The 20 Funniest Rap Songs Of All Time

Funniest Rap Songs

Brutal gangsters, heavy guns, illegal drug dealing: this is the stuff rap is made of. At least this is widespread, but not always a genuine opinion. We show you a completely different side of Hip-Hop with our now following contribution.

Instead of reckless testosterone behavior and glorified robberies, the songs that follow attack our diaphragm in a criminal way at best. We didn’t miss the chance to pick out the 20 funniest rap numbers of all time for you. Have fun with our list!

(A Spotify playlist you can find at the end of the article.)

1st place: Eminem – “My Name Is” (1999)

If we go back to 1999, we are in a time when the career of today’s rap giant Eminem was still in its infancy. The album created by Dr. Dre discovered talent was regarded by the American public from the start as an uncouth troublemaker, corrupting the nation’s youth with his depraved content.

With the single “My Name Is,” Slim Shady proved to his outraged critics how explicit topics like violence, sex, and drugs could be dressed up in a costume of clever word jokes and catchy melodies. In time-honored fashion, Eminem didn’t miss the opportunity to rant against the stars and starlets of the day on this track either. The Space Girls and Pamela Anderson, among others, got their fat on the three platinum record numbers.

2nd place: The Notorious B.I.G. – “Just Playing (Dreams)” (1994)

In “Just Playing (Dreams),” Biggie proved to the world public a sophisticated lyric repertoire in the U.S. American had at his disposal. With the track on the artist’s debut album called “Ready to Die,” the rapper made all the hip R&B artists and performed an impressive tightrope walk between seductive lines and hard-hitting punches.

Even if the number enjoys absolute cult status from today’s point of view, it was not released as a separate single in 1994. On the other hand, the album “Ready to Die” enjoyed great commercial success and went straight to number 15 in the American charts. Thanks to more than 6.3 million units sold, the work has been awarded six platinum records.

Number 3: Biz Markie – “Just a Friend” (1989)

The older fan semesters among you will probably still remember “Just a Friend” by Biz Markie. The humorous number deals with a tricky love constellation and bursts with lines and puns worth quoting. In the late 80s, the rapper’s song surprisingly did well in the U.S. charts, reaching a respectable 9. Rank in the Billboard Hot 100.

Over the years, the track gained a kind of legend status within the scene and was adapted several times by other well-known artists. Thanks to over a million certified sales, the track was awarded a platinum record.

4th place: Afroman – “Because I Got High” (2001)

With “Because I Got High,” Afroman gave the worldwide stoner community a universal anthem in 2001, reflecting all the prejudices that critics about the friends of the green herb, again and again, lead into the field. This is how the U.S. rapper describes the most diverse, in and of itself everyday scenarios, which all go wrong, however, because the protagonist of the track is as high as the Empire State Building.

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According to the artist, the song was created in minutes. Shortly after its release, “Because I Got High” became a phenomenon and tickled the funny bone of music fans of various genres. The record’s chart successes were also inimitable. The song went to the top of the charts in many countries and was also awarded numerous papers in a wide variety of precious metals.

5th place: Digital Underground – “Humpty Dance” (1990)

The 90s were truly a flashy decade. Although the decade had just begun, the Hip-hop crew Digital Underground showed the rest of the world already in 1990 how colorful the following calendar turns should be. The track’s lyrics are so dumb that they are already funny again and are probably only surpassed by the wacky music video.

The musical humor proof was worth to the American buyer’s number 11 in the Billboard Hot 100 and a record of platinum.

6th place: Ice Cube – “Look Who’s Burnin'” (1991)

Few rappers hold such high status as West Coast legend Ice Cube. With “Look Who’s Brunin’,” the Compton artist created a whimsical, lyrical scenario in 1991 that transports the rapper and his listeners straight into a hellish clinic that is thanks to the artist’s storytelling talents brought frighteningly vividly before our eyes. The practice visit of the somewhat different kind did not appear as a single on the market.

The album “Death Certificate”, on which the work was located, however, developed in the early 90s to the real box office hit and settles on the second place of the American sales lists.

