Spanish Hits: The 116 Best Spanish Songs Of All Time

Spanish Hits

The Spanish-speaking world has released great music over many decades. Whether you’re looking for songs to help you brush up on your language skills or you’re just curious to discover something new, here are the best Spanish songs you should listen to.

Almost 600 million people speak Spanish globally, and most of them live in Mexico, the Caribbean, South and Central America, and, of course, Spain. The playlist below takes you across space and time, from Europe to the Caribbean to the 1920s to 2019.

Spanish music is enormously diverse, and our Spanish playlist contains the entire spectrum of Latin American music. We offer you a colorful musical mix from the traditional flamenco sound to the irresistible rhythm of reggaeton, Mexican ballads, and Colombian salsa.

Our selection is not limited to hits but includes songs that had a cultural impact, marked a moment, and are simply great compositions. Behind each of the pieces is a story that is still relevant today.

(For each list, we have created a Spotify playlist for you with all the songs listed here.)

01. Hijo De La Luna by Mecano

With Hijo De La Luna, Mecano made his international breakthrough. The enchanting, mystical music makes this song unique, and the lyrics tell a story.

So the song is about a legend. A gypsy woman implores the moon to give her a man, and she gets this one, but in return, she is supposed to provide the moon with her first child.

She agrees, but when the child is born, she wants to undo the thing. The man, in turn, thinks she has cheated on him because the child has too light a skin color (like the moon) and stabs her to death. In the end, the power of the moon and the magic won, and we get a romantic full moon when the child is happy and laughing or a half-moon when the child cries and the moon lulls him to sleep.

Nice idea, beautiful music, and unique sound!

02. Estoy Aqui by Shakira

The song Estoy Aqui is one of the first songs that Shakira has healthy. In her homeland, she already achieved a hit with this song. Even today, the pop song is one of the best Spanish songs.

The Spanish sound, the brilliant music, and the great voice of Shakira are for sure the reason for the great success.

03. Bailando by Loona

With Bailando, Loona succeeded a hit, which enjoyed great popularity all over Europe. Loona got for the song an Echo awarded.

The hit significantly convinces its rhythm and can be considered an actual dance song. In any case, Bailando is one of the most successful Spanish hits in Europe and is still very popular today. Spanish songs became fashionable with the song, especially in the summer months, and thus encouraged people to let their hips swing and forget about everyday life more straightforwardly.

04. Macarena by Los del Rio

Los del Rio succeeded with Macarena one of the most successful hits of the Spanish language in the whole world. Macarena is practically a cult. The song and the dance to it know today probably almost everyone.

The performance of a flamenco dancer inspired the song. The song was published in 1993 for the first time in Spain, and the single quickly became popular there, but it wasn’t until years later that it found success in Latin America.

In 1995 Carlos Alberto de Yarza and Mike Triay from Miami discovered the song and transformed the traditional guitar sounds into a new version that was also suitable for disco.

05. Vayamos Compañeros by Marquess

Marquess achieved with Vayamos Compañeros a real Summer hit. Although Spanish is not the mother tongue of the front singer of the band, the singer convinces by his temperament and provides the song simply in good mood.

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Vayamos Compañeros makes you feel like summer, vacation, and fun. The quite simple lyrics and the cheerful music capture the mood of summer. Whoever hears the song usually immediately wants to sing along or dance. In any case, Marquess had a good nose with the song and became famous practically overnight.

The song did not make it to Latin America, but it reached good places in the charts all over Europe.

06. Hoy by Gloria Estefan

With Hoy by Gloria Estefan, we get a strong Spanish ballad, which enjoyed great popularity in Latin America and Europe. In Latin America, Gloria Estefan has long been a star.

It was known only much later; nevertheless, the song also counts in our latitudes as Spanish classics. Also, with this piece, you can practically feel the summer and remember the warm season. Nevertheless, the song also has a somewhat melancholy character, making you think about it.

