The 59 Best Schlager Music For A Successful Celebration

Schlager Party Hits

Schlager is a great music genre, and not everyone can relate to classic pop music. But if you take a closer look, you will soon realize that the German Schlager has its charms and not infrequently gets one or the other party started properly because everyone can sing and dance along to a Schlager song.

Especially the public television in Germany pays excellent attention to Schlager. Thus, the ARD and ZDF channels hold major folk music events, bringing new Schlager stars to light.

In our playlist, you can find all famous Schlager-Performerers from Udo Jürgens, Roy Black, Wolfgang Petry, Connie Francis, Roberto Blanco over Andrea Berg, Helene Fischer, to newer Schlager-hits by Beatrice Egli, Michael Wendler, Nik P., and Anna-Maria Zimmermann.

Have fun browsing through our list for your next Schlager party!

(At the end of the article, we have created a Spotify playlist for you with all the songs listed here.)

Modern Schlager Party Hits:

01. Hulapalu by Andreas Gabalier (2015)

If you think that only the old hands of the genre belong to a successful Schlager party, you are very much mistaken. Even today, many great hits by young pop stars are released. A good example is the young Austrian Andreas Gabalier. “Hulapalu” is just one of the singer’s many successful hits.

With this song, the flirt on the dance floor works out without problems because the lady in the lyrics would like to do, is not quite youthful. The rousing melody rounds off the wicked hit perfectly and must be present at the next party in any case.

02. Breathless through the night by Helene Fischer (2013)

Today’s best known and most successful pop star is the German singer Helene Fischer. She has ensured fully booked concert halls for years and brings one hit after the other. Her biggest success was undoubted “Atemlos Durch die Nacht.”

The lyrics are about a couple enjoying their love and life without limits. Helene Fischer even won an ECHO with it in 2015. This song is also made for a crackle on the dance floor of a great Schlager party.

03. Summer by Beatrice Egli (2015)

As soon as the days become cold and dark in our latitudes, many people with the warm season and its comforts return. This fact seizes the Swiss Pop singer Beatrice Egli in her 2015 hit song “Summer.”

A song packed with the longing for sun, beach, sea, paradise, warmth, joie de vivre, feeling, and light. It’s a classic hit song with content that appeals to everyone, so it makes a great addition to any party.

04. Viva Colonia by Höhner (2004)

A humid happy Carnival song of the Cologne band Höhner is “Viva Colonia”. Born out of great love for their hometown Cologne, the artists released the song in 2004, making it the unofficial anthem of the city.

It stayed in the charts for weeks, was translated into eight languages, and reached 150.000 copies, the title of the best-selling hit since the year 1975. The song should express pure joie de vivre and invites to sing along loudly and celebrate. Not for nothing, Höhner even won a gold record with it.

05. Schatzi, schenk’ mir ein Foto by Mickie Krause (2010)

Without a doubt, Mickie Krause is one of the most popular Mallorca entertainers of our time. Many of his Ballermann hits Are party-worthy, but unfortunately, we can not present them all.

But we have picked out one: “Schatzi, schenk’ mir ein Foto” from the year 2010. The lyrics are about a young man who falls head over heels in love one evening at the sight of a strange woman and approaches her with an – admittedly very clumsy – come-on. This method is not recommended for party guests, but the song is great for partying and should be part of every party.

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06. This night is worth every sin by Andrea Berg (2016)

Andrea Berg is still far from disappearing from the scene. The years of success are a testament to her talent in the Schlager industry, and even today, she shows what she can do. In 2016 she released “This night is worth every sin” from the album “Soulquake” and landed another hit.

In the song, a woman meets a forgiven man who unexpectedly invites her to spend the night with him. Her heart is doing somersaults, and the love frenzy is taking hold – so hopefully on every successful party.

07. The red horse by Markus Becker feat. Mallorca Cowboys (2007)

This song is a typical Mallorca hit – a party hit with funny lyrics and groovy rhythm. Everyone knows the verses and the gestures that one while dancing and everyone is just waiting for this song to be played when it’s called Schlagerparty again.

The work is based on an old children’s song from the end of the 50s and was revived by Markus Becker’s version in 2007.

08. Cardiac arrest by Michelle (2015)

Pop singer Michelle releases “Herzstillstand,” a party hit with disco potential. The main character in the song is freshly in love and can not believe it.

She reacts with extreme physical reactions and even fears a Cardiac arrest, So overwhelmed is she by the beautiful feelings of new love. Can there be a more suitable hit to fall in love with on the dance floor? In any case, the song from 2015 promises only good things – even if it’s just to get the party started.

09. Fuck it by Peter Wackel (2013)

A hymn of praise to the party island of Mallorca sang the German pop star Peter Wackel in 2013. Anyone who has ever traveled to the Spanish peninsula can confirm that the party there never ends. The song highlights all sides of Mallorca life: long nights, lots of alcohol, crazy vacationers, chips and pizza, loud music, fun parties, and, of course, the sun, beach, and sea.

Which guest does not get with the song desire on party vacation? “Scheiß’ Drauf” is a compulsory program at a party and should encourage the guests to “shit on it” and have fun.

