaled, he leaves a sea of rappers and hip-hop musicians behind him. Kollegah is the master of the rhymed word.

But he is. No one can put words into rhyme so cleverly, so tongue-in-cheek, and so provocatively. His real weapons are words, which ultimately led to the end of the popular Echo awards, which he can use consciously and unerringly.

Every verse a hit? Yes!

“Du bist Boss” beats are not exceptional; the lyrics are primarily about his little one – Kolle himself. But, and that’s why the track deserves to be mentioned; his verses make statements without leaving room for counter-arguments. Kollegah provokes his critics and pushes his followers. With his furiously fast diss raps, he demonstrates all his skills.

The song reached number 36 in the charts; it has long gone cult status for Kolle fans. Farid Bang and the song “Sturmmaske auf” followed a weeks-long placement at the top. His videos are brimming with decadence and chav behavior. Questionable perhaps, this JBG manner.

But also so incredibly good. Kolle is boss, even without an article.

6. “So wie du bist” by MoTrip feat. Lary (2015)

With a platinum award and the 3. Place in the German singles charts; this German rap song is one of the most successful. The two voices of the rapper MoTrip and the singer Lary harmonize perfectly with each other; they sing the hook line together.

And once again, a rapper proves that even romance has its raison d’être in the otherwise so violence-ridden genre. The story is quickly told: The love between two people from different social classes is in the center. The message: love overcomes all boundaries.

Almost a bit corny the whole thing. But artistically well done. Because between the lines, there are also profound theses and subtle truths that you can take from the singer.

Sometimes the best songs come along on soft soles. This one belongs.

7. “Au revoir” by Mark Forster feat. Sido (2014)

The track went double platinum, spending three weeks at number 2 in the German singles charts and 65 weeks. Here two musical experts meet at the same time. The German pop singer Forster and Sido have shown that pop and hip-hop can be combined well.

The artists were rewarded with double platinum. Shortly after its release, the song quickly became a hit German summer hit of the year. The former bad boy rapper Sido, who once still rapped down praise songs on his block and gained fame with Mask, Aggro Berlin, and the legendary assfuck song, also proves that rap is still not finished and has development potential in music. His unmistakable nasal voice with the high recognition value fits ideally to Forster’s clear, pure sounds.

A dream team, so to speak, which has found each other and enriched the music world with one of the best rap hits of all time. It’s about parting and new beginnings, about trusting yourself and being brave and leaving old ballast behind. The two artists bring their message in a casual flow across.

Just sounds good.

8. “Du liebst mich nicht” by Sabrina Setlur (1997)

Sabrina Setlur finally brought more female power to the rap scene. She is and remains the most successful rap artist in the German-speaking world. With her number one hit, she processed Heartbreak in a different way.

She won gold and other awards for it. Along with a few other renowned female artists in the rap scene, such as the provocative Lady Bitch Ray, Sabrina Setlur is one of a handful of rapping women who can make their mark in the male-dominated genre.

The Sister S. from Frankfurt am Main started with her promoter Moses Pelham and the “Ich möchte’ dein Badewasser saufen-Song” through. Her most famous track is a reckoning against selfish ex-makers and a verbal attack against bad, unhealthy relationships. The woman always takes the role of the submissive, yes-saying, and understanding partner. A lot of pent-up rages, anger, disappointment, and vulnerability are hurled through the mic by Sabrina in a speedy tempo. No one can do it as well as she does.

This is pure S-Class! A hammer song that goes down in rap music history with a lot of emotion and cleanly rapped verses.

9. “Hamma” by Culcha Candela (2007)

There was a platinum record and six weeks number 1 in the German single charts for the true hammer song. The song is more popular than almost any other German rap song. Because it is a tribute to all women.

A guy raps about how a woman takes his breath away with everything she does and how she does it. Women want to be loved and desired; the men should lie at their feet. Year! This transports the six-member multicultural rap troupe convincingly in their verses.