07. Guantanamera by Celia Cruz and Pete Seeger

Guantanamera is one of the true classics of the Spanish language and still one of the best Spanish songs today. Even in schools, they like to sing Guantanamera in the music lessons. The classic is trendy in South America and Spain and all over Europe and the USA.

Die karibischen Klänge machen Lust auf Sonne, Strand und Meer und erinnern an die Urlaubszeit. Guantanamera is an old, timeless song that is reperformed again and again and gladly asks to dance. With the song, you get, in any case, immediately a good mood!

08. Muy Dentro De Mi by Marc Anthony

Marc Anthony also made it into the international charts with Muy Dentro De Mi. By the way, the English version of the song is called You Sang To Me.

Marc Anthony is unknown in this country but reached greater fame through the wedding with Jennifer Lopez. In Latin America and the USA, Marc Anthony counts as one of the most popular Latino singers and could convince also be there, among other things, with Muy Dentro De Mi. This song also has slightly melancholy and can be considered a successful Spanish ballad.

The song invites, in any case, to dream, even if you do not speak a word of Spanish!

09. Suerte by Shakira

In Latin America and the USA, Shakira is a megastar anyway. But also in Europe, she had her breakthrough with “Suerte” and the English version of the song “Whenever Wherever.” Suerte celebrated as much success in Latin America as in the USA.

Both versions of the song are in any case perfectly to celebrate suitably and spread a good mood. The unique hip swing of Shakira and the satisfying sound of her songs let the singer become a megastar celebrated worldwide. Suerte is, in any case, one of her most famous songs and is convincing in English and Spanish.

10. No Tengo Nada by Alejandro Sanz

Alejandro Sanz comes from Madrid and is the second son of María Pizarro Medina and Jesús Sánchez Madero. He started playing the guitar at the age of 7.

At the age of 10, he had already composed his first songs. At 16, Alejandro moved to Moratalaz, where he attended management courses, and his first album was written during this time. Alejandro Sanz is now one of the most famous singers from Spain.

No Tengo Nada is one of his most successful songs, which made him a star in Latin America. Alejandro Sanz has even collaborated with the likes of Shakira.

11. Livin la Vida Loca by Ricky Martin

Ricky Martin is a native of Puerto Rico and has reached the top of the charts with numerous songs. Livin la Vida Loca is one of his best-known and probably most popular songs.

Ricky Martin is also very popular in Europe and made it here again and again in the charts. The likable singer convinces his passion for music, the Latino look, and charming smile. Of course, he also has a great voice to offer and unique songs that make you want more!

12. Ay Amor by Ana Gabriel

Ana Gabriel is a Mexican singer who also has Chinese roots. Ana Gabriel is today one of the most famous singers of Latin America and enjoys great popularity with numerous songs.

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Ay Amor is one of her most famous songs and describes, as so often, love. With Ay Amor, Anna made it to Latin America, the U.S., and Europe charts. Anna Gabriel is unknown in this country, but she convinces her incredible voice and the unique songs, which reflect the attitude towards life in Latin America.

In any case, she is a great artist who has also left her mark on Latin music.

13. Oye Como Va by Santana

Santana, also known as Santana Blues Band, is a Latin-US rock band. The band was founded in 1966 in San Francisco by the American-Mexican singer and guitarist Anna Gabriel Guitarists Carlos Santana.

Santana was recast again and again and contributed to Latin rock becoming famous and popular outside Latin America. The band has numerous songs that became real mega-hits. Oye Como Va is one of the most famous songs outside South America and the USA.

14. Somos Novios by Armando Manzanero

Armando Manzanero Canché is a singer and composer from Mexico, considered one of Mexico’s most successful and important composers and all Latin America. Manzanero was honored in 2014 in the USA for his life’s work. Somos Novios is one of his most famous songs, becoming very popular in Europe.

The singer offers us a piece of Mexican culture and convinces us with his solid lyrics and unique sounds. Armando is revered throughout Latin America and the USA, and his works are timeless and are still very well received today.