10. Born to love you by DJ Ötzi & Nik P. (2014)

The two hit stars DJ Ötzi, and Nik P. Have 2014 with “Born to love you,” released another banger. The main character in the song promises his beloved eternal love. With this song in the background, even the most awkward boy will surely find it easier to convince his girlfriend of his feelings.

The two pop singers have been popular at every party for years, and rightly so – their hits are rousing, appealing, and well-thought-out.

11. You have lied to me a thousand times by Andrea Berg (2001)

The beginning makes this true Dauerbrenner under the Schlager hits. In this song from 2001, Andrea Berg sings about a man who completely drove her crazy but can’t commit to him. Despite a multitude of missteps, she falls for him anew every time.

Many are familiar with this problem of doing the wrong thing repeatedly in the rush of emotions; thus, most party guests will be able to relate to the story very well. Not for nothing was this hit number 2 in the GEMA top ten international songs in 2007.

Places 12-39 of the best modern Schlager party songs:

Each song is linked to the corresponding music video via the title.
Modern Schlager songs that no Schlager party should be without:

Place: Song title: Artist: Year:
12. A woman like you Hein Simons 2015
13. Cardiac arrest Michelle
14. I die for you Vanessa may 2016
15. Deja vu Andrea Jürgens 2016
16. Like the first time Michael Wendler 2016
17. With no one else Helene Fischer 2013
18. The man is the problem Udo Jürgens 2014
19. Dreamers like us Andrea Berg 2013
20. Listen to your heart Linda Hesse 2014
21. I remember everything Oliver Haidt 2015
22. Brand new Wolfgang Petry 2015
23. listen to LaBelle 2016
24. You have turned my head so Anna-Maria Zimmermann 2015
25. Under the rainbow Andrew Martin 2014
26. Now you are here Manuel Dobler 2016
27. Queen of the night The Wildkogelkrainer 2015
28. The world has never seen that Andrea Berg 2016
29. Polar Star Franziska 2014
30. What are you dreaming of Michael Wendler 2015
31. What are we waiting for Howard Carpendale 2015
32. Summer in Paris Anna-Maria Zimmermann 2015
33. Right to the heart Laura Wilde 2015
34. I lie there like this Jörg Bausch 2015
35. Joana (You horny sow) Tommy 2009
36. Schatzi give me a photo DJ Mape 2012
37. Without words Beatrice Egli 2015
38. If you’re brown, you’ll get women Mickie Krause 2015
39. Today we sleep in my convertible Jürgen Drews 2015
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Classic Schlager party hits:

01. Verdammt, ich lieb’ dich by Matthias Reim (1990)

Another work that everyone knows and to which everyone sings along can. Matthias Reim, who composed it for other performers, unceremoniously released the song after record companies had no chance of success. The single sold millions of copies were number 1 in the German-speaking charts for months and is still a must at every good party.

The lyrics are about a man who loves a woman but has lost her due to his urge for freedom. Now he sings about his emotional chaos and painful loss.

02. In the car in front of me by Henry Valentino & Uschi (1977)

This funny German earworm from 1977 is about a man driving on the highway behind a woman he doesn’t know and imagines who she is, what she is doing, and where she is heading right now. While he has no evil thoughts, the woman becomes more and more nervous as she feels that the man behind her is following her. The story ends with the woman driving off the highway to get rid of him.

In the year of its release, the song was not very successful, but in the years that followed, it became more and more popular, and today it is one of the most popular Schlager hits at every party.

03. Ohne dich schlaf’ ich heut’ Nacht nicht by Münchner Freiheit (1985)

One of the best musical works is certainly this hit song. In this song, the singer assures his lover, “What I want is you,” and wants to leave out unnecessary discussions and annoyances.

The song landed directly at number one in Austria and Switzerland, at number two in Germany. It was on the charts for weeks and reached more than 600 songs.000 copies sold. The rocky sound gives this hit song a certain coolness and should not be missing at any party.

04. Wenn du denkst du denkst, dann denkst du nur du denkst by Julia Werding (1975)

The most famous song by Juliane Werding from the album of the same name was the single “Wenn du denkst du denkst dann denkst du nur du denkst”. Juliane Werding contributed to the then strengthened women’s movement with the song.

In “Wenn du denkst du denkst dann denkst du nur du denkst” (When you think you think, then you think only you believe), she thematized the way men think that they cannot trust women with anything.

The song was a big hit and is still one of the most famous Schlager party songs today. The song itself is about the disregard of women’s abilities at work and in everyday life and in activities such as playing cards, which at the time when the song came out was a purely male domain in the taverns.

05. Madness by Wolfgang Petry (1983)

Madness is a song of the same name from 1983 by German pop singer Wolfgang Petry. He sings about the woman he loves but leaves for another man.

He searches all over the city to win her back over in the process. The song only made it to #38 in the German charts at its release. But at the end of the 90s, a remix followed, and in the years after, “Wahnsinn” became more and more popular.

Today you can hear the song at any good Schlager party, where the raging crowd shouts “hell, hell, hell, hell.”