7th place: DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince – “Parents Just Don’t Understand” (1988)

Will Smith, you’re a jack of all trades! That, what we can confirm today, thanks to numerous works sufficiently, might not have been clear to everyone at the end of the 80s yet. The future acting superstar raps in “Parents Just Don’t Understand” from the point of view of a supposedly misunderstood teenager who does the most absurd and impossible things and subsequently gets a good smack on the head from his elders.

The odyssey of the teenager Will is full of absurd images and lazy excuses and leaves no dry eye.

8th place: Mickey Avalon – “My Dick” (2006)

As is well known, jokes that deal with the primary human sexual characteristics are divisive. Whoever doesn’t grimace in the face of the lyrics of “My Dick” must either be made of stone or doesn’t like the ingenious comparisons of Mickey Avalon.

Before hearing the track, we didn’t know how colorful the penis metaphors can be, making it clear to the listener that the rapper’s best play far surpasses those reproductive organs of his lyrical adversaries. “My Dick” was a hidden track on the album “Mickey Avalon,” which the rapper released on MySpace Records at the time. Especially in the vastness of the Internet, the funny track spread in no time at all.

9th place: Kollegah & Majoe – “From lettuce shrinks the biceps” (2014)

What once started as a running gag culminated in a strong rap performance by two Bavarian ladies, supported in the chorus by Kollegah and Majoe. Long before the release of the fun number, Felix Blume aka Kollegah, repeatedly gave out the slogan that salad is the main reason for lack of muscle growth. Within the track, which was fittingly released on 1. Released in April, the two ladies dressed in traditional costumes tell us in the broadest Bavarian accents about all the adverse effects that eating the green leaves can have on our upper arm circumference.

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You may think what you want of Kollegah and Majoe, but with “Von Salat Schrumpf der Bizeps” the two of them without a doubt succeeded in creating a humorous masterpiece.

10th place: The Sugarhill Gang – “Rapper’s Delight” (1979)

Already in 1979, the members of The Sugar Hill Gang showed us how chanting and humorous lyrics can be combined stylishly. In retrospect, the rappers were way ahead of their time. The colorful songs, the catchy beats, and the earworm melodies contributed to “Rappers Delight” not only earned its place in our selection but also represented an important milestone in the history of hip-hop itself.

While the rap trio’s track charted only mediocrely in the United States, it established itself in the top 3 of the hit list here in Germany.

11th place: 50 Cent – “Candy Shop” (2005)

The ambiguous lyrics used within the number make “Candy Shop” so funny. While the naive, objective listener might indeed think of a diabetes-inducing land of milk and honey given the dazzling nibbles, we know which lollipops are licked in the U.S. rapper’s lyrics.

The song, an outtake from the artist’s second album, was released in 2005 and hit like a bomb right after its release. The number, peppered with sexual innuendos, sold more than 2.5 million copies worldwide and took the top spot in the charts here in Germany. In addition, “Candy Shop” received three records in gold and four in platinum due to its immense sales figures.

12th place: Kanye West – “Gold Digger” (2005)

In the world of rap, the phrase “gold digger” describes a shady lady who throws herself at wealthy men, only to fleece her unsuspecting victims like a Christmas goose afterward. In 2005, superstar Kanye West dedicated a final reckoning to those greedy women by relentlessly revealing all the false snakes’ perfidious strategies and behavior patterns within the track “Gold Digger.”

Together with Jamie Foxx, the U.S. rapper described the “Gold Digger” genre in a sophisticated way and left a lasting impression with his song. Seven platinum records and the first place in the Billboard Hot 100 prove the importance of the track in the United States at that time.

13th place: Jibbs – “Chain Hang Low” (2006)

Who in the rap world holds something on itself, which does not get tired to emphasize, which material prosperity he can call his own. This “Bling-Bling-Gepose” was taken to the extreme by Jibbs in 2006.

How low hangs your chain? What precious material is your necklace made of? In the ” Chain Hang Low ” chorus, a children’s choir wants all these questions answered.

