The Best Ballermann Hits Of All Time

Best Ballermann Hits

Mallorca is known in Germany as the party island par excellence. Every summer, millions of Germans fly to the Spanish island to party hard, and Ballermann has long been synonymous with booze and party tourism.

Those who party in Mallorca naturally expect the classic Ballermann hits.

Our playlist contains the most popular Ballermann hits of all time. A total of 141 songs create a party atmosphere. With this celebration tracklist, you provide on each place of the world for typical Ballermann feeling.

What is a Ballermann Hit?

A Ballermann hit is mostly a classic folk-pop song or a ballerina song. Eurodance and Kirmestechno song. A Ballermann song in the German language must be sung.

Essential themes of every Ballermann hit are sex and alcohol consumption. Subthemes can be local events, the sun, the beach, or the vacation. It is essential that a Ballermann song is easy to understand and has a catchy melody. A few words are enough for the perfect party song on the Ballermann to make a song a hit.

So that under alcohol influence also the last Schnapsleiche still sing along can.

Who are the biggest Ballermann stars on Mallorca?

Of course, the most important representatives of the early days are Jürgen Drews and Mickie Krause. In the meantime, there is a whole series of German singers and entertainers who create a great atmosphere in the clubs and pubs in Mallorca. These include Tim Toupet, Michael Wendler, Mia Julia, Peter Wackel, Felix Jaehn, Andreas Gabalier, and many more.

In addition to the classic Ballermann hits, our playlist also offers the latest party hits currently heard in Mallorca.

(At the end of the article, we’ve created a Spotify playlist for you with all the songs listed here.)

01. Peter Wackel – Fuck it! (Mallorca is only once a year)

This song has truly made it to the anthem of the Ballermann. The German earworm remains still long in the head and provides not only on the Spanish island for large pleasure. This is due to the simple choice of lyrics, which every still so drunken party-goers sing-along can.

The title conveys the feeling of vacation and party and reminds fans of the upcoming time in Mallorca.

The song was released in 2013 and caused trouble between Peter Wackel and Willi Herren. Peter Wackel, the song’s original artist, played the hit for the first time in the famous discotheque Megapark. The title went down so well with the tourists that the hostile neighboring club Oberbayern recorded its version with Willi Herren.

This happened in the same season. The Ballermann hit was played up and down so that everyone thought Willi Herren was the original Performer. Since then, there has been a real war between the two artists. There will be huge fines if one performs in the exact location as the other.

Nevertheless, the title is one of the most successful Ballermann hits of all time, sung even on the plane home.

02. Mickie Krause – Schatzi, give me a photo

Mickie Krause is one of the most successful singers on the island. Wherever he appears, it’s party time. Mickie Krause, whose real name is Michael Engels, tours around 300 days a year.

Since 1999, he has performed every Tuesday night in the Mallorcan discotheque Riu Palace. No wonder he won the Ballermann Award in 2007. In 2011 and 2013, he won the award again in the category “Best Live Act.”

His music is well-received by all age groups and quickly catches the ear. The lyrics are partly funny, controversial, or even without a closer meaning. For this, the fans love him and celebrate their Schlager king.

The song was recorded and released by Mickie Krause in 2010. A Dutch version already existed in 2009 under the title “Schatje, mag ik je Foto”?”. Thus, the hit of Mickie Krause is a Cover version, which he presented for the first time at the Wiesn 2010.

In 2012 the song became the official Carnival hit and reached 150.000 records sold gold status.

03. Tim Toupet – Such a beautiful day

Tim Toupet’s track is also known as “Airman’s Song”. The first lines of the refrain are “Und ich flieg’, flieg, flieg’ wie ein Flieger” (“And I fly, fly, fly like a plane”).

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The song contains various passages, which animate to participate. So die-hard fans dance along and spread their arms to fly. To imitate the strength of a tiger, one lifts imaginary weights and shows the size of a giraffe; the arms are stretched in the air.

The song is about Friendship, for which no way is too far. The song is popular with tourists to Mallorca and with smaller children. This may be because the original song was written by the children’s singer Donikkl.

04. Jürgen Drews – King of Mallorca

The former Les Humphries singer Jürgen Drews has made a real name. In 1999 he crowned himself “King of Mallorca” with the same name.

This happened in the same year in the famous television program “Wetten, Dass..?!” with Thomas Gottschalk on Mallorca. Since then, he has carried the title and still decorates himself with a crown. The song is well received by tourists, as it lists the popular places of Mallorca and invites them to sing along.

05. De Randfichten – Is the old Holzmichl still alive?

The song is considered one of the most successful titles outside of folk music. The band De Randfichten has existed already since 1992 and has gone through some reshuffles. The Ballermann hit was released in 2004 and reached number 3 in the German single charts.

