90 The Most Beautiful Rap And Hip-Hop Love Songs Of All Time

hip hop love songs

Love has long since ceased to be a taboo subject in hip-hop. Since the beginning of rap history, people have been talking about their love for Money and rapped the love to themselves. Meanwhile, rap music has opened up enough to rap about love for another person.

Yes, hip-hop has a romantic side too.

One of the first love songs was the 1987 song “I Need Love” by L.L. Cool J. However, many didn’t buy the love number in which he spoke in a weak voice about being a lonely star. He has had to take some gloating from other rap colleagues for the rap love song.

But the sales figures spoke for themselves. Here’s how the single landed at № 6 on the charts in Germany.

Of course, a lot has changed since the 80s. A rapper’s love song has long since ceased to mean he’s no longer a tough guy on the streets. Canadian rapper and actor “Drake” can fill an entire album with his love songs.

Nevertheless, he is one of the most respected rappers of our time.

“Crazy in Love” by Beyonce shows her genuine love for Jay Z. Kanye West shows a similar side with his wife Kim Kardashian in the music video for his love song “Bound 2”. 50 Cent shows his understanding side in the song “21 Questions”. “I ask questions to find out how you feel inside,” he raps. “I love you like a fat kid loves cake.”

Whether it’s about a guy learning to love again or a lover gushing about how great he is in bed, the best romantic hip-hop songs make it clear that the passions are real.

In Germany, the topic of love is not neglected in rap songs either. Every prominent rapper from Bushido, Sido, Kollegah to Cro and Casper to Fler and Absolute Beginner show their vulnerable side. For this reason, we have also compiled a playlist with the most beautiful German hip-hop songs on the topic of love, which can be found below.

(At the end of the article, we’ve created a Spotify playlist for you with all the songs listed here.)

01. “You Got Me” – The Roots feat. Erykah Badu

With this ballad, The Roots’ hip hop formation made their name worldwide. The track appeared on the band’s fourth album: “Things Fall Apart,” released in 1999.

The female vocals in the chorus were provided by the U.S. singer-songwriter Erykah Badu. Jill Scott took over this part in an alternative mix – this version is on the record “Home Grown! The Beginners Guide to Understanding the Roots, Volume One” from 2005. The song features striking raps in the verses performed by the band and rapper Eve.

The melodic and soulful chorus sets it apart from the rest. The song became a hit worldwide: It entered the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 at number 39 and reached number 25 in the charts in this country.

02. “I Need Love” – L.L. Cool J

With this romantic number, the rapper L.L. Cool J attracted attention in 1987. The lyrics of “I Need Love” are about the longing for love.

It is a single release from the album “Bigger and Deffer.” In Germany, the song rose to #6 in the singles charts, and L.L. Cool J also entered the top ten in the U.K. charts. Besides the distinctive beat of the Roland TR-808 as a drum machine, the 80s synthesizers are especially noticeable on this track.

L.L. Cool J made beside his rap career later also as an actor of itself from talking. So he plays a leading role in the series “Navy C.I.S.: L.A..”

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03. “Killing Me Softly” – The Fugees

In the early seventies, the singer Roberta Flack had a big hit with “Killing Me Softly With His Songs. The Fugees’ hip-hip formation took on this evergreen for their second album, “The Score,” and brought it to the latest musical standard. The result was a track that thrilled with soft chorus vocals of singer Lauryn Hill.

They used for the beat a sample of the song “Bonita Applebum” by the combo A Tribe Called Quest. In 1996, the song climbed to number 1 in the charts worldwide, including Germany, England, Sweden, and the U.S.A. The single was also awarded a Grammy.

04. “Where Is the Love?” – The Black Eyed Peas

The track “Where Is The Love?”For the first time, singer Fergie took over the band The Black Eyed Peas microphone. It is the first single from the third album, “Elephunk.” The track was released in 2003 and had a pacifist message.

The musician Justin Timberlake was also involved in songwriting. In Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and England the single reached the place at the sun in the charts, in the U.S.A. the piece rose to place 8. The band performed the track during their performance at the Super Bowl 2011.

05. “Beautiful” – Snoop Dogg feat. Pharrell, Uncle Charlie Wilson

Rapper Snoop Dogg brought guest vocalists Pharrell and Charlie Wilson for this song. The result was a relaxed ballad in the style of Westcoast Hip-Hip. The number can be heard on “Paid the Cost to Be da Bo$$,” the artist’s sixth studio album.