In combination with an ironic music video, the rapper took the “flex game” to a whole new level. The artist himself was only 15 years old at the time of the release and was happy that his first work could conquer the eleventh place in the American sales list.

14th place: Ludacris – “Move Bitch” (2002)

No matter with what intention Ludacris released his song “Move Bitch” in 2002, probably every one of us has already exposed the lyrics to the verbalization within his circle of friends. Especially when your buddy or your buddy is blocking your way, it is a good idea to quote the lyrical outpourings of the US-American rapper and get a lot of laughs afterward.

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After its release, the musical call to make way was able to conquer the 10. It made it to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 and remains unforgotten to this day.

15th place: Shaggy – “It Wasn’t Me”(2000)

We all know them: those rascals who always make rude shenanigans and still claim afterward that they have nothing to do with the matter at all. Shaggy dedicated his very own hymn to this clientele, which seems to be at a loss for lazy excuses, in 2000. With a wink, the artist tells us within the song “It Wasn’t Me” how he tries to convince his girlfriend of his innocence, although she has just caught her partner with another lady.

The track of the Jamaican is part of the album “Hot Shot” and could achieve huge success on the music market. The song went to number one in the United States and Great Britain, while “It Wasn’t Me” was celebrated in Germany with a gold record and fourth place in the charts.

16th place: OutKast – “Ms. Jackson” (2000)

The intro of the track alone, in which Andre 3000 dedicates the song to all mothers and their mothers, attacks our laughing muscles. Also, the following musical apology to the mama of an elapsed love comes across as so absurd and embarrassing in parts that we couldn’t help but sing “Ms.

Jackson” is in our selection of the funniest rap songs of all time. The number is one of the most commercially successful releases of the American hip-hop duo and also conquered the pole position of the charts in Germany. In Great Britain, the song was finally awarded a platinum record due to its numerous sales.

#17: MC Hammer – “U Can’t Touch This” (1990)

Need “U Can’t Touch This” by MC Hammer still great words? There is probably no single person with access to modern media who has not enjoyed the track’s catchy melody. The number is by far the artist’s biggest hit, and nowadays, 30 years after the song’s original release, it seems even more shrill and whimsical than in 1990.

The song, which focuses on the artist’s untouchable self-confidence, received numerous gold records and jumped to second place in our national hit list.

#18: Drake – “Hotline Bling” (2015)

The fact that Canadian rapper Drake produced an entire track about a so-called “booty call” is funny enough in and of itself. But the humorous waves that would accompany the track, which was released in 2015, to the present day took on even more far-reaching traits.

The hype surrounding “Hotline Bling” eventually resulted in a world-famous meme cobbled together from two cuts of the song’s accompanying music video. Never before have the merits of one thing over another been illustrated in such an inimitable way. The song is a single from the album “Views” and, at the same time, one of Drake’s most successful works. Thanks to the gigantic sales figures, “Hotline Bling” received innumerable records in the most different precious metals.

Among other things, the number was awarded in the U.S. alone with eight platinum records.

19th place: Soulja Boy – “Crank That” (2007)

The wave that Soulja Boy started rolling in 2007 with the release of the track “Crank That” must have swept away every hip-hop fan at the time. However, many listeners, especially those whose native language is not English, might not have understood how ambiguous the song’s lyrics are.

The lyrics could also refer to masturbation and thus make the number shine in a completely different light. Regardless of the final Performeration of the piece, “Crank That” was exceptionally well received by a broad international audience. In numbers, this means nothing else than a golden record in Germany and three of the coveted platinum records in the United States.

#20: Lil Jon – “Snap Yo Fingers” (2006)

And that brings us to the end of our Top 20. If you have any doubt that Lil Jon’s “Snap Yo Fingers” is one of the funniest rap songs in history, just imagine a party crowd in a club, snapping their fingers like idiots.

The U.S. rapper accomplished exactly this feat with his song released in 2006.

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That’s it for our top 20 funniest hip-hop songs of all time. As always, we hope that we can entertain you with our article and we wish you a lot of fun with the presented tracks.

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