He encourages the revelers to join in and squat down. After the question, if the old Holzmichel is still alive, everybody stands up and is happy that he is still alive. This cheerful mood is also transferred to the party people, who celebrate exuberantly.

De Randfichten has contributed to making folk music popular.

06. Loona – Bailando

It was the summer hit of 1998 and still causes euphoria among the revelers on Mallorca today. “Bailando” is the biggest hit of the duo Loona, which until 2005 consisted of DJ Sammy and Marie-José van der Kolk. The two Dutchmen were a couple and had a daughter together.

The title is in Spanish and is about two revelers who turn night into day. The song went platinum in Germany and stayed at number 1 in the German singles charts for 24 weeks. To the song, there is a short and catchy dance choreography, which every dance along can.

07. Scooter – Hyper Hyper

At a late hour, this song is an absolute must at Ballermann: the band Scooter has made a real name for itself with this title. Since 1986 the band has existed with the frontman H. P. Baxxter Hans Peter Geerdes in real life. The song is one of the most popular titles from the genre dance/electronic and contributes to the diversity of music.

The Ballermann hit provides plenty of dancing for every age group.

08. 257ers – Holland

The German hip-hop duo 257ers became famous with the title Holland. The name of the band is derived from the place of residence of the two and represents a part of the local zip code.

No wonder they especially honor the neighboring country. One of the most successful Ballermann hits of all time is about all the beautiful things Holland offers. With a winking eye, the two dub the country as one city. The single was released in 2016.

In the same, the duo received two coveted awards from the radio station 1 Live.

09. Markus Becker feat. The Mallorca Cowboys – The red horse

Markus Becker is known for releasing songs to get you involved. The “red horse” is one of the best Ballermann hits of all time and animates the revelers to imitate the movements.

The song was released in 2007. It reached number 4 in the German singles charts and brought Becker gold. It’s about a red horse that fights off a fly with its tail, but it won’t be chased away.

10. Nena – 99 balloons

It is probably the most famous German song from the 1980s99 Luftballons” by Nena is still known worldwide and creates a good atmosphere at the Ballermann. Nena’s music is so popular that she recorded the song in English. In 1983, the title moved to № 1 in the German singles charts and made Nena a star overnight.

It stayed 23 weeks on place 1 and provided for attention of the two divided Germany. For many fans, it is a memory of childhood or youth.

11. Klaus Lage – 1000 and 1 Night

The title is a real classic and provides a lot of romance at Ballermann. It is about a couple who are friends and find each other on a magical night. Despite the many years of friendship, this can be a new beginning for a relationship.

The Ballermann song from 1984 reached number 5 in the German single charts in the same year and is so popular that almost everyone can sing along to it. The title stayed in the charts for over 22 weeks and is very popular with cover bands.

12. Olaf Henning – Cowboy and Indian (get the lasso out)!)

Olaf Henning is a real Schlager singer who plays on Mallorca and other marquee stages. With its German party hit “Cowboy and Indian,” he has secured a permanent place at the Ballermann.

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The title is so popular because it contains a little choreography. It’s about two people getting romantically close and playing cowboys and Indians like children again. The song was released in 2007 and still creates a great atmosphere today.

13. Helene Fischer – Breathless (through the night)

Helene Fischer’s biggest hit is truly one of her best songs: “Atemlos” convinced the last Schlager-muffle and was released in 2013. What was new about it was that Schlager was mixed with modern beats.

The title was written and composed by Kristina Bach. This happened in Mallorca in 2013, and Helene Fischer asked if Bach had a song for her at a party.

The song itself is about two lovers who turn night into day and are happy about life. In 2014, Kristina Bach recorded an English version of the track.

14. Marianne Rosenberg – He belongs to me

The Ballermann song from 1975 has achieved real cult status and brings the revelers a good mood. The song was written by Joachim Heider and Christian Heilburg and was on the German charts for 22 weeks. The song is about a person who confesses to her husband like the “name on the door.

This is how firmly anchored the love of the two is. In 1988, Marianne Rosenberg recorded a remake aimed at the gay movement, and thus, the singer became a gay and lesbian icon.

The song is very popular with karaoke singers and is still sung today by Marianne Rosenberg or other artists in Mallorca.

15. Peter Wackel feat. Chriss Tuxi – Joana

In 2005 the Schlager singer Peter Wackel released the song “Joana” with Chriss Tuxi. This cover version by Roland Kaiser from 1984 invites you to sing along. Die-hard fans sing along after Joana “Du geile Sau” (You horny sow).

The hit is about a forbidden love, which seems to be over already the next morning again. The thought of this woman still puts one in the Dream. Peter Wackel still performs his hit song three times a week in the Oberbayern and Bierkönig in Palma de Mallorca.