No wonder the track, with its mellow rhythmic grooves, immediately catapulted to the summer hit of the year 2007. A song for the ages was born, which brought the band its breakthrough. The success was reason enough to establish a so-called “Culcha sound for the band members themselves. Many musical and cultural influences should flow together and good mood songs produce.

Well then.

10. “Traum” by Cro (2014)

This rap song by Cro landed at the top of the charts in German-speaking countries, and in Germany, it stayed at number one for four weeks. Cro received platinum twice for more than 300.000 records sold in Germany and platinum in Austria and Switzerland.

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The masked man with the panda mask is now one of the most successful German rappers. Cro has thus established himself between the gangsters and big acts in the rap business and has long since become more than just a shallow girl rapper. He now proves his all-around talent as a designer, artist, and director.

His song is a loosely told gush about a dream woman whose existence so far only exists in dreams. He’s getting things ready and can’t wait to go on a trip with her. It works: A rapper hiding his face, lonely, waiting for his immense love to come along. Heartbreak sounds from the youthful voice of Cro.

The female fan base suffers along with him. And Cro is rewarded with many sold records until his wish is fulfilled.

11. “Neymar” by Captial Bra (2018)

The Berlin brother with Russian roots has stormed the German charts like no other. With relevant youth sentences in his pocket and criminal background, he won recognition and fame in the scene with his talent and energetic will in the local Rap on Wednesday battles.

The style of street rap influences his songs. The track “Neymar” is just one of 9 number one hits. Three weeks at № 1 for a piece that doesn’t get under your skin.

But somehow hits the nerve of the youth. And this is the secret of Bras success. It’s about flashy cars, about Drugs, and a quite credible indifference to the law.

The verses are peppered with East Slavic terms and a very special aggressive undertone.

12. “Leider geil” by Deichkind (2012)

Unfortunately horny is, how should it be different, unfortunately horny. So horny that it once went gold for the Hamburg hip hop electropunkers. And because it is so cool, there was also gold in Austria for the rap song.

In the German single charts, it reached number 6. And in the meantime, the title has made it to the winged word. In the song, things are listed line by line that you really shouldn’t do and commented on in each case, seemingly quite senselessly, with “Leider geil” (unfortunately cool). But basically, all statements together reflect the zeitgeist of society.

What makes our society tick, how do we function, and why is everything supposedly bad so refreshing after all? The basic tenor of the song is: It’s cool to be an asshole. We had everything before, but here just artistically better implemented.

13. “Vendetta” by Bushido feat. Chakuza feat. Eko Fresh (2006)

With Aggro Berlin and his later label Ersguterjunge, Sonny Black has shaped and advanced the music of the rap scene in Germany like hardly anyone else. Many no-names have been able to profit from his successes.

His gangster image, which once helped him to fame and glory, has been catching up with him for some time now. His tracks, however, remain unaffected, and they are still heard and enjoy great popularity.

Bushido is considered one of the most successful German rappers. With his 5. solo album “7,” he occupied the top of the charts for two weeks. Twelve of his albums have received awards, putting him at the top of the ranking of rappers with the best-selling German rap albums. Bushido stands for success.

His single “Vendetta” embodies everything that makes up his recipe for success and for which his fans still love him. It’s about excessive exaggeration, about showing off with the label and his accomplishments, about Berlin and his unattainable status in the scene, and above all, it’s about constantly verbally flattening his competition. For this, he usually uses a simple but fruitful means: his colleagues, rap friends, or blood brothers, who actively support him on the mic. First and foremost, Chakuza, the somewhat reserved Austrian, gives every rapped word a certain authenticity with his deep raw vocals.

The song spent nine weeks on the German singles charts.

14. “Emanuela” by Fettes Brot (2005)

Yes, of course, everyone knows this song, and probably everyone has sung it somewhere and at some time. As the highest position in the German charts, there was place 3. In Austria, the boys from the north even made it to number one.

There was two gold for it, and Fettes Brot outdid themselves with it. The single is one of the best-selling German rap songs and broke several records, putting Fettes Brot in the very best league.