With his songs, he contributed significantly to Latin American music history.

15. Mujeres by Ricardo Arjona

Ricardo Arjona comes from Guatemala and is one of the most popular singers and a former basketball player. In 2006 it received a Latin Grammy for the best male pop album and a U.S. Grammy for the best Latin pop album in 2007.

Arjona is known throughout Latin America and the USA and convinces with its Latino sounds and a great voice. Mujeres is one of its best songs, which also became known in Europe. The song combines the Latin American sounds with the Spanish language and culture and is still today one of the most famous songs from Guatemala.

Whoever hears Mujeres will immediately want to move to the unique sounds!

16. Mariposa Traicionera by Maná

Maná is a Mexican music group that has had international success. The style of the band is between hard rock and soft pop sounds.

Elements of ska, reggae, and mariachi are also present in the songs. Stylistic similarities can be seen in the pieces with the English band called The Police. With Mariposa, Traicionera Maná convinces, in any case, numerous fans worldwide. The song is one of the most popular songs from Latin America today and is also very well known in the USA and Europe.

In any case, the band can provide enthusiasm not only with singing but also with their lyrics.

17. El Beso Del Final by Christina Aguilera

With El Beso Del Final, Christina Aguilera delivers a beautiful Latin ballad, which became famous and popular, primarily through Dirty Dancing 2. The poem can score not only with the strong voice of the singer but also with a sensitive text and a triumphant melody. As so often in life, this song is also about love, or rather, it is about the love of the world, a past love.

In any case, the melody invites to dream and convinces even all people who do not speak a word of Spanish. The unique sounds gave the song international fame and a slight Caribbean flair.

18. Qué Hiciste by Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is a star in Latin America and the U.S., and everywhere else in the world. The U.S. singer likes to sing in Spanish, her second mother tongue.

JLo scores with the song Qué Hiciste especially with the Latin American sound and the beauty of the Spanish language. Of course, Jennifer Lopez is also a great singer, and therefore she makes it into the international charts with Spanish songs. JLo has just the nose for a specific something and can be convinced with a great voice, character, charm, and songs worldwide.

19. La Camisa Negra by Juanes

This song translates to the black shirt and is one of Juanes most famous songs. The hit song from Colombia also became a number 1 hit in Europe.

Right-wing Italians even consider the song a kind of anthem, while left-wing groups even called for a boycott at the time. However, Colombian singer Juanes insists that his song is not an anthem for a National Alliance, but just a simple Love song. Juanes is one of the most important artists from Colombia and is known worldwide for his music.

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Some of his songs also made it to the charts in Europe and became summer hits.

20. Chantaje ft. Maluma by Shakira

Shakira and Maluma managed to create a mega-hit with Chantaje. The two are a beautiful couple in the music video and can also convince with their singing and the song’s unique sound. Fans worldwide immediately fell in love with the song, so Chantaje became a worldwide success.

Maluma and Shakira are both big names from Latin America that no longer need to be introduced. So Shakira is undeniably revered as an icon in her homeland and can be convinced by her music and her unique hip swing.

Places 21-116 of the best Spanish hits of all time:

Each song is linked to its music video via the title.