16. Nik P. – A star (that carries your name)

The title “Einen Stern” was released in 1998 and was written by the Austrian singer Nik P. sung. Together with DJ Ötzi, he recorded another version of the song in 2006. Towards the end of the 2006 season, the title became more and more famous, as it was often played on the Mallorcan island.

The song is about a person who gives away a star with the name of their loved one. So it is a German love song, which provides for romantic feelings on Ballermanns stages. The title is played with pleasure also for newborn babies.

This leads to great emotions, especially for new parents in Mallorca.

17. Costa Cordalis – Anita

“Anita” is the most successful hit by the pop singer Costa Cordalis. The song was published in 1976 and is still performed today as a karaoke version. Also, many artists like Mickie Krause or Dieter Thomas Kuhn covered the hit of the Greek star. It is about Anita, who has black hair and is somewhere in Mexico.

The song is a real earworm and evergreen, which is especially memorable because of the repetition of the name. The song was popular throughout Europe and climbed to #1 in Switzerland, #3 in Germany, #4 in Austria, and slipped into the top 20 in the Netherlands and Belgium.

18. Michael Wendler – She loves the DJ

Michael Wendler became famous with the song “She loves the DJ.” The former Dinslakener always presented himself proud and swanky. In the beginning, he visited smaller marquees with a limousine and bodyguards.

He made himself heard with it, and he hit like a bomb in 2007. At the latest since the Dschungelcamp 2014, all of Germany knows it. The song itself is about a madly in love with a DJ. The song was first released in 2004 and ranked 27th in the German singles charts.

It stayed on the charts for 30 weeks.

19. Mia Julia – Mallorca, there I am at home

She is the latest discovery of the Ballermann and a real crowd-puller: The former erotic starlet Mia Julia heats the atmosphere at Ballermann. This is not only because of her skimpy outfits but also because of her hard-hitting party hits. The title “Mallorca, da bin ich daheim” appeared in 2015 and made the singer famous overnight.

Their songs like “Endlich wieder Malle” or “Wir sind die Geilsten” belong to the most successful Ballermann hits. It refers to Mallorca and involves the revelers. Their songs reflect the party life and the good times on the Majorcan island.

Thus her fans identify with her songs.

20. Höhner – Viva Colonia

The Höhner is a band from Cologne, making music since 1975 and having achieved real cult status. Not only from the carnival, they are no longer to be imagined without but also from the Ballermann stage. Especially their piece of music, “Viva Colonia,” is trendy, which is also very well received by non-Cologne residents.

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The lyrics “Da simma dabei, das wird prima” can also be applied to the beautiful time on Mallorca. The song is based on the German classic “Im Wald, da sind die Räuber” and is partly sung in Kölsch. It is a love hymn to the city of Cologne and was first released in 2003.

The places 21-141 Ballermann hits to celebrate:

Each song is linked to the corresponding music video via the title.

