The 100 Best Songs About Fire & Flames

Songs About Fire

A famous metaphor used in pop music is fire, sometimes to the point that it becomes a cliché. Many rocks, country, pop, and hip-hop songs are about fire, are used as a metaphor, or are included in the song’s title.

Of all the elements, fire is the one that appears most often in songs. It is used both literally and, more often, as a symbol of love (“I’m on Fire”) or something more pleasurable (“The Fire Down Below”). It’s also the most versatile element because of its various levels – from comforting heat to devastating burns.

Our top list of the best fire songs is colorful. Some are about love, and some are about sex.

Various Performerations of fire in song lyrics
Depending on the song, the word fire can mean various things. Often the word is associated with romance or breakups.

The term has also been used to describe the desire and intensity of missing someone or something.

Many songs use the word fire to describe the turmoil that follows an argument. Pieces that use this metaphor are often narrative or confessional, and fire is the perfect metaphor for describing struggles and challenges in life.

How different genres have used fire as a metaphor
The word fire evokes strong emotions. Some rock bands, pop bands, and hip-hop groups have used the word to express fear and anger.

Several folk musicians of the 60s and 70s used the term as a metaphor for the social changes taking place in their time. The word has been used as a symbol of revolution and rebellion.

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In the R&B and soul genres, fire has been used to convey conflict or hidden longings regarding relationships. This “hot” word can be used for so many different things. It’s amazing how one word can be used to describe so many experiences in our lives!

(You can find a Spotify playlist at the end of the article.)

Ranked 1 – 100 of the best songs about fire & flames:

№: Song: Performer: Listen:
1. We Didn’t Start The Fire Billy Joel
2. I’m on Fire Bruce Springsteen
3. Fight Fire With Fire Metallica
4. Sex on Fire Kings Of Leon
5. Ring of Fire Johnny Cash
6. Burning Down the House The Talking Heads
7. Light My Fire The Doors
8. London’s Burning The Clash
9. Feuerwerk Wincent Weiss
10. Fire Water Burn Bloodhound Gang
11. Ashes & Fire Ryan Adams
12. Feuer Frei! Rammstein
13. Firework Katy Perry
14. Set Fire to the Rain Adele
15. Beds are Burning Midnight Oil
16. Firestarter The Prodigy
17. Song on Fire Nickelback
18. Fire Woman The Cult
19. I See Fire Ed Sheeran
20. Just Like Fire Pink
21. Angel on Fire Halsey
22. Firewall Bright Eyes
23. Feuer Capital Bra
24. Sleep Now in the Fire Rage Against The Machine
25. Feuer Marteria
26. Burnin’ for You Blue Oyster Cult
27. Fire Burns Nicki Minaj
28. House on Fire Ryan Cabrera
29. Open Fire The Darkness
30. Heart on Fire Clean Bandit
31. Feuer Loredana, Getinjo
32. Original Fire Audioslave
33. Burning Bright (Field on Fire) Nine Inch Nails
34. Fire Your Guns AC/DC
35. Fireworks Drake
36. Forged in Fire Anvil
37. Blood Fire War Hate Soulfly
38. Jump Into the Fire Nilsson
39. Feuer Jan Delay
40. Paper in Fire John Mellencamp
41. Start a Fire Passenger
42. Cold Fire Rush
43. Death in Fire Amon Amarth
44. Eternal Flame The Bangles
45. Rooms on Fire Stevie Nicks
46. (You Will) Set the World on Fire David Bowie
47. Fire On The Inside Pillar
48. Hearts Burst Into Fire Bullet for My Valentine
49. The Fire Down Below Bob Seger
50. Heart on Fire Scars on 45
51. Fire It Up Modest Mouse
52. Enter the Eternal Fire Bathory
53. Fire on the Mountain Rob Thomas
54. Feuer Jennifer Rostock
55. Play With Fire The Rolling Stones
56. Girl on Fire Alicia Keys
57. Fire and the Thud Arctic Monkeys
58. I Am the Fire Halestorm
59. Fireball Pitbull
60. Home Is A Fire Death Cab for Cutie
61. Set Me on Fire Flyleaf
62. Inside the Fire Disturbed
63. Chariots of Fire Vangelis
64. Full of Fire Al Green
65. Fire The Jimi Hendrix Experience
66. Lake of Fire Meat Puppets
67. Firewood Regina Spektor
68. Feuer ELIF
69. World On Fire Sarah McLachlan
70. Fire Lake Bob Seger
71. On Fire Switchfoot
72. Friendly Fire Nothing More
73. Fire and Rain James Taylor
74. Hearts on Fire Passenger
75. Fire Away Skrillex
76. The Flame Cheap Trick
77. All Fired Up Pat Benetar
78. Fireworks Madina Lake
79. Serpentine Fire Earth, Wind & Fire
80. Fireside Arctic Monkeys
81. Baptized in Fire Kid Cudi
82. This Fire Killswitch Engage
83. Lampshades on Fire Modest Mouse
84. Freedom or Fire Fear Factory
85. On Top of Old Smokey The Weavers
86. Fireball Deep Purple
87. Old Flame Juice Newton
88. Firehouse KISS
89. Attack Ships on Fire Revolting Cocks
90. Fireman Lil Wayne
91. Black Hearts (On Fire) Jet Jet
92. Cat People (Putting Out Fire) David Bowie
93. Fire and Desire Drake
94. Scream Aim Fire Bullet for My Valentine
95. Set My World on Fire The Feeling
96. Great Balls of Fire Jerry Lee Lewis
97. Fire Bomb Rihanna
98. Circle of Fire Sam Phillips
99. Through the Fire Chaka Khan
100. Halo on Fire Metallica
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Fire Spotify Playlist:

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