The Neptunes produced the song, of which Pharell is also a member. In the Billboard Hot 100, the song reached number 6, in the rap charts, even number two. It was released in 2003.

The accompanying video was shot in Rio de Janeiro, it closes with striking samba rhythms performed by a percussion group.

06. “Ms Jackson” – Outkast

№ 1 in the United States, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, and Norway – no question: “Ms Jackson” was real hip-hop hit. To this day, this love song is one of the best in the rap genre.

It was the second single from the album “Stankonia,” released in 2001. The song reached gold status in the U.S. and silver in the U.K. Rapper Andre 3000 used the music to Separation from his ex-girlfriend, the singer Erykah Badu. The sung “Ms Jackson” is supposed to be Badu’s mother.

Compared to other songs from the rap genre, this track stands out for its distinctive instrumentation and catchy melody lines. It was the band’s first big success, which was later followed by the Party song “Hey Ya!” could be repeated.

07. “Always On Time” – Ja Rule feat. Ashanti

On his third album, “Pain is Love,” rapper Ja Rule presented his quieter side with “Always On Time” – soft music. The song inspires by the contrast between the harder rap parts in the verses and the soulful singing voice in the chorus. For two weeks in February 2002, the song remained at the top of the U.S. Billboard Hot 100.

The rapper, whose real name is Jeffrey Atkins, was assisted in the songwriting by producers Marcus Vest aka Channel 7, and Irv Gotti.

08. “Get Me Home” – Foxy Brown ft. Blackstreet

This hit is carried by the distinctive sample from the song “Gotta Get You Home Tonight” by Eugene Wilde from 1984. The young Foxy Brown first attracted attention with this track.

The song was the first single from her debut album, “Ill Na Na, ” released in 1996. In the U.K. dance and the UK R&B charts, the number rose to number 2, and in the domestic R&B/hip-hop airplay charts, it reached the top 10. The songwriting was done by Ronald Broomfield, Horton, and Jay-Z.

09. “Love The Way You Lie” – Eminem feat. Rihanna

The passionate vocals of Barbadian R&B musician Rihanna make this song so memorable. Rapper Eminem released the second single from his seventh studio album, “Recovery.” Lyrically it is about a love-hate relationship that is not very romantic.

However, despite all the lies, the couple can’t let go of each other. The single became a worldwide success, and it reached pole position in numerous countries, including Germany, the U.S., and England. In the U.S.A., it also received 12.000.000 sales achieved.

The equivalent of one diamond record and twelve platinum awards.

10. “I’ll Be There for You / You’re All I Need to Get By” – Method Man and Mary J Blige

This song is a duet between singer Mary J Blige and rapper Method Man. A Duo or Group awarded the Grammy for Best Rap Performance. The song is based on samples and ideas from “All I Need” by Method Man and “You’re All I Need to Get By” by Aretha Franklin.

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In the U.S. charts, the number made it to № 3 in 1995, in the Billboard Hot R&B Singles and the Billboard Hot Rap Singles and in the Canadian charts was even the pole position in it. For the radio version of the song, the rapper Puff Daddy worked as a producer.

11. “Just A Friend” – Biz Markie

Biz Markie is considered today as a real One-hit wonder. Nevertheless: This song is still unforgotten. Biz Markie took over the songwriting and produced the song.

The song was a single from the album “The Biz Never Sleeps,” released in September 1989. In the Billboard charts, the love song rose to number 9. The number “You Got What I Need” by Freddie Scott from 1968 served as a template. “Just A Friend” was used for Mario’s 2002 single “Just A Friend” – and even made it to #4 on the U.S. charts.

12. “She’s Gone” – The Fantastic Four

Goodbye fun rap – with “Sie Ist Weg,” Die Fanastischen Vier’s hip-hop formation from Stuttgart proved that they could also be quite romantic and thoughtful. The first-person narrator – spoken by Michi Beck – tells of his broken heart.

A theme that went down well with rap fans in Germany: The single became the band’s first № 1 in 1995 and also won the Golden Record Award. The accompanying studio album “Lauschgift” just missed the pole position. Thanks to this single, the four rappers established themselves in the German music scene.