Place:>Listen to:Artist:
21.Biste braun, kriegste FraunMickie Krause
22.Who The F… Is Alice?Smokie
23.WahnsinnWolfgang Petry
24.Die Krankenschwester [feat. Klaus & Klaus]Mickie Krause
25.Rhythm Is a DancerSnap!
26.Fiesta MexicanaRex Gildo
27.Zehn nackte FriseusenMickie Krause
28.Country RoadsHermes House Band
29.Cowboy und Indianer (Album Version)Olaf Henning
30.Boten Anna (Original Mix)Basshunter
31.Wahnsinn (…Hölle, Hölle, Hölle)Lollies
32.JoanaPeter Wackel feat. Chriss Tuxi
33.Die schönste Frau der WeltMarkus Becker
34.Ich bin ein DönerTim Toupet
35.Eisgekühlter BommerlunderJörg & Dragan
37.Die immer lachtStereoact feat. Kerstin Ott
38.Die Karawane Zieht Weiter…dä Sultan Hät Doosch!Höhner
39.Ich War Noch Niemals In New YorkWilli Herren
40.Dicke Titten, KartoffelsalatIkke Hüftgold
41.Cotton Eye JoeRednex
43.Marmor, Stein Und Eisen BrichtIna Colada
44.Netflix & ChillKay One feat. Mike Singer
45.Marc MareeSeven Nation Army
46.Herzbeben (Rico Bernasconi Remix)Helene Fischer
47.Ohne Dich (schlaf‘ ich heut Nacht nicht ein)Münchener Freiheit
48.Zehn kleine JägermeisterDie Toten Hosen
49.Ich bau dir ein SchlossJürgen Drews
50.Y.M.C.A.Village People
51.On The FloorJennifer Lopez
52.Helikopter 117 (Mach’ den Hub Hub Hub)Tobee
53.Dicke LippenKatja Krasavice
54.Geile ZeitMia Julia
55.RooftopNico Santos
56.Na und?! Ben Zucker
57.Breathe [feat. Ina Wroldsen]Jax Jones
58.I Love MallePeter Wackel
59.XNicky Jam & J Balvin
60.Dragostea Din TeiHaiducii
61.Ich fang Dir den MondAndreas Martin
62.Und ich schenke dir einen Regenbogen Jürgen Drews
63.Pure Lust am LebenGeier Sturzflug
64.Ein Bett im KornfeldJürgen Drews
65.Saufen morgens, mittags, abendsIngo ohne Flamingo
66.Modeste Song Ikke Hüftgold & VFL Eschhofen feat. Kreisligalegende
67.Was für eine geile ZeitBen Zucker
68.Geh mal Bier hol’n – GmBhMickie Krause
69.Jennie [feat. R. City & Bori]Felix Jaehn
70.I sing a Liad für diAndreas Gabalier
71.Cool [feat. Marc E. Bassy & Gucci Mane] [Explicit]Felix Jaehn
72.Samba de JaneiroBellini
73.Wir Trinken Keinen AlkoholDie Autohändler
74.Palma de MallorcaChris Wolff
75.Achterbahn Helene Fischer
76.Ma BakerBoney M.
77.Verdammt lang herAndreas Gabalier
78.Für die Ewigkeit Mickie Krause
79.Mi GenteJ Balvin & Willy William
80.La CinturaAlvaro Soler
81.Das geht abDie Atzen
82.Ab in den SüdenBuddy
83.Verdammt, ich lieb‘ DichMatthias Reim
84.TirolDJ Ötzi
85.HulapaluAndreas Gabalier
86.Lecken Schlucken BeissenMark Sander
87.Viva la nocheCordalis
88.Bella Ciao (HUGEL Remix)El Profesor
89.Hey BabyDJ Ötzi
90.Evacuate The DancefloorCascada
91.Sommer lass mich nicht allein Buddy feat. Meri
92.It’s My LifeDr. Alban
93.Wake Me UpAvicii
94.More Than You KnowAxwell /\ Ingrosso
95.Mein HerzBeatrice Egli
96.Ohne mein Team [feat. Maxwell] [Explicit]Bonez MC and RAF Camora
97.Magisch [feat. Edin]Olexesh
98.Mama [feat. William Singe]Jonas Blue
99.Pocahontas (Zootah Club Remix)Die Draufgänger
100Inselverbot Tim Toupet
101.Infinity 2008Guru Josh Project
102.Amore Amore AmoreAlf
103.Lebt denn dr alte Holzmichl noch?De Randfichten
105.Mama LaudaaaAlmklausi & Specktakel
106.Malle DNARick Arena
107.EmanuelaFettes Brot
108.Schenk mir dein HerzHöhner
109.Die Hände zum HimmelDie Kolibris
111.1000 Träume weit (Tornerò)Anna-Maria Zimmermann
112.Die Hölle morgen frühHelene Fischer
113.Balada (tchê tcherere tchê tchê)Gusttavo Lima
114.Paris Paris ParisKLUBBB3
115.Captain JackCenterfold
116Leider geil (Leider geil)Deichkind
117..Bier Bier BierBackare
118.Ein Stern (der deinen Namen trägt)DJ Ötzi, Nik P.
119.How Much Is the Fish? Scooter
120.Pures GoldNorman Langen
121.Blue (Da Ba Dee)Eiffel 65
123.Heute Fährt Die 18 Bis Nach IstanbulJürgen
124.Du Bist Mein GlückMatthias Reim
125.Über Den WolkenDieter Thomas Kuhn
126.Tu Pum Pum [feat. El Capitaan & Sekuence]Karol G & Shaggy
127.Du hast mich tausendmal belogen Andrea Berg
128.20 ZentimeterMöhre
129.Finger weg von Sachen ohne AlkoholMickie Krause
130.Shake Your Balla (1, 2, 3 Alarma)Hot Banditoz
132.Welcome To St. TropezDJ Antoine vs. Timati feat. Kalenna
133.Er hat ein knallrotes GummibootWencke Myhre
134.Marmor, Stein und Eisen bricht Drafi Deutscher
135.Quando Si Armando Quattrone
136.Johnny DäppLorenz Büffel
137.Hier kommt KurtFrank Zander
138.Verlieben, verloren, vergessen, verzeih’nWolfgang Petry
139.Party, Palmen, Weiber und n‘ BierPeter Wackel
140.Barbie GirlAqua
141.Ich bin soloMickie Krause

Ballermann Hits Spotify playlist:

The Ballermann hits are colorful and often encourage people to dance and join in. German lyrics are rising, but other languages like English or Spanish are also popular. Simple lyrics and melodies to sing along to are the cornerstones for one of the most successful Ballermann hits of all time.

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