06. Greek Wine by Udo Jürgens (1974)

After Udo Jürgens had waited for two years for the right lyrics for his melody composed after a vacation in Greece, “Griechischer Wein” came into being. The lyrics describe the loneliness and homesickness of the first Greek guest workers who settled in Germany in the 70s.

With Greek wine and the old familiar songs, they revel in thoughts of their homeland and their families left behind. It reached number one in Germany and Switzerland, and number two in Austria. Which song would fit better to a damp merry night than this one?

07. Fall in love, lose, forget, forgive by Wolfgang Petry (1992)

Another heartbreak hit by Wolfgang Petry joins the list of the best Schlager party hits. This is also about a man who has lost his great love and now suffers loneliness at home. At the beginning of the 90s, the song was a huge success, and still today, you can hear it at all good Schlager parties.

Hardly anyone who can not and will not sing along. A hit that you should not miss at any party.

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08. You can’t always be seventeen by Chris Roberts (1974)

People beyond the 30 know it: The Longing, to be young and free once again. Free from worries, duties, and hardships, in a youthful and crisp fresh body.

In the biggest of his many hits, Chris Roberts sings about the fact that everyone ages, but that’s no reason to be too sad he is. Age holds many positive surprises, and this realization should be celebrated – best at the next party with “You can’t always be seventeen.”

09. Beautiful strange man by Connie Francis (1961)

The US-American singer Connie Francis celebrated great success in the early 60s with her fourth German song, “Schöner fremder Mann” (“Beautiful Stranger Man”). She knew exactly what she wanted: This one man, but he was stupidly together with another woman.

But in her dreams, he was hers, and she would never feel more for anyone than for him. Who is just as in love or would like to fall in love comes to this hit hardly past. It belongs to the obligatory program at every celebration.

10. Maya the Bee by Karel Gott (1976)

All children of the 70s, 80s, and 90s know the cartoon character Maya the Bee and the corresponding song. Who doesn’t like to reminisce about childhood memories, memories of carefree and beautiful times? The easiest way to do that is with the help of music. “Maya the Bee” is a cult hit everyone can sing along to.

The song with catchy tune potential entered the charts and is still one of the most popular hits on German TV today.

The places: 11-59. Of the best classic hit party songs:

Each song is linked via the title with the corresponding music video.
The following Schlager songs let you reminisce and heat up the party. Rediscover old hits!

Places: Song title: Artist: year:
11. 1000 and 1 night Klaus Lage 1984
12. An honorable house Udo Jürgens 1974
13. It’s nice to be in the world Roy Black & Anita 1966
14. A little peace Nicole 1994
15. Above the clouds Dieter Thomas Kuhn 1997
16. A little bit of fun is necessary Roberto Blanco 1969
17. Anita Costa Cordalis 1992
18. Marble, stone and iron breaks Drafi German 1965
19. He has a bright red rubber boat Wencke Myhre 1997
20. He belongs to me Marianne Rosenberg 1994
21. A bed in a cornfield Jürgen Drews 1976
22. Madness Wolfgang Petry 1983
23. I don’t want chocolate Trude Lord 1994
24. Is the old Holzmichl still alive? The Randfichten 2004
25. Fiesta Mexicana Rex Gildo 1972
26. Mama Heintje 1967
27. When will it be summer again Rudi Carrell 1993
28. Lovesickness is not worth it listen to Siw Malmkvist 1964
29. I want a cowboy for a husband Gitte Haenning 1963
30. A new love is like a new life Jürgen Marcus 1990
31. You have lied to me a thousand times Andrea Berg 2001
32. Red lips should be kissed Cliff Richard 1990
33. Two little Italians Conny Froboess 1996
34. Say goodbye softly “Servus” Peter Alexander 1984
35. Theo, we’re going to Lodz Vicky Leandros 1974
36. It’s supposed to rain red roses for me Hildegard Knef 1993
37. There is a train to nowhere Christian Anders 1995
38. Ramona The Blue Diamonds 1981
39. In the car in front of me Henry Valentino + Uschi 1977
40. Excuse me – I know you Peter Cornelius 1980
41. Michaela Bata Illic 1997
42. Beyond Eden Nino de Angelo 1984
43. Everything under control again Jürgen Drews 1999
44. Hey baby DJ Ötzi 2000
45. The Red Sun Of Barbados The Flippers 1986
46. Pure Lust In Life Vulture swoop 2001
47. Seven barrels of wine Roland Kaiser 1977
48. Only the bossa nova was to blame Manuela 1963
49. I have never been to New York Udo Jürgens 2007
50. You are the sun for me in the morning Karel God 1989
51. I am in love with love Chris Roberts 1971
52. Miracles always happen Katja Ebstein 2005
53. Moscow Genghis Khan 1979
54. Dance with me into the morning Gerhard Wendland 1961
55. Raspberry ice cream for breakfast Hoffmann & Hoffmann 1994
56. Ti Amo Howard Carpendale 1977
57. Tonight I have a headache Ireen Sheer 1955
58. I dreamed of you Matthias Reim 1990
59. White roses from Athens Nana Mouskouri 1961

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