13. “One More Chance” – The Notorious B.I.G. feat. Faith Evans

You can hear the original version of “Biggie’s” debut album “Ready To Die” from 1994. And it’s not romantic because of the explicit lyrics.

The radio mix, released as a single, is more emotional. The relationship of the two musicians was the focus of this song. The single reached number 2 in the Billboard Charts, in the Hot R&B and the Hip-Hop Songs Charts; the track made it first.

The rapper Puff Daddy was the producer of this track. Musician Mary J. Blige also contributed a vocal part. The song went platinum and sold over a million copies.

14. “Dear Mama” – 2Pac

A love song for his mother brought the rapper 2Pac in 1995 the big breakthrough. The track “Dear Mama” was released from the rapper’s third album and rose to number 1 in the U.S. rap charts. During the release of the single, the musician himself was in prison. Lyrically, the song “Dear Mama” is about the musician’s childhood and love for his mother.

In Germany, the track also entered the Top 100, in the UK charts it even entered the Top 30. One of his homeland 2Pac received for this release the platinum record. The accompanying album “Me Against The World” even managed in the course of this success double platinum.

15. “Teenage Love” – Slick Rick

Slick Rick released his debut album “The Great Adventures of Slick Rick” in 1988. To this day, he is considered one of the pioneers in hip-hop. “Teenage Love” was the first single from the record, rising to #16 on the Hot Black Singles chart. The accompanying music video also features Lil’ Kim, who was almost unknown at the time and would later launch a successful rap career herself.

The song is based on a simple drum beat and stripped-back synth sounds. With the follow-up single “Children’s Story,” Slick Rick succeeded in another hit.

16. “Ruffneck” – MC Lyte

With catchy beats, the hip-hop love song “Ruffneck” can convince. MC Lyte released their fourth studio album, “Ain’t No Other.” She managed her first Top 40 single: the track rose to #35 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100.

In addition, the single received gold status, as it has accumulated more than 500. sold 000 copies. MC Lyte was also nominated for the Grammy 1994 with “Ruffneck” – as Best Rap Solo Performance. The style of the music is classified as East Coast hip-hop and hardcore rap.

17. “Marvin’s Room” – Drake

Not so much romantic, but still a love song is “Marvin’s Room” by Drake. Here, the lyrical self’s disappointed love is the lyrics’ focus.

Drake’s second album, “Take Care, ” is a single release.” The single was released in 2011 and rose to number 21 in the Billboard Hot 100. The very calmly kept piece jumped in the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs Charts even up to the Top 10.

18. “Easy” – CRO

As if out of nowhere, the single “Easy” by Cro appeared in 2011. A romantic rap love song in the German language.

Only who is behind the name Cro was not known. Because the artist preferred to perform wearing a mask. The song is characterized by a relaxed beat, borrowed from the track “Sunny” by Bobby Hebb. This piece is also incorporated into the music.

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“Easy” also became known for the accompanying music video, in which the model Sula Starridou raps her way through the supposed everyday life. For almost fifty weeks, the single remained in the German charts, peaking at number 2. In Austria and Switzerland, Cro reached platinum status with this song.

The radio station Eins Live chose “Easy” as the year 2012.

19. ” LOVE.” – Kendrick Lamar feat. Zacari

A song titled “LOVE.” carries, simply must be romantic. Therefore, it is no wonder that Kendrick Lamar released one of the best hip-hop love songs in recent years with this track. In 2017, the number hit the record stores.

In addition to elements of hip-hop, trap influences can also be heard out. The track boasts a peak ranking of 11 on the Billboard Hot 100. Overall, “LOVE.” for forty weeks in the U.S. charts.

20. “What You Want” – Mase feat. Total

“What You Want” was Mase’s second single from his debut album “Harlem World.” He was supported by Kim, Keisha, and Pam, the musicians of the R&B group Total.

The track also features a sample of the song “Right on for the Darkness” by Curtis Mayfield. The number hit the record stores in January 1998 and received gold status just one month later. The highest position in the Billboard Hot 100 was #6. This was the second top ten success of the musician after “Feel So Good.”

The places 21-90 of the most beautiful rap love songs of all time

Each song is linked to its music video via the title.