What makes the song so special are its meaningless lyrics and its familiar rhythm, which the fun troupe makes accessible to the masses. Some love the music; others hate it. But everybody knows it.

Sing along always works, because it’s all about a certain Emanuela, who everybody wants but nobody gets. In the meantime, the name has long had something funny and cultish about it. In the national vision song contest, the hip hop musicians competed for Schleswig-Holstein and even landed in second place.

15. “Die Eine 2005” by Die Firma (2005)

This musical confession of love earned the Cologne hip-hop group gold and a platinum record. The most special thing about the song is the marriage proposal it contains.

The track had a life of more than 30 weeks in the German singles charts, and for two weeks, he could even hold the position at number 2. The song is more than just a few rhapsodized love verses.

It’s a tribute to the one woman for life. And because it’s so likable and genuine despite the slight hints of cheesy romance, fans of the band wanted a sequel to the story from the original version of “The One.” The band didn’t hesitate for long, and the rapper Tatwaffe put one more on top with his closing sentence in the last verse.

I’m asking you to marry me, baby.

Legend has it that his wife heard the song, which was newly composed for her, for the first time on an airplane. A love story with a happy ending that couldn’t have been more beautifully wrapped.

16. “Das Urteil” by Kool Savas (2005)

Here comes the master of rap with his masterful diss track. With the song, the then (and for many still today) undisputed King of Rap set a musical milestone in the history of Battelrap. For the intro, he commissioned none other than 50 Cent.

What followed was a word for word well thought out and accurate rapped reckoning with his former pupil Eko Fresh. Eko had previously dared to dish out in his track “The Reckoning” against all the greats from the scene, including and especially against the King. However, Eko was no match for the rap art of Kool Savas John Bello or Essah and lost this battle and his recognition in the rap business.

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The diss-song was the trend-setter for all other battles that came after that. It was so popular that the server collapsed during the free download.

17. “A-N-N-A” by Freundeskreis (1996)

The golden record was awarded for the German single of the Stuttgart hip hop musicians, who made it to № 6 in the German singles charts with their hit song. The band is best known for its political ambitions.

The intention behind it: Making the world a little better. Sympathetic, human, emotional. Their big hit tells in smooth, lyrical verses about the chance encounter with the fascinating Anna in the rain.

Love at first sight and missed opportunities. A certain melancholy ripples lightly through the verses like delicate raindrops. With a lot of feeling in his unmistakable voice, singer Max Herre melts the receptive ears of his fans.

That’s how rap goes. From the back and the front, A-N-N-A is one of the best German rap songs of all time. Too bad about the band, which broke up in 2007.

18. “Weck mich auf” by Samy Deluxe (2001)

This track was awarded a gold record and is considered Deluxe’s most commercially successful song. Because of its socially critical plot, it still hits the zeitgeist of society today.

With his criticism of the political system and his indictment of ignorant politicians, the artist shows that rap can also be severe and convey a message far removed from self-promoting rhymes and chav battles. So he raps in his typical and inimitable speed the hard reality: Right-wing extremism, drug-addicted kids, corrupt politicians and pedophiles, the whole ugly palette of human abysses. He hits the nail on the head and what remains is the fear of what may come.

The song is like a look in the mirror of the generation of that time and today.

Despite its not easily digestible fare, the song made it to number 4 in the singles charts. And it goes on. Xavier Naidoo covered the song in 2016, and again it took place in the charts.

19. “Stadtaffe” by Peter Fox (2008)

The frontman of Seeed celebrates his city Berlin and goes his way as a solo artist with this song. Which lead him through the capital full of monkeys.

Great lyrics, without question. Metaphorical top performances paired with skillfully applied string instruments give the song a lot of spice. In addition, some carrying, comfortable and squeaky beats.

Berlin just. The song somehow hits the spot because Fox raps through the lines in a world-class manner. On place 4, Fox made it with his city monkey and could hold it together 51 weeks in the German single charts.

The album with the same title he made even to the top.