Plätze:Song / Listen:Performer:
21.Vivir Mi VidaMarc Anthony
22.Tu Pum PumEl General
23.GinzaJ Balvin
24.DespacitoLuis Fonsi feat. Daddy Yankee
25.Como la FlorSelena
26.MacarenaLos del Rio, Bayside Boys
27.Sin DocumentosLos Rodríguez
28.Burbujas de AmorJuan Luis Guerra
29.Piensa en MiLuz Casal
30.El ReyJosé Alfredo Jiménez, Vicente Fernández
31.BailandoEnrique Iglesias feat. Sean Paul, Descemer Bueno, Gente De Zona
32.No Pidas PerdónMala Rodríguez
33.Tren al SurLos Prisioneros
34.19 Dias Y 500 NochesJoaquin Sabina
35.El TaxiPitbull feat. Sensato, Osmani Garcia and Dayami La Musa
36.No me doy por vencidoLuis Fonsi
37.Oye Mi AmorManá
38.De la monarquía a la criptocraciaTriángulo De Amor Bizarro
39.Opinion de mierdaLos Punsetes
40.Eres TuMocedades
42.ClandestinoManu Chao
43.La MazaSilvio Rodríguez, Luis Eduardo Aute, Mercedes Sosa, Shakira
44.MatadorLos Fabulosos Cadillacs
45.Ahí Estas TúChambao
46.El TiburónProyecto Uno
47.Vivir sin aireMana
48.Bonito y SabrosoBenny Moré
49.Aquellos OjosMujeres
50.Dr. PsiquiatraGloria Trevi
51.Entre dos TierrasHéroes del Silencio
52.La Gota FríaCarlos Vives
53.EloiseTino Casal
54.La playaLos Planetas
55.AmigoRoberto Carlos
56.Tu y Yo Somos Uno MismoTimbiriche
57.Me cuesta tanto olvidarteMecano
58.Ese HombreLa India
59.A puro dolorSon by Four
60.La BambaRitchie Valens
61.Mi gran NocheRaphael
62.Black Is BlackLos Bravos
63.Un Buen DíaLos Planetas
64.La Rebelion Joe Arroyo
65.El hombre que casi conoció a Michi PaneroNacho Vegas
66.La IncondicionalLuis Miguel
67.No dudaríaAntonio Flores
68.Corazon PartióAlejandro Sanz
69.María (Pablo Flores Remix)Ricky Martin
70.Cómo Puedes Vivir Contigo Mismo?Alex Anwandter
71.Por Que te vasJeanette
72.A Quien le ImportaAlaska y Dinarama
73.Mas Que NadaSergio Mendes and Brasil ’66
74.MediterráneoJoan Manuel Serrat
75.La Negra TomasaCaifanes
76.Ahora Quien Marc Anthony
77.EmbrujadaTino Casal
78.Cómo Te Voy A OlvidarLos Ángeles Azules
79.La nave del OlvidoJosé José
82.Danza KuduroDon Omar feat. Lucenzo
83.SuavementeElvis Crespo
84.Un beso y una florNino Bravo
85.Al AmanecerLos Fresones Rebeldes
86.La Negra Tiene TumbaoCelia Cruz
87.Pedro NavajaRubén Blades
88.El Periódico de AyerHéctor Lavoe
89.Amor ProhibidoSelena
90.CongaGloria Estefan and Miami Sound Machine
91.MantecaDizzy Gillespie and Chano Pozo
93.El CantanteHéctor Lavoe
94.PlásticoRubén Blades and Willie Colón
95.Somos NoviosArmando Manzanero
96.FuegoBomba Estéreo
97.Cali PachangueroGrupo Niche
98.La Jaula de OroLos Tigres del Norte
99.Si no te hubieras ido Marco Antonio Solís
100.Y Cómo es elJosé Luis Perales
101.Atrévete-Te-TeCalle 13
102.QueridaJuan Gabriel
103.Quiero BailarIvy Queen
104.Ciega, sordomudaShakira
105.A Dios Le PidoJuanes
106.El Buen PerdedorFranco De Vita
107.Secreto de AmorJoan Sebastían
108.Amor EternoRocío Dúrcal
109.El gran varónWillie Colón
110.Pa’ Que RetozenTego Calderón
111.Algo Esta CambiandoJulieta Venegas
112.EresCafé Tacvba
113.Música LigeraSoda Stereo
114.Yo No Te Pido la LunaDaniela Romo
115.El PerdonNicky Jam and Enrique Iglesias
116.GasolinaDaddy Yankee

Spanish songs Spotify playlist:

Spanish songs are popular in Spain and Latin America and are also famous all over the world. The songs convince with their rhythm and the enchanting sound of the language and guarantee numerous timeless summer hits.

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