21.Crazy in LoveEminem
22.Come CloseCommon feat. Mary J. Blige
23.Love Is…Common
24.21 Questions50 Cent
25.Crazy in LoveBeyoncé Knowles, Jay-Z
26.Love RehabR. Kelly, Twista
27.Beautiful (feat. Pharrell, Uncle Charlie Wilson)Snoop Dogg
28.Around the Way GirlLL Cool J
29.The LightCommon
30.Your LoveNicki Minaj
31.Love in This Club Young Jeezy, Usher
33.Love Me or Hate Me Lady Sovereign
34.DJ Got Us Fallin in LovePitbull, Usher
35.Keine TräneFarid Bang
36.Best I Ever HadDrake
37.No LoveLil Wayne, Eminem
38.Not Feelin’ the LoveR. Kelly
39.California LoveDr. Dre, Tupac Shakur, Roger Troutman
41Bound 2Kanye West feat. Charlie Wilson
42..Love You MoreEminem
43.Hate It or Love It50 Cent, Jayceon Terrell Taylor
44.Reich & SchönFard
45.How’s It Goin’ DownDMX
46.ReceiptLil Wayne
47.I Need a GirlDiddy
49.Love You Long TimeThe Black Eyed Peas
51.Put It On Me [feat. Vita & Lil’ Mo]Ja Rule
52.Turn on the LightsFuture
53.Lil LoveBone Thugs-N-Harmony, Bow Wow, Mariah Carey
54.Use Me UpUGK
55.ReneeThe Lost Boyz
57.Super BassNicki Minaj
58.Gotta Lotta LoveIce-T
59.Me & My BitchThe Notorious B.I.G
60.I’m RealJennifer Lopez, Ja Rule
61.I.H.D.P. [feat. Sun Diego]Kollegah
62.Talk About Our LoveKanye West, Brandy Norwood
63.Die Hoffnung stirbt zuletztBushido feat. Cassandra Steen
64.Make Me Better [feat. Ne-Yo]Fabolous
65.Love in WarOutkast
66.Mind SexDead Prez
67.Bonita ApplebumA Tribe Called Quest
68.Act Too (The Love of My Life)The Roots
69.Und was ist Jetzt?Curse
70.Honeydips in GothamBoogiemonsters
71.All StarSnaga & Pillath
72.In Love With a ThugSnoop Dogg
73.I Just Wanna Love U (Give It 2 Me)Jay-Z
74.The Nigga Ya Love to HateIce Cube
75.Love Can Kill YouBT
76.Brown Skin LadyBlack Star
77.Still Got Love for YouJay-Z, Beanie Sigel, Rell
78.G-Love (U Don’t Love Me)LeToya Luckett, Gucci Mane
80.Passin’ Me ByThe Pharcyde
81.Slum BeautifulOutKast
82.Tallahassee LoveT-Pain
83.I Wanna Love YouAkon, Snoop Dogg
84.Love Is the MessageRaekwon, Cappadonna
85.Love HaterOutkast
86.Dog LoveDMX, Amerie, Janyce
87.Puppy Love Daz Dillinger, Snoop Dogg, Nate Dogg
88.One LoveWhodini
89.Beautiful SkinGoodie Mob
90.I Love YouVanilla Ice

German rap love songs

Each song is linked to the corresponding music video via the title.

1.Ein TeilCRO
2.keine TräneFarid Bang
5.Die Hoffnung stirbt zuletztBushido ft. Cassandra Steen
7.Marteria GirlMarteria
8.LauraPrinz Pi
9.Herz Aus SteinKay One
10.All StarSnaga & Pillath
11.1ste Liebe [feat. Joy Denalane]Max Herre
13.Hin zur SonneCasper
14.Die EineDie Firma
16.I.H.D.P. [feat. Sun Diego]Kollegah
17.LiebesliedAbsolute Beginner
18.WiderstandCurse feat. Gentleman
19.ManchmalMajoe feat. KC Rebell & Summer Cem
21.Reich & SchönFard
24.Und was ist Jetzt?Curse
25.Eigentlich wollte er nie ein Liebeslied schreibenSDP
26.Mit dir Freundeskreis feat. Joy Denalane
27.Wie ein EngelBushido
29.Mein Licht Azad
31.Charlie SheenFler & Silla

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