20. “Das geht ab” by Die Atzen (2007)

What would a party be without the Atzen and their classic song? Hip-hop artists Frauenarzt and Manny Marc received a platinum award for the party smash, which has since become a cult hit.

The song made it to № 8 in the German singles charts and stayed in the charts for an incredible 70 weeks. It reached such an enormous degree of fame that it was even rewritten as a club song by the soccer club Hertha BSC. Meanwhile, there are several different versions of the song.

Also, in Austria and Switzerland, the Atzen were very successful. The recipe for success is simple: catchy techno beats and a crisp hook line, plus a couple of party-loving performers who celebrate partying and verses that even totally drunk fans can still bawl along to. It’s about drinking, about women, and even more about drinking. The song spreads simply a good mood and maybe missing on no correct celebration more.

Atzen music at its best.

The ranks 21-107 of the best Deutschrap songs of all time:

Each song is linked via the title with the corresponding music video.

22.AstronautSido feat. Andreas Bourani
23.Willst duAlligatoah
24.Mein BlockSido
25.Immer wenn ich rhymeKool Savas
27.King Of RapKool Savas
28.AnhörungKC Rebell
29.Liebs oder lass esGenetikk
30.QuotentürkeEko Fresh
31.GlückPrinz Pi
32.Butterfly EffectBushido
33.Einer dieser SteineSido
34.Panamera FlowBushido feat. Shindy
35.Rhythmus meines Lebens Kool Savas
37.AKs im WandschrankKollegah
40.Ein Affe und ein PferdK.I.Z.
42.Fata MorganaKC Rebell
44.Das geht ab!Die Atzen
45.MatrixKool Savas
46.Fick ihn dochAlligatoah
47.Hurra die Welt geht unterK.I.Z.
48.Yes SirGenetikk
49.MärtyrerKool Savas
50.Poesie AlbumSamy Deluxe
51.Für immer jungBushido feat. Karel Gott
52.Kompass ohne NordenPrinz Pi
54.Bist du realKC Rebell
55.Ich bin Adolf HitlerK.I.Z.
56.Im AscheregenCasper
58.Bilder Im KopfSido
59.Ich rolle mit meim Besten (Babos Remix) [feat. Marteria]Haftbefehl
60.Boom Boom BoomK.I.Z.
61.Irgendwie, irgendwo, irgendwannJan Delay feat. Denyo
63.Bitte Spitte 5000Farid Bang
64.Immer noch hierSummer Cem
65.Reich & SchönFard
66.Kids (2 Finger an den Kopf)Marteria
68.Tempelhofer JungeBushido
69.Feder Im WindMoTrip
70.Und dann kam EssahKool Savas
71.Trauerfeier LiedAlligatoah
72.LutschFarid Bang
73.Theorie und PraxisBushido feat. Joka
75.MfG – Mit freundlichen GrüßenDie Fantastischen Vier
76.LauraPrinz Pi
79.Lux LisbonCasper
81.John GottiKollegah
83.Braungebrannt & Hakennase Fard
84.Urlaub Fürs GehirnK.I.Z
85.Kanax in ParisKC Rebell
87.Tanz aus der Reihe! (feat. Weekend)SDP
89.Lila WolkenMarteria
90.Ganz untenSido
93.IkarusKontra K
94.Ahnma [feat. Gzuz]Beginner
95.Einmal um die WeltCro
96.Bleib in der SchuleTrailerpark
97.A la MuerteGenetikk
98.Save Money257ers
99.AuraKool Savas
100.Eure KinderChakuza feat. Bushido
101.Hipster HassFler
102.Liebes LiedAbsolute Beginner
103.JeinFettes Brot
104.AschenflugAdel Tawil
105.Lass die Affen aus’m Zoo (Babos Remix) [feat. K.I.Z]Haftbefehl

Deutschrap songs Spotify playlist:

German Rap lives. Still. And more diverse than ever. Gangster rap, reggae rap, hip hop rap, pop-rap – it all works, as the selected sample songs show.

They are representative of the decades of success of a music genre that reinvents itself again and again. Thanks to the numerous artists.

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